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Last week, I took a look at what happens when one well-off family allowed a camera crew to insinuate itself into their daily lives, back in May-December 1971 (for PBS’s 1973 landmark An American Family). Today, it seems as though the Presidency itself, or at least the campaign for it, has been reduced to all the pre-programmed unreality of a modern reality show.  Even before Trump, two of the leading list (Sarah Palin on her recent TLC show and Mike Huckabee’s weekend interview show on FoxNews) had a reality TV background.

Indeed, each of the leading challengers to President Obama might just as well have been “cast” for contestant slots on a reality show, like Donald Trump’s hit two-hour Celebrity Apprentice. There’s a JR Ewing or Gordon Gekko-style delicious villain (Newt Gingrich).  There’s a handsome, bland, Dudley Do-Right hero (Mitt Romney).  Then there’s the Type-A jock who knows how to read (Tim Pawlenty).  And of course, what would a reality show be without a couple of self-involved, Snooki or Omarosa-type divas, whose prickly and demanding personalities might make some viewers think of a word that rhymes with “itches” (Palin and Bachmann).  We even have an aw-shucks, slightly nerdy, religious guy-next-door to round things out (Huckabee).

All things considered, the question isn’t why would a media opportunist like Trump exploit this to create his own even higher-rated “spinoff” of his hit NBC reality series.  The question is why wouldn’t he?

Indeed, Celebrity Apprentice is one of if not often the highest-rated shows on NBC’s troubled prime-time schedule, which has been mired in fourth place for several years (all the more humiliating after a 20-year period of total dominance from the late 1980s through roughly Bush’s first term.)  And this isn’t the first tabloidey, high-profile controversy generator that the Peacock network has found itself involved in of late. (Remember Conan vs. Jay?) And few shows are more of an iconic shorthand for the era of outsourcing, downsizing, job loss, and economic meltdown than a program known most for telling teary-eyed victims “Ya FIRED!”, as others get off on the drama, and still others count their blessings that it’s on TV, not their real life.

Even I am not cynical enough to think that NBC-Universal or Comcast was directly “behind” Trump’s birther escapades. But the secret to Donald Trump’s considerable staying power and success is that he has always been an inveterate showman.  Like Charlie Sheen, Trump provided the network and its flagship show with a tsunami wave of publicity that money alone couldn’t buy (especially at today’s ad rates!)   Interestingly, much of the most negative publicity has come from within the network’s own wheelhouse, as liberal cable channel MSNBC’s relentless coverage of Trump and birtherism provided countless hours of subject matter for Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, and especially Lawrence O’Donnell.  For what it’s worth, I think that O’Donnell and Matthews really are and were as disgusted as they seemed to be on TV at birtherism in general and Trump’s high profile semi-legitimization of it.  But they also “spelled the show’s name right”, as they say in Hollywood.

“Mark my words,” O’Donnell recently dared, “when NBC announces its prime-time schedule on May 16th,” he thinks Celebrity Apprentice will still be on it, that Trump will return to his small-screen box and give up any illusions of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and all this silliness might well be over.  He’s half right.  Trump might very well go back to his hit show and leave the politics to the professional politicians.  But with the racialist overtones of birtherism, the decision to renew the next season of Apprentice could have implications far beyond the usual pass/fail of an otherwise successful series.  On the one hand, Apprentice’s ratings to date clearly merit a strong campaign for the show’s renewal.  On the other, both NBC (Keith Olbermann) and arch-rival Fox (Glenn Beck) have recently proven themselves quite willing to sack their leading lights once they become too embarrassing, too much of a liability.

Now that Trump himself is disingenuously trying to back away from the birther issue while simultaneously taking credit for “forcing” Obama to submit to his will, the question still remains of why this very intelligent, able businessman would choose to pull off such a high-wire stunt as this?   Did he think that it would just be a vehicle he could ride for more publicity, like his show?  And more importantly, bottom-line businessman that he is, did Trump just coldly decide that with Obama’s 95% share of African-Americans (and overwhelming support among Latinos), that “those people won’t vote for me anyway”, so he might as well tap into the most incendiary rage against that foreign-sounding “worst President in history”?  Racism by cost/benefit analysis, as it were?

If The Donald does decide to run (or if NBC makes the first move in canceling Trump, which would ironically “free him up” to run next year), the other big question is what they will do with their Sunday-night timeslot after football plays itself out.  Will they try to find another media-friendly ruling classer (Gates?  Soros?  Buffett?  Some spare Rockefeller or Kennedy lying around?) to take over Trump’s hiring and “You’re FIRED”-ing duties?

