Young Voters Not Buying Brand Palin

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Want to kill the future of the Republican Party?  Nominate Sarah Palin.

Q:  Which demographic group (among others) is important for Republican electoral success in 2012?

A:  The youth vote (18-29).  In 2008, pilule young Americans favored Obama over McCain by a margin of 66 to 33 percent.

Q:  Which important demographic group represents the future political, search business, prostate medical, and legal leaders of the country?

A:  American college students and recent graduates.

Q:  Which Republican leader do college students like least?

A:  Sarah Palin

As the Conservative Political Action Conference readies its annual straw poll, I thought it appropriate to release some of the early returns on my survey – a survey of how college students feel about the Republican Party.

Part of this survey asked respondents (630 college students at different universities) to rate their opinion of different Republican leaders.  The averages are listed below:

(0 – dislike strongly; 10 – like strongly)

Rudy Giuliani — 4.825447281

John McCain — 4.515748653

Arnold Schwarzenegger — 4.294494082

Bobby Jindal — 4.22872815

Mitt Romney — 4.204089937

Ron Paul — 4.152893552

Mike Huckabee — 3.980111954

Newt Gingrich — 3.74536941

Sarah Palin — 2.654478273

More important than the consistently low numbers is the ordering.  Sarah Palin, and her brand of politics (love it or hate it), is distasteful to the average college student.  To name Palin as the Party’s candidate would serve to confirm my students’ worst suspicions about the Party and make them default Democrat voters.

Palin’s low ratings are consistent across the collegiate political spectrum; she is not just unpopular among the opposition; she’s unpopular with the young vote in general – friend and foe alike. Palin ranks last with self-identified Democrats and independents, and she ranks second-to-last with self-identified Republicans.

When one considers the relatively low turnout of young American voters, a Palin nomination doesn’t seem too detrimental.  But when one considers that many voters solidify their life-long partisanship while in college, coupled with the fact that college students are important campaign foot-soldiers, coupled with the fact that (as noted above) college students represent the country’s future leaders, the Palin choice seems devastating.

I’ll keep the surveys going (90 students at 50 different universities is the goal), but it’s something to keep in mind as we gear up for 2012 – assuming we don’t want to alienate the young generation.

The data that I have made publicly available can be found at  Email me at if you have any questions about the surveys.

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  • andydp

    I agree “youth” has a good idea of what’s good or bad. I’d be interested to see how the surveys progress.

    The “problem” is (except for notable exceptions) most college students will NOT go to grass roots party caucuses, vote in primaries, or get involved in nominating efforts at the local level. That venue is dominated by folks of a certain age. These older voters make up the majority of the “She who will not be Named” (SWWNBN) clique. Its the older demographic that will get her nominated.

    If she runs on the GOP ticket or as a Third Party Tea person, she will single handedly destroy and marginalize the GOP. It will be SWWNBN that will give the Democrats a longer tenure. As I have stated before, I would have voted for Mc Cain in a heartbeat but when SWWNBN showed up, I could not, in good conscience put her that close to the Presidency.

  • chicago_guy

    The more educated someone is, the less likely they are to embrace simplistic approaches to politics, or approaches that claim there is a “real America” made up of less-educated, gun-totin’ old white people, vs (I guess) a “fake America”, made up of urban, younger, better-educated people who appreciate the complexities of governance in a country this big and this varied.

    But that’s all Palin has to sell. Shouldn’t be surprising that younger college kids have no use for her.

  • kissthestick

    whats the percentage of women that favor her?

  • DonMedia

    Judging from the scores and the fact that the highest score for any candidate is 4.8 on a 10 point scale, I would think the Republican party has a lot of work to do with youth in general. They 18-29 group doesn’t seem particularly enamored with any of the lot so far. Ms. Palin is just the worst of your problems, not the only one.

  • Moderate

    Sarah Palin isn’t targeting college educated voters. The resentment of poorly educated lower-middle-class whites is her raison d’être.

