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A number of people have requested to know the context of the quotes from Scott D’Amboise. Originally, physician we were asking him about some endorsements he received – but he said something interesting about Obama’s religion, physician so we conducted a follow-up interview to focus on that comment.

Here are the parts that particularly stood out to me from the first interview, conducted on Friday, July 15:

You’ve collected a number of endorsements from some political action committees. What do groups like the Minuteman PAC see in you and how do you represent their views?

With the Minutemen in particular, it’s all about patrolling and guarding our own borders, and making sure we keep this country safe by keeping our borders safe.

So you would generally agree with their views?


On the Minuteman PAC website there is a link to a video that supports the discredited birther theory – claiming that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fake – would you disavow that or would you agree with the Minuteman’s stance?

Well, that’s a very good question because it doesn’t matter what the view is – he’s already elected president. There’s nothing we can do. And therefore I really don’t get involved with the birther situation. I think it’s beating a dead horse, literally. We’re just gonna vote him out this time.

So you agree with their stance on immigration, but not on their other positions (like the birther stance)?

Well… I don’t agree completely with it [the birther stance]; I think it’s a point that – there’s nothing you can do about it.  [INAUDIBLE] wasn’t born in the United States either, and no one seems to be playing with that. It isn’t about the birth, it’s about the birth certificate, and whether they can prove it or not, like I said – I think we can take our energy and use it in different areas of trying to get this country back in order instead of – uh, you know, uh, you know — it’s just one of those things. It’s a frustrating issue, the birther situation. But I’m not one of those people that will jump on board with it just because I think we’ve got better things to do. Or should I say, more important things to do.

You’ve also been endorsed by the National Republican Trust PAC – is that an endorsement that you will campaign on?

We’ll, we’ve mentioned it. I think what we’ll do is we’ll just campaign on our own merits and the things Senator Snowe has voted on for her lack of conservative votes and her issues on abortion and late-term abortion and Roe v. Wade and also the liberal judges that have voted. I mean, I’m glad I’ve got their endorsement. I’ll let them do what they need to do. And with me personally – and this is with any endorsement – it’s my own campaign and how we’re running – we’re conservative, constitutional, and we’re basically sticking to the constitution.

One of the reporters in our office has discovered that the National Republican Trust PAC has actually run ads that were widely derided as racist. They said that the president is “getting in touch with his Muslim roots” and they have actually said that you represent their views. So how would you respond to that claim?

The President says he’s Christian but you know, he’s exercising a lot of Muslim faith too. Me personally, I’m a Christian conservative and I don’t hold any malice to anybody whether they’re Muslim or Jewish or Catholic or anything else. It’s the fact that everybody has a right to believe in what they do. Am I concerned? Of course I’m concerned, but I’m concerned of all of his views as president. I don’t think he’s been a good president at all. He’s very underqualified for the position. And I just believe that he needs to come forward with his views a little bit clearer.

Would you generally agree that the National Republican Trust PAC sends an appropriate message to voters – or what kind of message do you think they are sending?

I think…. Well again, that’s a double-edged sword on that answer. To those that support their views, they’re gonna find that they do support them. But to those that don’t, they’re gonna find them possibly offensive. I find their views seem to be in standard with what I believe in Christian views. But I don’t hold malice with anyone else who is Muslim. I mean, I think people have a right to exercise their religion any way they want. There’s a difference between being Muslim and then there’s a difference between being a radical Islamic Jihad. And you gotta separate those.

I’m just curious: The National Republican Trust PAC has also taken a stance against building the Ground Zero Mosque about a year ago. Do you have any opinion on that?

Yeah, we don’t need to build a mosque there. There’s plenty of other places to build a mosque. That’s something I am against. I don’t think we should build a mosque at Ground Zero. Straightforward.

Because we were so intrigued by his comments, I scheduled a follow up interview with Scott D’Amboise on Monday, July 18. Here is the full transcription of what he said:

You said in our previous interview that you have some doubt about Obama’s faith. So I just wanted to clarify: do you feel that Obama is not really an authentic Christian?

