Watch Rove: Trump Birther Comments a ‘Mistake’

March 31st, 2011 at 1:09 pm | 21 Comments |

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Karl Rove appeared on The O’Reilly Factor to criticize Donald Trump’s recent comments about President Obama’s birth certificate:

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  • jg bennet

    And we are suppose to listen to that tool? Trump says Bush was probably the worst president in history so of course Rove despises him.

    Here is a link that I found in about ten seconds when I typed in US debt under George W. Bush. Rove and Bush are flops.

  • Saladdin

    It depends on what you’re trying to do. Trump wants publicity. Not a coincidence that his talk show runs are coinciding with the release of Celebrity Apprentice.

  • ScoopAway

    “And we are suppose to listen to that tool? ”

    You shouldn’t be so hard on Trump. He’s a true American patriot and not the self-serving, scam artist most people think. /sarcasm

    Bachmann 2013!!!

  • jg bennet


    Tool meaning Rove not Trump I’m for his Trade ideas

  • ProfNickD

    If you watch the interview with O’Reilly, Trump really never says, “Obama is not an American” or anything like that.

    He simply finds it suspicious that no documents of any sort — birth certificate, school applications, transcripts, nothing — have ever been released by Obama.

    It isn’t that Obama was born in Kenya (he wasn’t) or that he isn’t an American citizen (he is) — it’s that it is highly likely that Obama lived some years as a young adult as a Muslim, manifested by the fact that when prompted at the time, Obama claimed this on various official forms.

    There simply is no other justification for Obama to be reticent about releasing documentation about his early adult life.

    So the issue is: Obama is lying about his Muslim past.

    • TerryF98

      Birthers are such great fun, they way they twist in the wind ,seems like the knots in your string would strangle you sometimes.

    • Saladdin


      Even if he was a muslim, so what? As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a law against that, is there? Also, who cares what his parents or the hospital chose to put as his religion. My parents put down Buddhist, although I’ve never practiced such nor attended services at a Buddhist church.

      BTW, there’s a lot, and I mean a lot of information about the president’s early life. If you don’t want to believe what’s out there, that’s a different story Nick.

  • CentristNYer

    ProfNickD: “…no documents of any sort — birth certificate, school applications, transcripts, nothing — have ever been released by Obama.”

    But that’s patently false. Why should Trump repeat such an easily debunked lie?

  • gman

    You should listen to the interview. What Rove says is actually pretty smart. Obama *loves* the birther issue. It’s the greatest political gift he could get, and wants Republicans to push it because he’s holding the winning hand. Obama knows that he was born in the US. It’s a complete non-issue to most Americans, and anyone who buys into the birther thing is never going to vote for Obama, regardless of whether he releases the birth certificate or not. The issue discredits any politician who raises it for anybody whose vote Obama cares about – namely moderates & independents. Obama doesn’t release the full birth certificate because he wants the issue to continue. At the end of the day, he can always release it if he has to. It’s the winning hand.

  • DFL

    Notwithstanding that Trump is a media flasher, Rove has such little credibility that he shouldn’t comment on Trump’s foolish public statements. That Rove considers himself a conservative is self-delusional. Rove is truly but a coatman for George W. Bush, nothing more. Sancho Panza.

  • DFL

    Excellent analysis, gman.

    • gman

      Thank you, but – and this pains me greatly to say – it was actually Karl Rove’s excellent analysis.

  • Slide

    I agree gman.. the whole “birther” thing works with those that would never vote for Obama (or any black man) anyway. It just makes his opponents look crazy, stupid, moronic, naive, easily manipulated, and generally aholes. A significant chunk of the Republican party no doubt… but still a minority in this country. Carry on my birther friends.

  • DFL

    Thanks for your candor, gman. Rove’s analysis may be correct yet he’s still a man with little credibility. I wish he’d just go away and perhaps clean the toilets at the Bush Presidential Library at Texas A & M.

  • Saladdin

    gman, what’s the old line? When your opponent is shooting himself in the foot, best thing to do is get out the way.

  • Charles M. Kelly

    So far as I know, American birth certificates don’t mention the family religion. Even if the adults who raised him practiced Islam and required him to attend services, he could still become a Christian as an adult.

    This sounds like a “throw enough mud and something is bound to stick” strategy. Sadly, that strategy often works.

    Also, he has released the version of his birth certificate that the state of Hawaii releases. The FBI investigated his background while he was running.

    This “Kenya scam” story probably seemed like a good tactic during the campaign. If Hilary had found evidence for it, she would have won her party’s nomination. If the GOP in Congress had a shred of evidence to support it, they could easily impeach Obama.

    If you don’t like the man or his policies, fine. But please give up this madness. If the GOP continues to follow it, the GOP could follow the Whigs into political history.

  • anniemargret

    Charles Kelly: too late. The GOP has smeared itself. So full of insecurities, biases, hate and fear, so full of whiny sore loser mentality, so angry that Obama represents a new vision of America and not the stale, old America that they are used to, they continue down this moronic path.

    As I mentioned before on another thread. What this whole ‘birther’ thing proves is the general stupidity of it from its very foundation. They ASSUME that Obama has something to hide. That somehow from the moment he stepped into the halls of Congress, he was in some grand conspiracy to fool everyone around him.

    From the moment he stepped into the Presidential race in ’08, he was going go try to hide his birth certificate or his background from the media and from his opponents.

    What stuff and nonsense.

    First of all, Obama is an inherently decent man. You don’t have to like his policies, but the biggest mistake his haters have is that they cannot understand his basic decency. Because they are craven and corrupt themselves, they assign the same qualities to him…and assume it.

    Wrong! He has nothing to hide. He was born in the U.S. and Rove is correct. They keep on making fools out of themselves, revealing their hate and fear and insecurity, proving nothing to no one but themselves, to regurgitate and reiterate their own anger.

    The game’s up. They have absolutely NOTHING on him and never will….because there is nothing to find on him. The GOP ‘birther’ idiots will run around like chickens without heads screeching and cackling and the rest of America will look at them with pity…and revulsion.

  • Bagok

    Rove says Trump is falling into Obama’s trap, implying Obama is manipulating the situation and is therefore partially responsible for birther lunacy. In reality nothing Obama does has any influence on the birthers. They already have proof he was born here, they are just ignoring it.

    Obama is not laying a trap. Even if I’m wrong about the above Rove is still using verbiage with negative connotations. It’s just more message framing from the master of division politics. I really don’t like that guy.

    • anniemargret

      bagok: good point. Obama is not playing their game, and it is enraging them. They are putting the noose around their own neck. Obama has important national and international work to do…. the GOP should never be put in positions of power – they don’t deserve it-they act like a bunch of kindergarteners.

  • anniemargret

    …and what separates Democrats from Republicans is that the majority of Democrats could care less about what religion a person adheres to, or not adheres to. Religion is the foundation for this political party, the GOP. Either succumb to their version of Christianity, or you are considered sub par as a U.S. citizen.

    If Obama or any other president wants to pray to the God of his choice, I have no reservations or concern about that. It is past time we give up this adolescent version of what a leader should do or be in this country. There are only two characteristics that we should seek in the leader of the free world: adherence to the Constitution of the U.S. and personal integrity and character. We’re not voting for a preacher…or the ‘correct’ religion. I believe Obama is a Christian but doesn’t wear it on his sleeve, nor does he need to. If his background is that his father had Muslim beliefs or his mother was an atheist, who the heck cares?

    We should as a country be embracing the universality of religions in this country, not segregate them, or make Americans feel as if they must be put in a box of someone else’s doing. Shame on the GOP….it’s time they grew up.