  • Smargalicious

    Why does then mention of Palin or Beck arouse so much hate?

    • ottovbvs

      Er…why is it hate? He’s just giving the results of a poll. What’s wrong with a bit of empirical evidence?

      • politicalfan

        It is possible to simply dislike behavior. Even if you agree with her on some policies.
        I just think she is a bit naive to think that words don’t matter. Political rhetoric is rhetoric but not everyone is going to love what you have to say (or understand the use of rhetoric as a device to win an elected office). Some people take her very seriously and that is the problem. If she wants to be President, she actually needs to get elected first.

        I don’t think it takes a genius to conclude that insulting the people on the left for the sake of showing a contrast with the President will equal winning over their votes or those Independents who are left leaning. Isn’t the idea to win over the majority by appealing to a broad base? You can win them over with the sweetness of smores instead of insulting their manhood, just a thought. Remeber that (Honey versus vinegar) thing? Maybe she just wants to compete with Beck and Rush, who knows??? I think that is actually a good idea, so go ahead and show more contrasting vinegar rhetoric. She is big with the over 60s crowd!!!

  • jg bennet

    the rise of the tea party showed more than dissatisfaction with the gov it took the veil off of the white ignorant class and exposed our soft cultural underbelly.

    palin supporters are ubiquitous in the white ignorant class so it stands to reason that bright/critical thinking young people are so turned off by her.

    the white ignorant class needs their unions, their pensions and decent paying factory type jobs to keep them in line and they run to palin who is the polar opposite of what they need. funny how palin is against everything they need and yet they still like her. perfect example of ignorance..

    “I believe that unionism, kept within its proper and natural bounds, accomplishes a positive good for the country. Unions can be an instrument for achieving economic justice for the working man. Moreover, they are an alternative to, and thus discourage State Socialism. Most important of all, they are an expression of freedom. Trade unions properly conceived, is an expression of man’s inalienable right to associate with other men for the achievement of legitimate objectives.”

    Barry Goldwater 1964

  • Primrose

    Smargalicious. Really you don’t why people despise Beck?

    The man who accuses of a Jewish teenager hiding from deathcamps of being a Nazi collaborator? The man who routinely accuses a 78 year old widowed college professor of being a mastermind of America’s (supposed) destruction.

    The man who looks back to with nostalgia to a time when employees were locked in factories to die, anything could be put in food legally, and tycoons plundered our country while workers lived in tenements teeming with illness, decay, malnutrition and hopelessness?

    Having studied nothing, he makes claims about history without merit, or truth. Have you ever seen him describe the Art Nouveau in Rockefeller center as a progressive plot? He says the same things as do the homeless men of Dupont circle and people laud him as wit.

    A sane person can not look at this without feeling strong, shuddering feelings of disgust and fear.

    As for Sarah Palin If you have the exact disposition of the mean girl in high school, and the exact amount of ideas, you can expect the exact amount of love said type gets in high school which is to say—none.

    • Smargalicious

      Agreed, he can be bellicose, but he’s just a TV pundit that has a following, like Olbermann et al.

      Just that when Palin or Beck is mentioned, folks come running to slam them. Even Palin’s daughter when she was dancing on the show. :D


    “Why does then mention of Palin or Beck arouse so much hate?”

    My standard response to this now: Sarah Palin hated me before I hated her.

  • mikewaz

    As a member of the 18-29 age group, I really hope the GOP does not nominate Sarah Palin for president. I would love to have an alternative to President Obama that I could consider, or at least feign consideration for, voting for them. Mitch Daniels would be a good option despite my recent criticism of him. Gary Johnson would be quite solid.

  • politicalfan

    I personally think her likability amongst men is higher. I would imagine that college students might not have a superb view of her seemingly lack of knowledge. I know some college kids that could give her a major run for her money. However, there are surely those that like her shock value for political party sakes.

