Will the West Stand Up to Turkey?

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At the height of the war between Israel and Hezbollah in July 2006, sovaldi sale George W. Bush was caught telling Tony Blair in what was thought to be an off-the-record conversation during the G8 Summit in Saint Petersburg that the war would not have escalated had Syria put pressure on Hezbollah “to stop doing this shit.”  Bush and Blair didn’t know they were being taped but they certainly knew that Hezbollah, for sale acting as Iran’s proxy and with Syria’s support, cure was responsible for the war.

By contrast, Turkey has so far been off the hook despite its attempts to turn Gaza into another Southern Lebanon.  Erdogan is personally responsible for the death of his co-citizens aboard the “Mavi Marmara.”  He is the one who sent out his jihadist organization Insani Yardim Vakfi (or IHH) to militarize Gaza under Turkey’s aegis.  Far from scolding him and from asking him to “stop doing this shit,” Western leaders have fallen in the trap of his “humanitarian” propaganda.  Worse, they still treat Turkey as if it hadn’t become an Iranian surrogate.

For the past eight years, Erdogan has been provoking Israel.  His strategy has consistently been the same: encouraging jihadist attacks against Israel, reacting hysterically to Israel’s responses, and “warning” the West that letting Israel get away with its “crimes” would have the effect of pushing Turkey into Iran’s arms.

In 2004, Erdogan called Israel a “terrorist state” after we eliminated Sheikh Yassin.  In February 2006, he hosted Hamas leader Haled Mashal in Ankara.  In January 2009, he staged a temper tantrum at the Davos Conference calling Shimon Peres an expert killer.  In October 2009, the Turkish state television channel started airing a fiction series showing Israeli soldiers intentionally murdering Palestinian children.  In November 2009, Erdogan declared that he’d rather meet with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir (accused of war crimes and genocide by the International Criminal Court) than with Benjamin Netanyahu.  In March 2010, Erdogan claimed that the Temple Mount, Hebron and Rachel’s tomb were never Jewish sites. The list goes on.

With the “Mavi Marmara” affair, Erdogan has crossed a new threshold.  He is now setting Turkey on a military collision course with Israel while blaming Israel for the consequences of Turkey’s provocations and while convincing the West that it will lose Turkey if dares to blame it for its troublemaking.  This deceiving stratagem has been working superbly thanks to the cowardice or blindness (or both) of the free world’s current leaders.

President Obama called Erdogan to express “his deep condolences for the loss of life and injuries resulting from the Israeli military operation.”  Obama didn’t have anything to say about the fact that Turkey was trying to help Hamas import missiles and that the IHH terrorists tried to kill Israeli soldiers.  As for President Sarkozy, he denounced what he called Israel’s “disproportionate” use of force despite the fact that the Israeli soldiers started using their weapons only to save their lives from the armed mob that tried to lynch them.

Jimmy Carter and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing propped-up Khomeini in Iran, thinking that he would appease the “anger” of the Iranian people towards the West.  How brilliant indeed.  Obama and Sarkozy are making the same mistake with Erdogan.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone: Turkey can count both on American chickens and on French pigeons.  Turkey is making a disproportionate use of hypocrisy, and it works.  Until the West has leaders worthy of that name, Israel has no choice but to fight alone and win.

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  • ottovbvs

    …….Israeli apologism reaches it’s apogee……it’s all the Turks fault……..Israel was blameless………the leaders of the rest of the world have been completely hoodwinked and are spineless……if this is all true then Erdogan has the political and diplomatic skill of Bismark and Talleyrand combined……what seems more likely to me is the Israelis are starting to panic as the consequences of what they have done start to dawn

  • ottovbvs

    “Jimmy Carter and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing propped-up Khomeini in Iran, thinking that he would appease the “anger” of the Iranian people towards the West.”

    ……..was this guy one of Stalin’s historians?

  • TerryF98

    Fucking Ridiculous piece by another Israeli apologist and a revisionist par excellence.