I feel that he is not.

Can you elaborate?

I just believe by his actions – eliminating the Day of Prayer on August 6, but yet celebrating a Muslim – uh, I don’t know if it was a holiday or – uh – I can’t think of the name right now. I don’t know exactly, but he cancelled the Day of Prayer.

So you think he’s a secret Muslim?

I don’t know if he is or isn’t, but I don’t believe he’s a Christian.

How are his beliefs affecting his policies – other than cancelling the Day of Prayer? Do you think his beliefs have anything to do with his foreign policy?

I don’t think so – I just think it’s his complete ideology and his form of governing – what he believes – I don’t think it has to do with his religion at all, I think it’s just a form of ideology.

You did say that you thought he was “exercising his Muslim faith” in your previous interview – so do you think he has a tendency towards Islam?

Yes I do. But again, if he is a Muslim or if he isn’t – that isn’t for me to judge him on that. But the fact is, he seems to show more tendencies towards that faith than towards a Christian faith.

How big of a role do you think religion plays in politics?

It’s a double-edged sword. I feel that it is very important to have a religious background because that gives you someone that you’re always gonna have to answer to. You’re always gonna have to answer to a higher power. Those that don’t believe in that – who do they have to answer to? I believe that it’s important in the fact that when it comes to making policies, following the constitution that was put forth by our founding fathers – I believe that it is very important in playing [INAUDIBLE]. I mean you look at your evangelical voting from the Midwest down to the South – that’s a huge block of voting. I think it plays a huge role – I don’t think it matters so much what ones religious background is, whether they are Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Jeho – any religion. I just think if true to their values and morals, it makes a person a better person in general.

Would you say that the United States is a Christian nation?


So do you think it’s important to have a Christian president?

Again, I mean we could have a Jewish president and I wouldn’t have any problem with that. I just believe if you stick to your values – I believe we’re a Christian nation on the fact that I believe this nation was founded for the purpose that they were seeking religious refuge, and I believe that all our founding fathers were inspired by a higher power.

I just want to let you know that I myself – I’m a Christian, but I don’t look at any one in any way shape or form that is not Christian – I try not to judge them. I guess that’s the most Christian thing we can do is not to judge.

So basically you just want people to be honest about their beliefs?

Be honest. Don’t be afraid to talk about them. Or share them – but don’t be so “my way is the only way.” That’s not the right way. That’s what makes this country so great – we all have a right to our own religious beliefs and our own religious affiliations.

Do you think there are any other politicians, besides Obama, that are being dishonest about their faith?

I don’t know about that. Again, I don’t know, to be honest. I don’t know. There’s some people that may – and I don’t know if there’s anyone among presidential candidates or any other candidates that are using their religion as a spring board to help them, you know – along those aspects.

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  • Saladdin

    One question for Scott D’Amboise: Do you believe in the separation of church and state as outlined in the Constitution and subsequent decisions by the Supreme Court?

  • PracticalGirl

    Good job, Nicole, for giving him an opportunity to explain himself fully. Or dig a deeper hole, depending on the perspective.

    It’s a dead horse, but I wonder if the good people of Maine deserve to know why D’Amboise still insists on casting aspersions on our President’s citizenship.

    • coyoteliberty

      Interesting. I just read the interview over three times. Nowhere did Mr. Damboise cast aspersions on the president’s citizenship. In fact, he made a pretty determined effort to explain that he feels it is a non-issue and that it’s hardly relevant to the campaign at hand. He doesn’t like Obama and wants him defeated in 2012 – a position that would seem consistent with the Frum philosophy – and says that this defeat is what is important, NOT a side issue that is meaningless and moot.

  • Diomedes

    What. a. TOOL.

    “I just believe by his actions – eliminating the Day of Prayer on August 6, but yet celebrating a Muslim – uh, I don’t know if it was a holiday or – uh – I can’t think of the name right now. I don’t know exactly, but he cancelled the Day of Prayer”

    The holiday is Ramadan you inbred no-nothing. And Obama doesn’t celebrate it.