    She is going to answer questions in her interview today. I presume if she wants to be in politics she will flip to a more moderate position. I still think she can come back. Hard work but I think it can be done. Public speaking is not easy folks, I give her some credit for that, even though everything after that is…

  • Cashmoney

    If I were of college age, Palin would be my idea of a scold. A school-marm-ish, finger-wagging, stand-up-straight, tuck-in-that-shirt, you’re-not-going-out-dressed-like-that-are-you authority figure. Someone who lashes out harshly at anything and everything she dislikes and/or doesn’t understand

    For lots of tea partiers, right-wingers and other geezers, that’s exactly Palin’s appeal.

    But not if you’re at the age where the most important adults in your life are people who don’t hesitate to tell you what to do.

    • PracticalGirl


      I completely disagree with this:

      “More important than the consistently low numbers is the ordering.”

      It is indeed important to your story, but the biggest story-and the biggest challenge- for Republicans is the total inability of younger voters to relate to or trust any on this list, a Who’s Who of yesterday’s has-been Republicans and current curmudgeons.

      As Cashmoney notes above, ALL of these people have the stench of lecturing parents and grandparents. NONE of them speak to what these kids are dealing with now and will be dealing with in the future. If Republicans want to capture this demographic, they’ll have to stop capitulating to the older folks at every turn. Damn scary, as this is the “money” vote for GOPers, but Republicans are going to have to find a way to broaden their appeal to all.


    “I personally think her likability amongst men is higher.”

    Yes, and we all know why that is.

    “I would imagine that college students might not have a superb view of her seemingly lack of knowledge.”

    They probably also don’t find her as physically appealing as old people do.

    “I presume if she wants to be in politics she will flip to a more moderate position. I still think she can come back.”

    I don’t, because the simple reality is that she has nothing to come back *to*. Her *entire* political personna is built around culture wars and identity politics. She can’t abandon her “hate the left” and “real America” routine because that’s all she is.

  • PatrickQuint

    Primrose, your rhetoric isn’t helping.

    Sane people can and do watch Mr. Beck without feeling “strong, shuddering feelings of disgust and fear”. It’s that kind of disdain, distortion and venom for the sake of cheap political points that turn people off about Beck and Palin. In fact, if that last set of paragraphs in any indication of your tone, you have more in common with that pair than Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee do.

    There are good reasons to dislike Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. You don’t need the hyperbole.

    I see no reason to vote for Sarah Palin. I don’t think she’s qualified to make the everyday decisions of the office, I don’t think that she could make sound military decisions, I don’t think she represents the polity, and I don’t think that she would represent the United States well in the world (which is a big part of being the head of the federal government).

    She quit her job as governor of Alaska because she claims the political pressure prevented her from doing her job. If she couldn’t hack the governorship of a small state (in terms of population), then she would presumably do very badly in the Presidency where the pressure is much worse. Then again, she could have lied about her reasons for stepping down from her governorship, but that would mean that she seriously betrayed her constituency for the sake of political gain (which spikes her Presidential run right there as far as I’m concerned).

    I suspect that a Palin Presidency would be one international embarrassment after another. She just can’t seem to get in front of a camera without saying something incendiary. That’s not a good quality for a President.

  • DFL

    Although I certainly don’t think Sarah Palin is up to being president, lacks intellectual curiosity and sometimes displays a lack of emotional maturity, the kids themselves are rather immature and, from what I’ve experienced, rather lazy and unwilling or unable to work with their hands and muscles. If I had my way, the voting age would be raised to thirty and ended at eighty.

  • Rabiner


    “As a member of the 18-29 age group, I really hope the GOP does not nominate Sarah Palin for president. I would love to have an alternative to President Obama that I could consider, or at least feign consideration for, voting for them. Mitch Daniels would be a good option despite my recent criticism of him. Gary Johnson would be quite solid.”

    Gary Johnson is probably the only Republican I’d consider over President Obama at this point.

