Watch: David Frum Talks Debt Ceiling and Obama

July 26th, 2011 at 7:34 am | 5 Comments |

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  • adavid

    The money has been spent. It’s time to pay the bill.

    The debt ceiling should be raised unconditionally. Then, the Congress should get down to the business of governing.

  • Moderate

    Thanks for posting this. Mr. Frum is incredibly clever, a true asset to conservatism.

  • lnexus01

    I heard you last night. Oddly (?), I anticipated your entire argument.

    I agree with you in terms of the President’s effectiveness and overall strategic error in dealing with the current Republicans.

    And yet, what really troubles me about your intervention (now for a second time reiterated in this context – you’ve argued the same thing before), what troubles me is that you are making an effort to be a reasonable voice in your party but cannot be steadfast in calling out the horrendous behavior of these men and women who refuse all reason for political and ideological (loosely applied term) calculations. These Republicans – I believe soon to be swallowed whole by the “tea party” – deserve scorn from ALL thoughtful people.

    The most salient element of dysfunction in the current political drama is NOT Mr. Obama’s fundamental decency and believe in rationality (yes, I grant you: Not the right attributes for this time – his burden of failure before history) but the ignorance, irrationality and cowardice of all Republicans (where are the voices of Snow, Lugar, Grassley, etc? – Cowards!)

    Don’t you falter!

  • zephae

    I still don’t understand how you come to the conclusion that the 2013 minimum is a move for Obama’s re-election chances. If that were the case, why wouldn’t he have taken the more partisan approach you talked about? Your view doesn’t make sense from a politics prospective.

  • Oldskool

    He gave a better speech last Friday but obviously he doesn’t want the debt debate to gum up the works all over again in six months, which is perfectly reasonable.

    The bigger question is why would something so rational and reasonable cause so much suspicion? Especially if really is so prone to giving in to the demands of the knuckle-draggers?