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In David Frum’s remembrance for Christopher Hitchens, he notes that the first time he viewed Hitchens as a friend was when they appeared on C-Span together:

[A] few weeks later, I had my own face-to-face encounter with him. We were guests together on C-Span’s morning program, which convened at 7 AM. He rolled in looking absolutely like hell. Of the dead, nothing should be said but good, but … wow. Christopher’s eyes were bloodshot, his clothes were crumpled, his face was ghastly. And then he started to talk. And then he made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

C-Span has the full video on their site but if you just want to see the part with Christopher Hitchens and David Frum, it has been uploaded to YouTube:

You can find the full video on this channel.

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  • Oldskool

    He was a real motorhead, the encyclopedia he called a brain hummed like a well-tuned Buick with an endless tank of gas.