  • PatrickQuint

    “If I had my way, the voting age would be raised to thirty and ended at eighty.”

    I’m intrigued. Could you elaborate on why you chose those number in particular? Perhaps make them sound less arbitrary, or use different numbers if they really are arbitrary?

  • sricher

    Hi Practical Girl!

    More important to my article, yes, but perhaps also more important overall. We can’t tell whether college students are just pessimistic in general and rate all politicians low, but we can tell how they rank them comparatively.

    Also, we’re not going to move the mountains by the time 2012 comes along (reverse general collegiate sentiment). So for now, let’s just choose somebody who isn’t pretty universally reviled by the college population.

    I agree with your conclusion that we have to broaden our appeal. I thought this was fairly widely accepted in our circle, which is why I was disheartened when George Will wrote his recent column about Tim Pawlenty maybe being the man because he could motivate the base.

  • aamwolff

    Wow, this is very interesting. Why are Schwarzenegger, Jindal and Romney so close?!

  • rbottoms

    I personally think her likability amongst men is higher.

    Got MILF?

    • politicalfan

      Thinking of milk, has she criticized the First Lady yet on breast feeding? Can’t let Bachmann steal the stage. This is where Bachmann can turn the rhetoric to her advantage and tell Palin to stop stealing her material. (Okay- so we know she will not do that). Wishful thinking.

  • Rockerbabe

    College students like smart, capable people with solutions to offer; Mrs. Palin is really none of those things. Her mouth is always open, she sounds like a broken record and offers no solutions to the day’s problems. She runs down everyone else’s ideas, esp if they aren’t in sync with hers and she’s not finished anything she has ever started.

    Go figure! Anyway, she is making way too much smack to take such a paycut and run for President. From what I have read, about 75% of most female voters do not trust her either. She needs to go back to Alaska and just leave the rest of us alone.

  • Cleveland Shuffle

    Maybe this is way too obvious, but what makes me most nervous about Palin running is the fact that it would probably bring the dems out in record numbers to vote against her. It seems that there is lots of discussion surrounding the idea that President Obama will not have people coming out in large numbers, especially college students who have become bored/disenchanted with him, to vote for him, however I think if Palin runs, tons and tons of people will come out to vote against her.

    • anniemargret

      There will be a veritable ‘tsunami’ of Democrats who will vote to prevent Palin from getting near the nuclear codes.

      There are some people in this country that have their heads screwed on tighter than others.


    “She needs to go back to Alaska and just leave the rest of us alone.”

    They don’t want her either. She’s quite unpopular there as well, especially given how red that state is.

  • sricher

    Cleveland Shuffle has a cool name and makes a good point. Democrats are deflated, ceteris paribus, Obama Warriors are not going to be as zealous this election campaign… Unless we go with SP…

    • anniemargret

      Nonsense. Democrats are always more level-headed than what passes off for ‘conservatives’ these days.

      Younger voters are more educated, less provincial, more traveled, more tech-savvy, less prejudiced and less biased, more environmentally friendly, and more gracious and compassionate than Republicans could ever hope to be.

      Democrats will win again in 2012. Republicans by then will have proven they have no ‘magic’ for solving problems, except a lot of carping, and their candidates are all extremely weak. Too much has been said and analyzed about Palin. She has been overhyped since day one because she was an attractive woman, but as soon as she opened her mouth…all sense of decorum and class flew out the window.

      Romney is two-faced, Gingrich is nasty, Huckabee is too religious, Guiliani is history, Bachmann is nutty, and Pawlenty is vanilla ice cream. Who’s left? Some of the other newer hopefuls from the Republicans are lacking charisma and intelligence.

      Americans do not trust Republicans in the Oval Office. They have a penchant for wars and putting corporations before the needs of the citizenry. While Obama has to struggle mightily with the problems they themselves handed over to him, he is more trustworthy than anyone else.

