White House Rejects Linking Debt Limit To Balanced Budget

July 18th, 2011 at 2:51 pm | 6 Comments |

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The Washington Post reports:

The White House formally threatened Monday to veto a Republican measure requiring congressional approval of a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution before the nation’s debt ceiling can be raised.

House Republicans scheduled a vote Tuesday on the proposal, find which would impose strict new spending caps and require that Congress give the balanced-budget amendment the two-thirds vote necessary to send it to the states for ratification before the debt limit could be raised.

In the Senate, drugstore Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) announced that the chamber would not recess until Congress passes a deal to raise the country’s $14.3 trillion borrowing limit.

“The Senate has no more important task than making sure the United States does not fail to pay our bills for pre-existing obligations like Social Security for the first time in our history, cialis ” Reid said in a statement Monday afternoon. “To ensure that we meet this responsibility, the Senate will stay in session every day, including Saturdays and Sundays, from now until Congress passes legislation that prevents the United States from defaulting on our obligations.”

Reid’s move came as negotiations over the debt ceiling entered their final two weeks. The White House has said that leaders must agree on a deal by Friday to give both chambers time to move the legislation before an Aug. 2 deadline, when it says the government would begin to default on its debt obligations.

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  • cporet

    You ever notice that Republicans only care about balancing the budget when they aren’t in power? They had control of the House and the Senate when GW Bush was president, from ’03 to ’06. How many balanced budgets did they enact? How many votes were taken to pass a balanced budget? Paul Ryan’s budget runs deficits well into the future.

  • Rob_654

    cporet – you are 100% correct – Republicans never care about balancing the budget until they are not in control.

    Dick Cheney famously said that “Deficits Don’t Matter”.

  • Steve D

    A far more productive measure would be passing an amendment to make it easier for the States to propose amendments. Say, only ten states needed to put forth an amendment, instead of the present two thirds. It would still take 38 to ratify, so the bar is still high.

  • nwahs

    The White House needs to let Republicans walk off a cliff. 83% of America thinks Republicans are screwing up, and I’m one of them.

  • DConnNC

    I agree with cporet, those not in power want to be fiscally responsible, until it is their turn. I have had the pleasure of blasting callers from the RCC as they ask for donations to help get their @$$-Wipes back in office or take down O’Bumber in some way. I tell them that if the half whit Republicans REALLY stood for what they said they were, they would stay in the majority and not need help becoming so again. I also remind these folks that the average pay for these parasites is about 4-times higher than most of my town, they some of the best benefits and they get to authorize their own raises; that we pay for! SO NO, you don’t get any of my support beyond a vote or a boot in you back side, until you do your job.

  • DConnNC

    What this country really, really needs is an ordinary person that has raised a family, paid their own bills and has held a real job; not public office beyond a county seat. NEXT: We need this candidate to not slam all of his opponents, but consistently explain how they would get America back to a state of world respect, not fear, but respect for what have, what we can accomplish and how we operate in a fiscal and environmentally responsible manner. Once in office, carry out the plan by “working the crowd” the people through social media. No world tours, making excuses for America does, we are America and that is cool in itself; Period! Making your point to the people will get the pressure on their elected official to “do the will of the people” no the lobbyist. Do this long enough and maybe something positive will get done, maybe the President gets their life threatened, but making waves is never a popularity contest winner. This is just the start.