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September 27th, 2011 at 11:19 am | 9 Comments |

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David Frum recently appeared on American Morning to discuss his latest CNN column arguing that government institutions need fundamental reforms.

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  • Arms Merchant

    Frum looks good. He’s lost some weight.

    • windsorboy

      Yeah. He must be eating right and I didn’t see any signs of Bell’s Palsey. Perhaps he is regaining control of those nerves. My brother woke up with this disorder about a decade ago and it took seven or eight years before he seemed fully normal.

  • Elvis Elvisberg

    I’m sympathetic to your argument, that we have polarized parties in a system that’s not designed for them.

    But it’s important to note that the problems you mentioned– the Federal Reserve and the debt ceiling– are not problems of “the system”, they are problems caused by the unprecedented obstructionism of the Republican Party.

    Ezra Klein:

    First, the rise in filibusters is just shocking. And this doesn’t even count all of them. It only counts those filibusters that the majority actually tried to do something about. Plenty more filibusters get threatened, but cloture doesn’t get filed because the issue isn’t important enough or the votes aren’t present.

    Second, note how many filibusters get broken. It’s not all, but it’s a far cry from none (and it’s more than you see in this graph, as filibusters that get withdrawn don’t end through cloture). Some get broken by overwhelming majorities. But that doesn’t mean the filibuster failed. A dedicated filibuster takes about a week to break even if you have the votes. That’s a week of wasted time in the Senate. If your preference isn’t merely to delay one vote but to threaten the majority with the prospect of getting less done overall, then launching a lot of fruitless filibusters makes perfect sense.

    • windsorboy

      I agree that the GOP has a lot of blame to shoulder but it doesn’t take a lot of looking to find some blame on the other side as well.

      FWIW, however, I believe the issues are far more intristic to the political system that is in place. There are very few successful replublics. Most sooner or later fail due to corruption and rot and I am increasingly of the opinion that unless some significant constitutional reforms are made that there is little hope that the US as it exists today will be around 100 years from now.

      I’m not an American so throw rocks at me for sticking my nose in, but I am increasingly convinced that your system of government has been bought and that the American people are being fed pablum and mother’s milk.

      Sooner or later that house of cards is either coming down or is going to have to have a complete rethink.

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  • Oldskool

    It sounds like if we had mandatory service like in some countries, we’d have more of a common sense of purpose. And we’d be in fewer wars.

    • willard landreth

      When we look at his comments about the military, it is the one place were all types of Americans can serve and learn to live w/ other types of Americans. I’m a Viet Vet – and I hated being in the military. That being said, when we got out we were a large % of the population. Now less than 3% of the population is affected by the results of these wars we’re a part of. And, there are far fewer who aare actually involved in direct participation.

      This so-called professional Army is a good reason why we’re in the state we’re in.

      • Oldskool

        Call it “military lite”, most any kind of public service wearing a uniform with modest pay in exchange for a place to live and eat for two years.

  • Polifan

    Great interview!

    I would call it an ideological PAUSE . This will be an interesting election. I am hoping for a less negative one.