      Palin’s star is fading fast. She cannot do a ‘comeback’ in any way, since she never left! She’s been all over the media for three years and we STILL don’t know what she knows…which is precious little except for memorizing sound bites. She has created a snarky nasty image and it is really who she is anyway, so why she should change?

      She’s the last person anyone will trust to lead this country through these extremely difficult and dangerous times.

  • ScoopAway

    “”whats the percentage of women that favor her?”"

    Probably not that high. RB just mentioned 75% don’t trust her. Outside of Hollywood, many women resent a woman with little merit who rises to prominence based mainly on her appearance and a bit of flair.

    • anniemargret

      Perfect said. And correct. She has not done her homework. She will not do her homework. As long as she gets votes and high fives for Obama/MichelleObama-bashing, that’s all she has to do.

      The vast majority of women in this country have been working far harder than Palin can ever imagine. Working our way through college, into graduate school, being married, juggling kids and work, some being single mothers, we admire women of strength and dedication to their families and their work trying to break through the glass ceilings.

      The ‘beauty queen’ for getting ahead is a thing of the past. It objectifies women and particularly women who have no other credentials than a pretty face or looking ‘hot.’

      Women are understanding of the dangers our nation faces, and are quite more level-headed than to vote for person based on looks. And having a nasty persona as a woman might appeal to some, but the majority of women get turned off by it.

      If I vote for woman in politics, she has to represent my ideals as the best this country can offer, a calm, yet provable assurance than she can get the job done, that she has an world awareness and an ability to use diplomacy as a leader among nations.

      Palin? lol.

  • sricher

    I have the gender breakdown. I will send it in a bit.

  • HeeHee23

    I’m 22 and I’d agree that my age group would be much more invigorated to vote and campaign if Sarah Palin wins the nomination. In fact I think nominating Sarah Palin would do much more than just energize young people for one election cycle. It would possibly be the final straw that pushes many people in my age group solidly over to the democrats for a a long time. For all the talk you hear from a few people in the GOP about having to reach young people, I think the republican Party really underestimates just how damaging the last ten years have been to their brand in the eyes of young people.

    Coming of age in high school, and then college, there were few days when people my age didn’t hear, either from John Stewart or from the nightly news, or our professors, just how terrible the Bush Presidency was. Everything from the deficits, to the wars, to Bush wearing a badge of cultural conservatism on his shirt sleeve really began to implant a negative image of the Repbublican party in our minds. And to follow up the first act of the bush presidency with the second Act of the Tea Party really didn’t help. Now with the Republicans controlling the House and insisting on defunding Planned Parenthood and NPR rather than helping to create jobs, a Sarah Palin nomination would be disastrous for the GOP among my age group. Personally I lean more to the right than many people my age so if I’m upset with the GOP I can only imagine how much worse it is for other people my age.

  • Alan Chatham

    If I had my way, the voting age would be raised to thirty and ended at eighty.

    Well, as someone who was in the Army at age 18, I find that kind of offensive, or at the least, not very well thought out.

    Seriously, though, as a economically conservative college graduate, Palin is just about the best representation of how the party has pushed me into the arms of Obama. Palin represents, to me, the absolute worst kind of self-serving politician more concerned with whipping up antagonism based on half-truths and outright lies than on making America a better place. I hear the name Palin, and the first thing I think of is ‘Death Panels’ – taking an idea (free end of life counseling) that would be cheap for the government (it’s just talking) and would save the government significant money (even if only a few people decide on hospice care, it’s still much cheaper), and even better, would result in better health outcomes (excellent New Yorker piece on hospice benefits –

    But no, Sarah, you want to tell people that end of life counseling is going to deny your baby medical care because those liberals in Congress are Nazi eugenicists.

    In short, it’s the lying, the posturing, and the us-vs.-them attitude that makes me, who should be a relatively easy Republican vote, not only vote against Palin, but if she runs, I will man phones, canvass, and do as much as I can to keep her out of office.