Or, might they bait-and-switch, and make a reality show about Trump’s already reality-show-like campaign for the Presidency?  There’s actually some precedent for that.  In 1988, Robert Altman made a brilliant mockumentary called Tanner ’88 (starring Michael Murphy), about a hopeful Democratic politician trying to capture the nomination to go against the first George Bush.  (Twenty years earlier, droopy-dog comedian Pat Paulsen “ran for President” on the stage of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.)

And, as offensive as I find a lot of Trump’s comments to be, I can’t help but thinking that THAT would be a reality show I would watch.

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  • TerryF98

    And the GOP tore Obama apart as a “celebrity” candidate. Difficult to make this stuff up.

  • rbottoms

    And, as offensive as I find a lot of Trump’s comments to be, I can’t help but thinking that THAT would be a reality show I would watch.

    This isn’t a goddamn intellectual exercise.

    Donald Trump basically called Barrack Obama a nigger and not just any plain old nigger but a dumb one who cheated his way into college.

    You don’t get to divorce your fanciful musings from the reality that the GOP is overrun by a hard core 20% who hate the current occupant of the White House for no other reason than he is black.

    There is no other explanation for it.

    Can you imagine having to debase yourself, to have to prove to 10 million shitheads that you were born in their country and deserve to run it?

    You have no idea what fire you bastards are playing with.

  • jg bennet

    so what is up with all of the bad language and even the N word? Frum Forum never had this kind of language until the Trump haters showed up. You call him vulgar?

    rbottoms i’m not just talking to you there appears to be a number of commenters now that use such language.

    I’m no christian but I was raised one and find the language coming out of these commenters far worse than anything Trump has said and it reminds me of something Jesus said

    Why do you see the speck in your neighbor’s eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye? Or how can you say to your neighbor, ‘Friend, let me take out the speck in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye.

    • TerryF98

      TRUMPS WORDS> And you believe this bastard should be President!!!

      The military’s adventures overseas:

      “We build a school, we build a road, they blow up the school, we build another school, we build another road they blow them up, we build again, in the meantime we can’t get a fucking school in Brooklyn.”


      “We have nobody in Washington that sits back and said, you’re not going to raise that fucking price.”


      “Listen, you motherfuckers, we’re going to tax you 25 percent!”

      Spoken like a true chief diplomat.

    • nwahs

      Rbottoms is playing a little game where he portrays a very offended black man to make his stereotypical black reaction plausible. He’s pretending. He’s trying to offend African-Americans and he’s pretty transparent. Its the same little game where some little white jerk calls up a radio station and pretends to be black, and says outrageous things.

  • rbottoms

    Why do you see the speck in your neighbor’s eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye? Or how can you say to your neighbor, ‘Friend, let me take out the speck in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye.

    I am a Christian, and I am a man. Trump’s actions are an insult beyond your imagining. We have come to accept that parts of this country will always treat blacks like second class citizens. We have come to accept that every four yours the GOP candidate has to go on the Great White Hope Tour, visit the bastions of romantic Confederate pride and say the buzz words that left them know they won’t let the nigras get out of hand. Like Reagan visiting Philadelphia, Mississippi, Bush & McCain at Bob Jones University and not a single GOP candidate ever saying the Confederate Flag is really the Swastika-like symbol they know it is.

    But this is too far.

    Too. Far.

    There’s a reason we aren’t Bosnia or Northern Ireland: Black Forgiveness. We forgave slavery and Jim Crow after that, waiting at the starting line for 100 years while your great grandfathers and grandfathers amassed wealth, started businesses, built empires and gathered the kind of influence needed to send a dolt son to Harvard as long as you have 2.5 mil to make it happen.

    These people are damaging the compact formed after Dr. Kings sacrifice. We’ll leave it alone, we’ll live side by side in relative harmony compared to any other country with an ethnic minority with a grievance. We won’t let police shooting Amadou Diallo 37 times break it, we won’t let Patrick Dorismond being murdered end it, we’ll even take Abner Louima’s rape by toilet plunger in stride.

    But this? A billionaire son of a slumlord basically calls the first black president a dumb nigger.

    Not any fucking way.

    Not no how.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    rbottoms, I honestly think Trump is mentally ill, that he has hypomania of the sort that Charlie Sheen has, his ratings have been going down (I have never watched the show so I could never understand how they could ever be good) so I can’t see how pissing off a huge percentage of America can help.

    • rbottoms

      You have to understand this isn’t about pissing people off. We get pissed off by the weekly “Mayor who sends watermelon jokes and doesn’t get what the big deal is.”

      That’s pissed off.

      I am talking about an actual insult to the pride of 20 million people by a rich turd who makes his money in large measure from many of those same people when they watch his television shows and visit his casinos and hotels.

