Watch: O’Donnell Loses Temper with Norquist

July 28th, 2011 at 10:01 am | 20 Comments |

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Lawrence O’Donnell yells at Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, over the debt ceiling on MSNBC‘s Morning Joe.

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  • jg bennet

    i watched the whole thing this morning and i have zero respect for the cult leader norquist but o’donnell is such a blowhard lefty left he proved that the cult of the left equals the cult of the right.

    america is in dire need of a third party….

    how can anyone support either one of those fools?

    sadly because of people like norquist & o’donnell democracy is being bested by the totalitarian thugocracy called china and they are not shy about saying it…………

    The Chinese newspapers portray the U.S. as an irresponsible country that owes a lot of money to us, and is threatening to not pay it back.”

    Gao Wenqian, a Chinese historian and senior policy adviser for the New York branch of Human Rights in China, says he has yet to see too much emphasis on the failings of democracy in the Chinese press. But he adds, “If this doesn’t get resolved, it would be a very convenient excuse for the Chinese official media to mock the democratic process in the U.S.”

    In an interview with The Huffington Post, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright argued that the lack of resolution makes America look “pretty feckless” around the world.

    In China, the fallout is potentially more substantial.

    “I think they would take it as a further sign of America’s decline,” said Kerry Brown, the director of the Asia Program at Chatham House in London. “I don’t think they’re celebrating that by the way, but Chinese popular opinion already strongly holds the idea that America is declining.”

    norquist is an economic cult leader, anti american and no patriot and o’donnell is a left wing propagandist. both are terrible for the country and thanks to guys like them america is in a severe decline.

    • Traveler

      False equivalency there JG. O’Donnell has points that are real and stands by them. Maybe a little histrionically, but the truth is there. Norquist is not only a total liar, he is a fool. And evil to boot.

      How you can put them both in the same boat speaks volumes about your moral compass.

      • jg bennet

        they both are self righteous know it all politically experience extremists. my moral compass is pointing toward phillip blond and his way of thinking.

        he just met with the republicans on tuesday in dc and is an interesting cat……

        • Traveler

          I like his ideas myself. But if you think a “moralized market” can emerge from the current electorate dominated by refuglican dystopia, you are smoking some mean sh*t.

          Also you didn’t answer. Both may be political operatives, but only one speaks the truth. So if you know that one does, but issue your false equivalence between the two, then your moral compass is skewed. If you didn’t know, then your intellectual compass is flawed.

  • JimBob

    O’Donnell has always been mentally unbalanced and has no place on television. Only MSNBC perhaps the worst excuse for a network would give this loser a platform.

    • dante

      Yeah, like the time he compared the Norway victims to Nazi youth camps….. Oh wait, that’s right, that was Glenn Beck. My mistake.

  • zephae

    Conversations like that annoy me because people keep trying to talk over each other, but I’m glad Lawrence drove home the point about false equivalency when the one guy said that legislators are beholden to pledges they made on both sides, yet couldn’t name one for those on the left. The left and the right are two different entities, not mirror images of each other and it’s time people start recognizing that. They should be judged by what actually happens instead of always trying to distract from what’s going on right in front of you by claiming equivalency and bemoaning partisanship. Currently, Republicans are the one’s who can’t seem to break away from their ideological base to compromise and they should be hammered for that. If and when it becomes the Democrats turn, by all means hammer them too, but the more you equivocate, the more it becomes impossible to pick out and stop ridiculous partisan tactics, and that goes for everyone.

    • Nanotek

      Scarborough’s MO on that show is to talk over and keep talking over guests with whom he disagrees … he forced O’Donnell to return in kind in order to finish making his point

  • Nanotek

    thankfully O’Donnell was there to point out the lies on the table …

  • Pattyman

    I find these arguments we’re having today so worthless. The two of them, and Joe, talk of an era long since passed. Why is it we have to hear about 1993 to 1995, and the Reagan era? For many in this country neither were good times, and it seems those discussions are causing the issues we’re facing now. That discussion displayed what we’re facing, a poltical system lost on purpose with people who are more interested in winning than doing good work. Our schools are terrible, our corporations are flush with money but not equipped with the leadership to determine what should be done, and our moral compass is set on winning at all cost. While China continues to steal all the good things in our society while they wait for us to create the next great thing so they can steal that too. Where are the people who are talking about the current day’s issues, with clear enough minds to discuss the issues in a way that we all can get behind the thought process and really get to fixing all that hurts our success? We need something that transcends who we are today and presents a picture of where we need to be, and from what I’ve seen none of the people presented so far will do no more than add to the mess we’re in now. Thanks David for allowing us to read past a political side on this site. We need to think about OUR country and not about our political faith.

  • midwest guy

    O’Donnell is frequently over-the-top nutty, but the points he made were legitimate. Grover Norquist is an amoral and unpatriotic man who has built a business based upon false premises and completely disingenuous arguments. Those who sign pledges provided by Norquist have reneged on their responsibility and loyalty to the good of their constituents and the nation.

  • Churl

    What possesses anyone to recommend watching a nutcase yell at an idiot?

    • Traveler


      Not me for sure. Glad you recognize the idiot. Wouldn’t be an issue if so many other idiots didn’t buy into the bullcrap.

  • Banty

    I tuned in to hear what Dave Walker had to say, but O’Donnell was so wound up that he could not get a word in edgewise. Norquist, I’m afraid, looked good as he kept his cool, and maintained his points.

    The only evening MSNBC host I like is Chris Matthews.

    • Blankenship

      I agree. O’Donnell came across as unreasonable and even unhinged. He’s an embarrassment to liberals; a left-wing Glenn Beck.

      This would have been a better and more productive discussion without him.

      • jenk

        That’s crap and speaking of false equivalencies….

        There is no equivalent to Glenn Beck on the left. Not one. Even the craziest sounding liberal cannot touch the sheer madness of Beck.

        Candidly speaking, if I had to sit and listen to Grover spin his usual web of lies, I would probably yell at him too.

      • CentristNYer

        The problem with your analogy is that intellectually Beck and O’Donnell are worlds apart.

        Beck’s schtick is to make bizarre historical connections in a kind of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” way between his enemies and the Nazis. It’s pure entertainment built on the flimsiest of facts.

        O’Donnell actually worked in congress writing legislation and knows what he’s talking about. He doesn’t need to take flights of fancy to make his case. O’Donnell sticks to the facts, while Beck sticks to his talking points.

  • COProgressive

    A couple of things. First, no one, especially Norquist, ever mentioned the REAL ideology of the Republican Party of “Starve the Beast” where the plan was to over spend and under-fund the government just to create the crisis we’re in today.

    Second, O’Donnell was in the middle of the actual workings of writting legislation in his days in the Senate as a chief of staff and advisor to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. He knows his stuff.

    The problem is the Repuglicans have run up the bill and want the poor and the middle class to pay. It’s as simple as that.

    The GOP are the Anti-Robin Hood Party. They steal from the poor to give to the rich.

  • Argy F

    Funny how different people can watch the same clip and see things so differently.

    How anyone can listen to Grover Norquist without feeling a sense of creeping terror is beyond my kith & kin.