Write-In Votes Favor Murkowski

November 3rd, 2010 at 12:35 pm | 3 Comments |

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Anchorage Daily News reports:

Election returns on Tuesday showed Lisa Murkowski with a good chance to become only the second candidate to run a successful write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate in the nation’s history. But Joe Miller wasn’t giving up, and his campaign was getting ready for a possible court fight.

With 432 of 438 precincts reporting, 41 percent of the voters had filled in the write-in oval on their ballot. Most of those likely wrote in incumbent Sen. Murkowski, who spent over $1 million telling voters to “fill it in, write in” after she lost to Miller in the Aug. 24 Republican primary.

But it won’t be clear for weeks at least how many of the voters wrote in Murkowski’s name, and how many did it properly enough to be counted. Republican nominee Miller, who ran on a tea party platform with the backing of former Gov. Sarah Palin, was pulling in 34 percent of the vote. Miller was followed by Democratic nominee Scott McAdams, who had about 24 percent of the vote.

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  • haterinos

    If she wins, what a sweet revenge would that be against celebrity Palin!

  • abj

    She has a healthy 7-point lead. It’s inevitable that some ballots will get disqualified because of poor handwriting or misspellings, but it’s hard to imagine such a substantial lead would evaporate.

  • busboy33


    I think the post is saying “write-in” candidate has a 7 point lead over Miller, but not all of the write-in votes are for Murkowski. Certainly, she’s getting the overwhelming majority of them, but at least a few are going to be for other write-in candidates, so even before we get to the “proper Murkowski vote” question that lead is going to shrink. Add onto that the fight over whether a Murkowski vote is good enough is going to be waged with some pretty serious zealotry, and its not inconcievable. as of 5PM Wednesday, “Write-in” has 83.2k votes and Miller has 69.7k. We’re only talking about 13k votes at best, probably closer to 10k, worst case might put her only 8k up.

    I agree she’s still probably going to win it, and that’s alot of votes to disqualify . . . but its not as insurmountable as it might appear at first look.