When Conservatives Start Crying

February 13th, 2010 at 11:19 pm | 15 Comments |

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Glenn Beck has made a routine of crying on his program.  He has even been caught using Vicks to bring out tears during a photoshoot.  And last week, an article in the New York Times described GOP senatorial candidate J.D. Hayworth tearing up while discussing a movie about football. FF contributors N. Machiavelli and Tim Mak weigh in on the new conservative trend: public weeping.   Mak argues that the tears are just an attempt by Beck to manipulate his audience, and Machiavelli points out that Americans have never trusted leaders who appear too emotional.

N. Machiavelli, American Politics: Hysterics Need Not Apply

The public may find the emotional outbursts of Glenn Beck or J.D. Hayworth entertaining, but typically Americans do not entrust leadership to men or women who appear too emotional.

Tim Mak, Glenn Beck’s Emotional Blackmail

Glenn Beck and J.D. Hayworth’s style of conservative rhetoric blends well with the emotional response generated by their sobbing.

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  • blowtorch_bob

    Maybe they know something we don’t. Maybe they know Goldman Sachs owns everything, the Oval Office, the congress…everything! Maybe we all should be crying.

  • msmilack

    I take it everyone saw Mitch McConnell crying on the senate floor because his long-time assistant left his job to become a lobbyist. I found it very, very odd that McConnell did that but you are right, it is a trend.

  • msmilack

    I rethought my reaction to Mitch McConnell and had an insight that make his tears different from the other two, both radio personalities (Hayworth and Beck). McConnell just did a very brave thing by meeting privately with Obama and coming to some consensus that led him to go back and get Shelby to drop his hold on the nominees so governing could take place; that was a moral decision and the right one. So take that, and add to it his role in the upcoming health summit and his willingness to try to work across the aisle, and I can see why he got emotional that his assistant is leaving; the assistant may be his only friend in the GOP at the moment. Unlike Boehner who is always posturing, and already trashing the summit before it begins, I think McConnell is actually trying to do the right thing for the country and is getting no support from his party. That has to be a very lonely feeling so I am sorry to have discussed his tears in the same context as the others. How ironic if it is he who turns out to be the true maverick of his party while they others stick to a scorch the earth strategy. I commend him for his efforts and now see his tears as genuine. I noticed Harry Reid took up his defense for the tears as well, speaking to how difficult it is to lose such a close associate. Something good is going on behind those tears (I hope).

  • JeninCT

    Beck is an emotional guy, that’s the reason he’s so popular. When you spend that much time on the air it’s impossible to hide your emotions.

    The other two guys each teared up in public once.

    A trend? Hardly.

  • anniemargret

    He’s theatrical.

    He knows it sells.

    Crying on TV has always been successful bait. He’s got his act down – I’ll say that for him.

  • teabag

    Pathetic. In a word. Republicans seem to be piss their pants cowards these days.

  • Carney

    It’s part of an overall de-Americanization and de-masculinization of our culture. Hugging as a standard greeting among men was strange and alien to most Americans and the northwestern European cultures they came from. Can you imagine JFK hugging other men?

    This is a systematic thing, driven by the cultural left. Just the other day I saw a cartoon aimed at pre-schoolers, the central point of this episode being that it’s OK for boys to cry.

    Men being in control of their emotions, being stoic, and not crying, has been pathologized as being “repressed”, part of “socialized sexist gender roles”, and bound to come out later as aggression.

  • JeninCT

    Carney wrote: “It’s part of an overall de-Americanization and de-masculinization of our culture.”

    Really? That’s quite a leap!

    And what’s wrong with telling pre-schoolers it’s okay to cry?

  • Mandos

    Wait wait…you mean teh feminazis™ are responsible for Glenn Beck now?

  • TAZ

    Beck is an entertainment genius that sees the vast untapped paranoia our country offers…….

  • LFC

    In the Race to Outrageousness, Beck is certainly a winner. It sells to stupid people.

  • sdspringy

    I am crying right now, why I ask in eternal confusion does a conservative forum rail and belittle the more public conservatives.

    Has not Beck taken the battle to this administration?
    Were not some of the appointee’s motives revealed and thus thrown under this administration’s bus?
    Has this forum spoken to the influence of the Apollo Group in the writing of this administration’s legislative agenda?

    Whether you wish to admit or not the Beck show with blackboards and books has revealed more about this administration than Frum or the other individual who post here.

    There appears to be a certain amount of intraparty jealousy or dare I say elitism when Frum starts his critiques

  • JonF

    Ugh. I canot stand public weeping, except in very limited circumstances: the weeper is in real physical agony, or is mourning the death of a loved one. Tears of joy are tolerable too.
    Ten years ago or so Florence King of NRO wrote a scathing take-down of Promise Keepers, based in part on their copious crying at their events. I really agree with her on this. A stoic stif upper lips is always to be preferred except in truly extreme situations.

  • SFTor1


    the Republicans spent and deregulated like drunken sailors for sixteen years, and almost had the country over the edge before responsible adults could intervene. And you want to talk about this cynical buffoon as having “taken the battle to this Administration?” With what? His Panic Room? I have not seen such reckless and callous demagoguery in a long time. He is garbage.

    You’re taking some good drugs there buddy. Maybe it’s time for a break.

  • JeninCT

    SFT, Beck takes the Bush administration to task as often as the Obama administration, but you wouldn’t know that because you’ve probably never watched more than the clips of him you see on Huffpo.