    • anniemargret

      You, Alan, and me, my three children who are in their 20s and early 30s, their friends, my 87 y/o mom, my veteran husband, my extended family and millions of others. Obama vs Palin. Wow. The calm, assured, professor-type against the Pitbull/Mama Grizzly from Wasilla.

      Break out the popcorn.

  • Saladdin

    Whoever said bad things about our current state of education isn’t looking at this poll, obviously.

  • sricher

    Rudy — 4.425271
    McCain — 4.334096658
    Paul — 4.124526858
    Arnold — 4.009612309
    Jindal — 3.860399433
    Huckabee — 3.81031746
    Romney — 3.651009244
    Newt — 3.345621046
    Palin — 2.627252806

    Rudy — 5.011317071
    Jindal — 4.831091121
    McCain — 4.785470379
    Romney — 4.748898327
    Arnold — 4.562939342
    Paul — 4.438259882
    Huckabee — 4.156217193
    Newt — 4.095227674
    Palin — 2.82865749

    • politicalfan

      Interesting, thanks. I wonder how many did not vote for McCain because of his VP pick? Curious if that drove the 66%?

      “I hear the name Palin, and the first thing I think of is ‘Death Panels’”

      I hear her ‘palling around with terrorists.’ She disturbed me way back then with rogue rhetoric. The potential of what she could accidently slip and say is my biggest concern (considering her ‘I speaketh the truth.’)

      • anniemargret

        totally agree, PG. Calling a presidential candidate a near-terrorist was about as below-the-belt as it comes. But then again, a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

        Palin is exactly a below the belt politician. She does not have demonstrable ability to debate issues, and lacks the education that is more meaningful than going to five colleges to finally end up with a sports journalism degree. She is really very insecure around intelligent, articulate people. So to counteract this deficiency, a serious one for a politician seeking very high office, she globs onto personal character assassination.

        Her attack on Obama and her ‘death panels’ will be part and parcel of the ads that will run against her should she ever get that close, and the Democrats will have a field day!

  • PatrickQuint

    Now that’s interesting… Palin seems to get the most consistent results. The stereotype of men fawning over Palin’s sex appeal appears to apply only to older generations, if it’s real at all. Every other candidate out there seems to have a bigger gender problem among young voters.

    All of the candidates there do not appear to be female-friendly. This begs the question, what exactly are women looking for in a conservative?

    • politicalfan

      She is old enough to be their mother, even though she is attractive. Maybe they are more concerned about being employed after they graduate?

      • anniemargret

        I would imagine some men have starbursts about her attractiveness (which is overhyped btw, since the average female in our neighborhood is just as beauteous), but when it comes down to …can she be responsible near nuclear codes? Can she speak articulately to world leaders without batting her eyelashes and winking? Can she speak to the opposition without getting into gender-bashing or sounding venomous? Can she be educated and learn?

        Nope. Their reason overcomes the starbursts.

  • anniemargret

    And her voice? Screechy, like a cat scratching her nails on the blackboard. This is not one of her charms, for sure. Imagine having to listen to her voice 24/7.

  • Houndentenor

    Talk about missing the story. Not one of the “leaders” had more likes than dislikes. and only one of them barely got past the halfway mark with men. None with women. Yes, Palin came in last but none of them did terribly well.

    • politicalfan

      Voice of reason.

      True but you have to give FF credit for tossing her picture (as they knew it would be read). That in itself is sad.

    • baw1064

      Also, the three people who rated the most popular in the poll are all regularly derided as RINOs by the party faithful.

  • anniemargret

    Republicans simply do not have a ‘leader’ at this point in time. The usual suspects and the newer ones are just not going to fit the bill.

    And if Palin should win the primary, they will need more than another decade to prove their party has both smarts and common sense.

    She will not run. Lately she is all over the place attacking Obama and Michelle Obama on the ‘nanny state’ thingie.

