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December 18th, 2011 at 11:14 am | 4 Comments |

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On December 1st, David Frum participated in an episode of BBC’s Question Time. The episode focused on strikes that were taking place in England, and it has since been uploaded to YouTube:

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  • dante

    So…. not for nothing, but why hasn’t there been a post on the Payroll Tax issue that’s facing Congress right now? Granted, it’s not pretty for the GOP (comparing/contrasting their actions about this with their insistence on the permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts), but I would appreciate at least a *little* acknowledgement on this…

  • armstp


    I do not understand what your point was. You said the U.K. has followed austerity so it is not growing and then you say it is the same as the U.S. who did the opposite, or stimulus, and is also not growing.

    That is a strange way to interpret things and is just not true.

    First, comparing an austerity path to a stimulus path is completely wrong. Austerity is not expected to raise growth in the near term, as it in fact will result in a drop in growth. Stimulus is suppose to stimuluate the economy in the short term. It did precisely that in the U.S. It got the economy growing again. The U.S. is growing at the respectable 2.0% to 2.5% rate, so it is not correct to say the U.S. is not growing. Any other time and that would be good or average growth. The U.S. economy is growth significantly more than the U.K. economy.

  • chephren

    That was a good exchange of views. I couldn’t help but think as I watched this clip that you never, ever see freewheeling debates like this on US television – it’s all pundits talking to pundits, presuming to talk for “the American people”.

    If it’s on Fox, the punditry is made even more obnoxious by the narrow partisan baiting of Hannity, O’Reilly, Neil Cavuto, Megyn Kelly, etc – the high-paid mouthpieces who can be relied on to keep the discussion within the narrow bounds of Roger Ailes’ right-wing agenda.

    Why not have shows like this on US TV? With an actual moderator, not a partisan scold?