    Well done Emmanuel you take the cake for “Dick” of the week (so far)

  • PW43

    I think I’m going to become a neo-con. What a wonderful world they live in. Any time something goes wrong they get to blame it on all the people they don’t like. It’s a shame their world has nothing to do with the real world. What do you expect from people living 2,000 years in the past?

    And a personal appeal to Mr.Frum: don’t show up as a panelist on TVO’s Agenda tonight. I was looking forward to watching the show without needing stomach pills close at hand.

  • TerryF98

    John Cole must be clairvoyant. He wrote this first thing this morning.

    BTW- I hope you all keep your eyes open over the next couple of months, because the new mission du jour for the wingnut Wurlitzer is to begin a full-fledged demonization of Turkey. The WSJ is at the vanguard of the movement:

    Israeli special forces and their commanders were apparently shocked to find their boarding attempt on the Mavi (“Blue”) Marmara met with violence. They should not have been. I have no doubt that the Turkish “peace activists” aboard the ship regarded Israeli troops as something akin to the second coming of Hitler’s SS.
    To follow Turkish discourse in recent years has been to follow a national decline into madness.

    The obvious answer to the question of “Who lost Turkey?”—the Western-oriented Turkey, that is—is the Turks did. The outstanding question is how much damage they’ll do to regional peace going forward.

    Just keep your eyes on it, because it is going to happen. I suspect by this time next year your average teabagging idiot will be convinced the Turks were behind 9/11 and the Holocaust.

  • right_on

    Another absurdity packed article. Does credibility mean nothing any more? No wonder conservatives movements are hemorraging young members when we demand they live in a fantasy world.

  • Rob_654

    For some people Israel can literally do nothing wrong.
    For other people Israel can literally do nothing right.

    For the rest of us – well – Israel is a country – they have their business and it is about time that America look out for our interests first and let Israel do the same.

    Israel’s business is our business only so far as we get something out of it.

    And we ain’t getting much out of the alliance expect for having to deal with the bad positions Israel puts us in…

  • ottovbvs

    TerryF98 // Jun 3, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    “John Cole must be clairvoyant.”

    …….Frum was hitting the Turkey demonization button a couple of days ago…..he must have jumped the shark ……this is an incredibly dumb move because we are VERY dependant on the turks who have a very modern army, navy and airforce all with nice shiny US hardware…….it’s symptomatic of the fact that the neocon hard right doesn’t give a shit about US interests but then that’s hardly news is it?

  • tommybones

    I’m seriously wondering if we are being punk’d right now. Each new piece on the Flotilla disaster is more hysterical than the last!

  • Dennis C


    No wonder you made a great speech writer for George. Reality and facts never got in the way of your narratives.

    If you spent as much time checking facts instead of blathering, you would see that there were more countries than Turkey involved. For example, the Rachel Corrie is an Irish vessel and it is still on its way to Gaza.

    Each of the ships in the Freedom Flotilla was inspected at various ports, and there were no firearms on them – just humanitarian cargo. Since when are electric wheelchairs considered to be potential weapons and therefore not permitted to enter Gaza?

    If Israel has nothing to hide (from the massacre) then why will they not permit an independent inquiry?

    How silly of me. Netanyahu probably lives in the same fantasy world as you and George frequent, so there is no point in coming down to earth. An inquiry, like Goldstone’s, would only get in the way of reality. It is much easier to blame others and hope that Obama is still willing to look the other way and ignore the US laws that forbid it from supporting rogue nations like Israel.

  • Carney

    This piece is spot on.

  • Carney

    And it’s a disgrace to the Irish people and nation to have a ship there named for terrorist sympathizer Rachel Corrie, who gave her life for the worthless cause of protecting terrorist weapon-smuggling tunnels.

  • ottovbvs

    Carney // Jun 3, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    “This piece is spot on.”

    ……another American patriot who puts US interests first…..why don’t you move to Israel since your allegiance is to them

    Carney // Jun 3, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    “And it’s a disgrace to the Irish people and nation to have a ship there named for terrorist sympathizer Rachel Corrie, ”

    ………yeah they’re scum those Irish

  • Carney

    It’s amazing how a refreshing dose of sanity brings out braying hordes of “I’m not anti-Semitic!” Israel-haters.