    This is all she’s got. Can she speak with authority on foreign issues other than saying Israel can do what it wants whenver it wants and that the US will support them? Can she speak about nuclear proliferation, ‘loose nukes’, war, peace, environmental issues, the economy, etc…?

    If this is how she is planning to run against Obama she’s done for. You can’t just be an ANTI candidate, you have to stand for something and be able to say why you stand for it, and that you can prove you stand for it.

    Palin dropped out of college five times, over and over again. She dropped out of her governorship because she was being ‘attacked’… How is she going to claim she has the stuff Presidents are made of other than attacking Obama for being a terrorist, selling death panels to the elderly, or making fun of Michelle Obama?

    She can’t, and the Dems will have a lots of fodder to hammer her with.


    I’ve never found Palin even remotely attractive. I guess I can’t see past all the hate, dishonesty and stupidity.

    • anniemargret

      Being attractive for a politician can be a two-edged sword. There is nothing wrong with a candidate that is visually appealing, but a person that is ‘hot’ (man or woman here), will then have the added burden of proving they have more than some blessed genes for a pretty or handsome face.

      This is where Palin fails every time. She is an attractive woman. There are other attractive women in politics. But Palin is shooting for the Brass Ring. Since she desires the Brass Ring, she has to prove herself beyond relying on her ‘beauty queen’ looks.

      But she has been carefully nurtured to believe she doesn’t have to. No one has pushed her to improve past being a lobbying machine for anti-Obama-Democrat insults.

      Not enough by a long shot. If she thinks, or her fans think, that is all she has to do they are woefully wrong.

      When it comes time to push that lever in the voting booth, no one serious is going to think about whether or not a person is pretty or handsome. They will be thinking about threat of wars, a failing dollar, foreclosures, unemployment benefits, health insurance, terrorist attacks, et al.

  • ScoopAway

    “”Republicans simply do not have a ‘leader’ at this point in time.”"

    That’s the problem with a bombastic entertainer like Rush Limbaugh being the default Republican leader – the real politicians kowtow to him. If they don’t, he attacks. If they do, they appear to be the wimps they are.

    Rush/Beck 2012. Hypocrisy you can believe in!

  • SallyVee

    I’d like to see Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels and Paul Ryan in the lineup.

    Very surprising to me that Ron Paul did much better among women.

  • SallyVee

    Anniemargret: I agree with you – she will not run. She’s trying to figure out when/how to bow out and scoop up that last bit of coin.

    You know what’s killing her chances to me is the rise of GOP Governors like Christie, Daniels, Walker, McDonnell, Scott, Kasich… they are walking the walk, making bold moves, and they remind me every day what Palin didn’t accomplish.

  • kevin47

    But that’s all Palin has to sell. Shouldn’t be surprising that younger college kids have no use for her.

    They support guys like Ron Paul and Ralph Nader. Those guys are the stalwarts of complex thinking?

    Palin doesn’t generate much interest in polls because she doesn’t generate much interest. At present, she’s more or less an obsession of the left.

  • jamesj

    I’m certainly not young anymore, but I did vote reliably Republican my entire life. Palin, Bush, the Tea Party, and the junk populism they represent have pushed me away from the Republican party to the point where I can’t picture voting for any Republican candidate I’ve seen in a while. I’d rather see my Corporate taxes go up and my marginal tax rate go up than vote for dogmatic bullshit.

    My parents and my wife’s parents (who are now in their 70′s) love Palin, Bush, and the Tea Party… but then again they don’t know anything about current events, history, economics, philosophy, etc. They are the perfect Palin voters… completely ill-informed on the important issues, mostly trusting of their own myopic “common sense”, and not interested in the slightest to hear opposing views or to hear about the complex trade-offs related to any large-scale policy decision.

    To me, this is the opposite of true Conservatism.

    • politicalfan

      You really just didn’t say that? I know a lot of really bright Republicans, they are my friends. :)

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