    Is this honestly all the GOP has left? What was that line from the McCarthy witchhunt again? Have you no shame, sir?

    • coyoteliberty

      You’re forgetting that his first round of foreign travel was to explicitly Muslim nations, a tour that became widely known as “The America aplogizes tour”; or that Obama has been quoted time after time heaping praise on the muslim faith; or that he refuses to accept the idea of American Exceptionalism as he leads the decay of this nation. To my mind, it is Obama, NOT Damboise that has some ‘splainin’ to do.

  • kman

    The world’s loss of confidence in the US as a stable world power and currency isn’t just about raising the debt ceiling, its that 1/2 of the US political establishment appears to have completely lost their marbles.

    Wingnut candidates like this aren’t helping.

    • some-guy

      Exactly right. I don’t think Americans realize how much US news other countries consume, and how much they feel connected to what happens here. The legitimization of American crazy has people spooked, and a little sad.

  • rbottoms

    What a dickhead. Oh wait, he’s a Republican so it goes without saying.

    Countdown until David Frum finally throws up on his shoes and quits this racist party? Like the Deficit Clock it runs quotes from every inbred fool, Republican, who says shit like that and elapsed time since he hasn’t quit in disgust.

    Yeah, I get the point, hang the with their own words.

    But it’s like having Bull Conner in your party, the 40% of the party that isn’t racist shitheads help the 60% asshats get elected too. No matter what you do or say, if you pull the R-Lever you are keeping morons like this politically viable.

    At some point working side by side with evil makes you evil.

    Wouldn’t the world be better served if someone of FF had the guts to say get the f*** out you racist swine instead of playing this nuance game?

    When history is written about the period when the GOP went insane there won’t be a footnote that says David Frum and Nicole Glass regularly listed to scum like Scott D’Amboise spew racist garbage documenting it as disinterested observers. History will say you interviewed racists and did nothing to challenge them.

    At some point you stop being observers of the insanity, craziness and greed of the GOP and you become complicit.

    Personally I think that point is long past.

  • think4yourself

    I like Olympia Snowe so if the Tea Party was going to run a candidate to the Right of her, this should be a pretty good one for her to deal with.

  • midwest guy

    Further evidence that America is the land of true opportunity, where we allow the chance for any half-wit or ignoramus to run for office. If Maine considers this one of their best and brightest, I would respectfully suggest we would be better with a lobster in congress.

    • coyoteliberty

      Well, as a Maine Republican and a Libertarian Conservative, all I can say is I’m glad you can’t vote in the primary. :)

  • Frumplestiltskin

    D’Amboise? What the hell kind of name is that, doesn’t sound American to me. And he is kind of dark, Satan believes Jesus is the Son of God, (understand, if there is a Satan, and Jesus was the Son of God, then Satan would know that) so I have to go with this dickhead is Satan.

  • Xclamation

    I really don’t get involved with the birther situation. I think it’s beating a dead horse, literally.

    I get that this is kind of missing the forest through all the trees, but is anyone else concerned that Mr. D’Amboise is kind of okay with TEA Party activists desecrating dead farm animals?

    I believe we’re a Christian nation on the fact that I believe this nation was founded for the purpose that they were seeking religious refuge

    Right. So, between 1630 (when the Puritans first landed in America) and 1775 there wasn’t a single issue or cause large enough to displace “religious refuge” as the primary reason why the 13 Colonies rebelled against British rule. You know, I’ll cop to not really knowing what the word ‘irony’ means, but I bet it’s applicable to the fact that this guy is supported by the TEA Party.

    You’re always gonna have to answer to a higher power. Those that don’t believe in that – who do they have to answer to?

    Well, I guess an atheist president would be reduced to having to answer to The People. Horrors!

  • Graychin

    He seems pretty close to the Republican mainstream.

    So what’s newsworthy about this?

  • forkboy1965

    Has this asshat listened to the modern GOP of late? He states folks should be open about their religious beliefs, but it shouldn’t be “my way is the only way”.

