Will Cardenas Advocate for a “Big Tent”?

February 10th, 2011 at 1:33 am | 1 Comment |

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Talking Points Memo reports:

Here’s some bad news for South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint and others who want to ban gay groups from the Conservative Political Action Conference — the new chair of the group that runs CPAC plans to stay the course on inclusivity.

Newly elected American Conservative Union Chair Al Cardenas is “very much a big tent” sort of guy, a source close to ACU’s board tells TPM. It’s an indication that, despite the protests from other conservative organizations, GOProud will be welcome at CPAC for years to come.

It’s also a positive sign for the conservative Muslims (and conservative friends of Muslims, like Grover Norquist) who have come under attack from others groups who are holding non-official CPAC events with an anti-Islam tone to them.

Cardenas, himself an immigrant from Cuba, is scheduled to moderate a panel at this week’s CPAC titled “Changing the Conversation: Winning with Minorities, Women and Independents.”

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  • Carney

    The conservative movement has 3 wings: economic, social, and national security.

    Here’s how a real Big Tent would work.

    It’s fine for an individual or a group to emphasize one of those 3 areas over the other 2, or even to be indifferent or even disagree with the movement on the other areas

    Thus, if the Family Research Council is indifferent about capital gains taxes, or its speaker is bad on the War on Terror, but is there to ban abortion and protect marriage, fine. If the guy from Americans for Prosperity is bad on “gay marriage”, but is there to talk about taxes and regulation, fine. If the speaker from Keep America Safe is bad on social and economic issues but is there to fight defense cuts, keep Guantanamo Bay running, etc., fine. That’s coalition politics.

    But if the focus and purpose of your group and your activities is on the issue or group of issues that you disagree with the conservative movement on, if you are there to undermine and reverse a major conservative policy goal, or even to “flip” the movement as a whole leftward on one of the three overall areas, that group is by definition not conservative and has no place in a gathering of conservatives, even if it claims to be or is in agreement with conservatives on matters it does not actually focus on.

    GOProud’s purpose is to destroy social conservatism.

    The Ron Paul cult’s purpose is to destroy national security conservatism.

    Thus neither should be welcome.