What They’re Drinking at the Tea Party

November 7th, 2009 at 10:13 am | 4 Comments |

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FrumForum interviews protestors at Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party on Capitol Hill, held November 5.  We meet The Good, The Bad, The Nutty–and quite a number of The Sane.


WATCH: The Nuttiest




WATCH: The Sane




WATCH: We’re Not Republicans

With files from Chris Brown, Andrew Self, Nicole Glass and Paul Craft.

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  • rbottoms

    You seemed to have missed the sign with the Holocaust victims.

    No surprise there of course.

  • mdjoey

    I thought it was gross and disgusting, and am glad no picture of that sign was published. Like everyone else, these guys were free to bring whatever sign they wanted. The few truly bad signs don’t cancel out the other 98% of the people who freely expressed their serious concerns over the issues.

  • RedCarolina

    you call this nutty? on the left it’s considered “passion”. sorry but can anyone here deny O is a product of Marxism? does anyone here admit his czars are the nutty ones? Bachmann summoned 40,000 protesters mid-week — the 9/12 march was just the pep rally!

  • Tim Mak

    RedCarolina – there were certainly not 40,000 protestors out there. I was there: Maybe 4,000.

    9/12 was much, much larger.