    Doesn’t that describe the modern, conservative, Protestant GOP in a nutshell? Who else is wearing the beliefs on their sleeves and telling other Americans we need to get back to God, etc.?

    Just look at Gov. Rick Perry if you want a perfect example of the religious zeal running the GOP these days.

    D’Amboise is a liar.

  • rbottoms

    Has this asshat listened to the modern GOP of late?

    He is the modern GOP.

  • TJ Parker

    This ass doesn’t even know what the tenets of Islam are.

    Frum, you’re much too kind. All he’s saying is “I don’t like Muslims” and “I don’t like Obama” so “Obama is a Muslim”.

    No wonder government can’t function: What shameful unAmerican scum.

    • coyoteliberty

      So, wondering, Tj, Do you? My Arab and Iranian friends who came to this country seeking political asylum, who grew up in Muslim lands are scared to death at what they call the blindness of America on what the one sided embrace of “diversity” means for the future not just of America, but western civillization as a whole. All things being equal, I defer to the knowledge of people with very first hand experience of the threat that exists.

  • Rob_654

    Yet another man who spits in the face of the teachings of Jesus.

    If Jesus was to walk into a town hall with this guy speaking I have no doubt upon seeing a dark skinned guy with possibly longer hair, a beard, wearing non-western clothing and speaking with an accent would call for additional security and upon hearing Jesus talk about helping the poor, being wealthy is not the path to heaven, security would be called and Jesus would be run out of town.

    • coyoteliberty

      That “ironic observation” has been trite for a hundred years and ignores the fact that in his own land, by his own people, Christ was crucified. It also shows a thin, pop culture understanding of the words of Jesus, who was a firebrand radical who stood up to the status quo political establishment that was selling out his people.


  • rbottoms

    The problem isn’t that he’s scum. It’s that Mr. Frum and Ms. Glass can’t bring themselves to tell him that to his face. Him and the others who are actively egging on a depression in their fight against the Kenyan Marxist.

    They aren’t responsible, but they are culpable.

    Hopefully they feel some shame behind closed doors.

  • JohnMcC

    There was a bumper sticker a few years ago…”WWJD”. Obviously, an abreviation of “What Would Jesus Do”.

    Interestingly, that was from an actual book from an actual Christian (not the same species as today’s Repubs) back in the early 1900s: “What Would Jesus Do?”…

    If anyone actually read it, as I did as a teenager and again more recently because I thought my memory was elusive, they would realize that today’s Repubs have nothing to do with Jesus. Nothing!

  • drdredel

    Jesus is their human shield. They can say and/or do just about anything in his name and always fall back on the fact that there’s no shortage of historical and Biblical precedent for their wacky actions.

    I never cease to wonder why the answer to the question “You’re always gonna have to answer to a higher power. Those that don’t believe in that – who do they have to answer to?” isn’t…
    “Well, the higher power I answer to is the human society which gave me life and has supported me to this moment, and is the source of all my joy and wonder… isn’t that a much higher power than your imaginary sky buddy?”

  • Darksider

    The President says he’s Christian but you know, he’s exercising a lot of Muslim faith too.

    The next question asked after he said that should have been: How, when and where did Obama exercise his Muslim faith? Should be a easy question to answer since he’s been exercising so much of it.

  • Tamon

    I believe we’re a Christian nation on the fact that I believe this nation was founded for the purpose that they were seeking religious refuge

    True. They were seeking refuge from religious persecution…by other Christians!

    • coyoteliberty

      Well, to be more correct, from other christians exercising state power in the name of religion against the “heretics” who challenged the views of those in power. The observation has been made, correctly, that for Muslims there is NO seperation of church and state and so when Christians and pagans (like myself) oppose Muslims who want to bring Sharia or anything like it, to America, we are actually DEFENDING American values by resisting a religious faith that not only wants to impose their religious values on the rest of us by force (their ultimate long term goal) but want to outlaw any other religious expression, by death if necessary. Because, unlike the pilgrims and the quakers and others, we have no “new world” to run to if we don’t stop it now.