  • PW43

    The Irish know as well as anyone the price of living in the past. The Irish also understand what it’s like to be de-humanized in their own country. Ireland suffered through three centuries of English arrogance. Yet with the Easter Accord each side has put the past behind them and have made a lasting peace.

    I was in Derry City July 2006 when someone spray painted on a wall: “support Hizbollah against Israeli scum”. The people of Derry can understand what Palestinians are going through. At the very least I’d expect the Irish to oppose such oppression. People who support violence and murder are scum. The Irish have moved beyond that. When will all Israel’s apologists?

  • blowtorch_bob

    Will the West Stand Up to Turkey?

    The west is far too busy these days standing up to Iraq, Iran, El Queda, Afghanistan, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, North Korea, Yemen, Sudan to say nothing of climate change and oil spills.

    Call us back in 6 months. Or better yet have your guy call our guy to set up a meeting so we can discuss your needs. We offer solutions that fit every budget -from verbal assaults in the blogosphere to full-blown mass media campaigns.

    Of course, there are our deluxe package offerings which include threats and vague innuendo of military action and international sanctions.

    And if you act now you can get in our early bird “2012 Presidential Elections Sweepstakes” special. In no time you can have legions of senators and congressmen calling for the bombing of Turkey, a sure vote getter on any campaign trail. Hey, wasn’t the guy who shot the Pope a Turk!

  • ottovbvs

    Carney // Jun 3, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    “It’s amazing how a refreshing dose of sanity brings out braying hordes of “I’m not anti-Semitic!” Israel-haters.”

    …….Of course we’re all regular readers of Mein Kampf………even the anti-Semitic Semites

  • Mercer

    “they still treat Turkey as if it hadn’t become an Iranian surrogate.”

    I think they are treating Turkey as a democratic country where the majority of the population does not like Israel.

    David Frum, I thought this website was supposed to be about how to create a GOP that can win elections and govern successfully. What does having an Israeli spout his government line have to do with this goal? Since you own the site you have the right to put whatever you want on it. I think you should realize when you put posts like Navon’s on your site you are giving ammunition to critics who say that neoconservatives serve the interest of the Likud party.

    Personally I have little sympathy with the people of Gaza but I think it is stupid for the Israeli government to create martyrs and for Israelis to do things to piss off Turkey. In the unlikely event that Turkey and Israel go to war I think the US should be neutral.

  • ottovbvs

    blowtorch_bob // Jun 3, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    “Hey, wasn’t the guy who shot the Pope a Turk!”

    ……..then there was the Armenian genocide……the Turks gave Hitler the idea after all…….then there were the Bashi Bazouks and the Bulgarian Horrors.

    Carney // Jun 3, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    ……..Carney…..here’s your homework assignment for the night…..compile a list of all ways in which the Turks have been beastly since the Fall of Constantinople……and mail it to AIPAC

  • blowtorch_bob


    “then there was the Armenian genocide……the Turks gave Hitler the idea after all…….then there were the Bashi Bazouks and the Bulgarian Horrors.”

    Not to mention the Ottoman Empire. Who’s to say the Turks won’t try that stunt again? I’d rather go to bed at night knowing my children are safe than be sorry.

  • ottovbvs

    blowtorch_bob // Jun 3, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    “Not to mention the Ottoman Empire. Who’s to say the Turks won’t try that stunt again? I’d rather go to bed at night knowing my children are safe than be sorry.”

    …….well after all the neocons have been saying for years the muslims were intent on re-establishing the Caliphate…….maybe this is all part of the plan

  • ottovbvs

    ……to get back to being serious again……the intense Israeli supporters should read this piece by Leon Wieseltier entitled “Operation make the world hate us”………he’s certainly no fan of Hamas but it’s a beautifully written and thoughtful piece by a brilliant man who happens to be Jewish that lays out very clearly how Israel has ceded the high moral ground to Hamas of all groups by actions and thought patterns that are criminally stupid…….this guy is not a Israeli hater, he’s the very best kind of person and he talks entire sense………the zealots need to listen and get the blinders off before it’s too late