  • stix1972

    Again this is not a representation of most in the Tea Party or the GOP. He is a fringe candidate that has fringe beliefs. The real Tea party is about Fiscal sanity and does not go into the Birther Issue or anyone’s religious beliefs. Just saying you are part of the Tea Party or putting it in a name on an organization does not make it so.

    If people want to get rid of Snowe and elect someone that is more inline with the Tea Party, vote for Andrew Ian Dodge in the primary, not this clown. You can check out his blog here http://dodgeforsenate.com

    He is for Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets and Individual Freedom

    • coyoteliberty

      Tell you what: If he can pull together enough of a campaign organization to even make the primary ballot, you let me know. Olympia Snowe, who statistically votes with Harry Reid more often than she does with the leaders of her own party, has to be replaced. You can’t beat somebody with nobody and Scott was the only Republican with enough stones to take her on, announcing he would run against her more than a year ago. For most of that time, Dodge sat on the sidelines, mocking his effort but trying to conceal his real agenda for doing so.

  • midcon

    This continuing pattern of the Republicans would seem to further marginalize the party. I wonder if the Republican leadership (whoever they are at this point) are worried or do they think it is a passing fancy that can be tolerated through the 2012 election? The Republican brand used to stand for something and even if one wasn’t a Republican and tended toward Democratic candidates, there were those in the Republican party that you had to respect because of their integrity, intelligence, and intent on doing what’s right for America and the American people. This tranformed Republican party is so far out of the mainstream that they are starting to qualify as a cult or fringe group. I wonder where it will end, will the GOP eventually wind up on a watch list?

  • CitizenWhig

    My favorite quote from the interview:

    “I don’t think it matters so much what ones religious background is, whether they are Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Jeho – any religion.”

    He rattles off a few christian denominations as examples of different religions. It’s clear that he truly believes that this is evidence of his religious tolerance. In his mind, this is religious diversity.

    His ignorant rehashing of the religious argument that one needs a to answer to a higher power or else we would be incapable of behaving morally for the benefit of the greater good. Unfortunately, he’s typical.

    • coyoteliberty

      He didn’t rehash any religious argument. He answered directly a bloggers red meat question clearly and obviously designed to be what they are calling “ambush journalism” but that we used to call “yellow journalism” when I was in college. Religion is an issue in this race because internet hacks are trying to make it one. Damboise is a religious person and is straightforward about his faith and values. Which I think is a nice change from Olympia Snowe, who in my 33 years in living as one of her constitutents, has never once, not ever made a clear and concise statement of what she believes absolutely about ANYTHING. She is the model of poll/focus group driven politicans. One needs to look no further than her attempt to recast herself as a “lifelong conservative” ever since her pal, Lisa Murkowski took a thumping in the 2010 Alaska Republican primary to know that.

  • coyoteliberty

    I came across this site doing some search on the 2012 Maine senate race. I was interested in reading the article, because I think the fact that Olympia now faces a primary challenge for the first time in 33 years is getting frighteningly little media coverage. I was astounded by the obvious bias and “let’s get him” tone in this whole piece. I applaud Mr. Damboise for having the courage to talk to you, even when it must have become abundantly clear what the motives here were. I’d say that I look forward to your interview with Snowe on some of the many questionable aspects of her career and positions and her betrayal of Republican and Conservative principles time and time again, but I know that you won’t likely do such a piece (yes, your bias is that obvious) and besides, it’s unlikely that Senator Snowe would be willing to give you the face time that Mr. Damboise was. If she does, though, do me a favor: ask her how a woman that never had a real adult job in her life outside of politics, has managed to increase her PERSONAL net worth by over a million dollars a year for every year she has been a federal lawmaker while the rest of her constitutents have lacked near the back of the pack in real income crowth compared to other states during those 33 years. Olympia Snowe representing Maine in the House and the senate has been very, very good for Olympia Snowe, but it doesn’t seem to have been very good for Maine and it seems to me only a fool would stand by and return her to that seat.