  • athensboy

    I’m all in favor of defending Israel,I’m not in favor of giving them carte blanche on everything.Israel is digging their own grave with their actions. Pissing off Turkey won’t help them at all.Wise up Israel, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

  • advocatusdiaboli

    What I am finding interesting is the hysterical hyperbole coming from Israel’s defenders. All of us who criticize Israel are branded “haters” and anti-semitic. I am used to that on the HuffPo when defending the Arizona law 1070 where I am called a “racist” and “hater”. Tell me complainers, does that mean a parent who disciplines their child hates them? Furthering the analogy, in true “spare the rod and spoil the child” the US has created a spoiled child in Israel who fear no repercussions to it’s actions. The Us was the only major country not to denounce the raid. Shameful considering the blockade and the settlement activities are illegal.

  • rbottoms

    One of the nine people killed in the Israeli raid on an aid flotilla Monday was a 19-year-old man with dual U.S.-Turkish citizenship, a U.S. State Department official said,” CBS News reports.

    Dogan was a high school student studying social sciences in the town of Kayseri in central Turkey. He was born in the United States and moved to Turkey at the age of 2. He will be buried in his hometown tomorrow.

    The New York Times reports, “The Cihan news agency reported that Mr. Dogan had one bullet in the chest and four bullets fired into his head from close range.”

    I don’t know about you, but I’d like to know how a US Citizen, a high school student ended up with four bullets in his head.

    Whether it’s Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, or Jean Charles De Menezes authorities who take a life must be held to account.

  • Viraldoc23

    American humanitarian aid worker killed by israelis with no evidence of wrongdoing….whose side will right wing conservatives be on???….American or Israelis??….who is more patriotic now.

  • Slide

    What a rather despicable column.

    Any word about the American that was shot four times in the head at close range Navon? Anything? Any? Nah, why would you care about Americans or America. You have one focus. One interest. One love. One raison d’être. Israel. That is fine. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. But make no mistake the actions you support are detrimental to America’s interests. The behavior of Israel causes American deaths. And I am not talking about the young American executed on the Mavi Marmara but every American that puts on the uniform to serve this nation. Shame on you Navon. Shame on Israel.

  • Smarg

    A post with an agenda. What a novelty.

  • Carney

    “Humanitarian aid workers”, ha! What willful gullibility. Just like the dupes of Soviet-front “peace” organizations.

  • Carney

    otto, read the article I link to below:

    The Turks, who do not speak an Indo-European language and most of whom have no access to outside media, have a news and entertainment media that wallows in the most bizarre and vicious blood libels against Israel and America as if they were ironclad truth. A nation of 80 million is sinking into fantasy and madness.



  • jpower

    You are forgetting something and it is something Israel has to address. The strategic value of Israel is diminishing. Since the end of the Cold War, and now it is close to becoming a liability. Turkey has the largest number of troops in NATO besides the U.S. and is in a strategical location for the U.S. It also has a high GDP and is an example of a democratic Muslim State. Turkey has positioned itself as more strategically important to the U.S. Israel better find a solution to the Palestinian situation, or their strategic importance will continue to diminish. American Israel policy over the last 18 years has been based more on domestic American politics than American strategic interests.

  • ottovbvs

    Carney // Jun 4, 2010 at 9:16 am

    “have a news and entertainment media that wallows in the most bizarre and vicious blood libels against Israel and America as if they were ironclad truth……A nation of 80 million is sinking into fantasy and madness.”

    …..bizarre and vicious libels by certain elements of the media are of course completely unknown in the US……Turkey is democratic muslim nation of around 70 million people with a modern army, navy and airforce largely provided by us because they are a key NATO ally……it’s not perfect but where is……..if you would prefer them to be an ally of China and Russia and think that this is in the US national interest then you are indeed as nutty as most of your postings suggest

  • tequilamockingbird

    Excellent article! Well, I didn’t actually read it — just the title, “Will the West Stand Up For Turkey”, was good enough for me! Yes, of course we’ll stand up for our brave Muslim ally! Go Turkey!