      We all know the politicians out telling the teabaggers what they want to hear are just trying to get elected. This fool however has parachuted in from outside appropriated every single buzz word designed to say I’ll show that nigger over there who’s boss. Aided by people who think it’s just an interesting social phenomenon Donald Trump is calling out the man who broke the ultimate color barrier like he’s Kunte Kinte and we’re just supposed to lie down and wait for the natural order of political cycles to work.

      Fuck that.

      What you are see is anger flowing out of my eyes like lava, like it hasn’t happened since some eight year old called me nigger in the bathroom at school, like the old man who wasn’t serving niggers, even niggers in the uniform of his country protecting his ass.

      It’s like that, times 100.

    • anniemargret

      frumplestilskin: I would like to agree with you here, but don’t. He is not mentally ill. Trump is a bigoted, selfish and self-centered egotist with too much money and too much time.

      He has never learned how come up from the life of hard knocks, which means life for him is one big game. He has probably hurt many, many people in his life. And while he may have helped some, the fact that he is now perfectly posing as America’s political biggest bigoted buffoon speaks volumes about him.

      But it speaks more about the GOP. I agree with rbottoms. I can understand his rage, and the rage of the black community and other minorities. Because make no mistake. If this man can be so vulgar on national TV, with no qualms about what he says even if it hurts a people, and hurts his country even more, then he is NO patriot!

      He needs to crawl back under that dank, dark rock he came out of, and keep his filthy poisoned mouth shut. He has turned off millions of Americans of any decency. I and millions more could care less if his reality show goes on or not.

      He and the GOP that supports this vulgarity is a blot on our national soul. And there’s not a courageous decent person to speak out against it from the GOP side. Shameful.

  • forkboy1965

    rbottoms…. you are mutha-fuckin’ right.

    This pinhead known as Trump is and has done precisely what you say. And in my mind the GOP is collectively guilty as well. Regardless of how much they now back-peddle (“What? We never doubted Obama was an American. Perish the thought”), the GOP embraced the idea of trying to keep Obama down because the party of old, white and Protestant simply couldn’t wrap it’s head around the notion of an articulate, intelligent, thoughtful BLACK man being anything other than a nigger.

    It is, in my mind, no different than this bullshit by Gov. Perry of TX asking for a day of prayer to help with the fact Texas is burning from end to end. You know what? I’ll say it here… and now. If gays and liberals were responsible for 9/11 (a chronic and regular refrain from the right of the GOP) then I say their God is punishing TX for being a bunch of fucking stupid rednecks who wouldn’t know the word of God from story in Hustler. I say God is punishing TX for being ass-clown Republicans who vote for anti-Christian measures every chance they get.


    And the tornados and storms that ripped through what is conveniently known as the Bible Belt…. well that’s just God getting even with them for being ass-wipe rednecks as well. Rednecks who have no more in common with the God they claim to love than do I with the GOP.

    There. Suck on that GOP.

  • rbottoms

    Know what, I’m done with this site. There’s no point in blowing a gasket for a political party that would have Donald Trump and Rick Santorum in it.

    The GOP has been poisoned by its embrace of the mean, the stupid, and the racist. My only hope is it won’t bring down the entire country along with it.

    You deserve Donald Trump.

    Goodbye and get bent.

    • anniemargret

      It won’t ‘go down’ rbottoms. There are millions of decent Americans. Keep this in your mind….remember that Barack Obama was duly elected by the American people. That will never be a falsity no matter how hard these jealous, sour grapes, bigots want to make it so.

      I have confidence that common decency is going to win over vulgarity and boorishness, hate and fear. Bless you.

  • seattleperson

    rbottoms – As a middle-aged white person, I totally agree with you and always read your posts on this site. I will be sorry to see you go, I think your voice is important.

    Be well.

  • arvan

    Thank you, rbottoms, for saying so clearly what most people are too polite to acknowledge. This cancer of hatred and bigotry has been growing in the GOP for years, and now shows serious signs of metastasizing. We need people who are willing to point it out and fight against it, because Lord knows the racists and demagogues will never mend their ways.

    I don’t think it’s yet too late for this country to be saved. I was part of the problem for a long time. I supported Bush, talked about how black people should “get over it”, and said plenty of other things that now literally make me feel sick to my stomach. I’m living proof that people can have their eyes opened, but it’s not easy. People hate to admit they’re wrong. But we have to try all the same, or else this country is headed towards a hell that will make this past decade seem like heaven.

  • Rob_654

    While I can’t bring myself to type the “n” word – in support of “rbottoms” I think that his use of the word is appropriate.

    IMHO using any other word would be to not do full service to what people like Trump and others like him are doing.

    Trump and the others like him would have been out jeering the “Little Rock Nine”, would have not thought twice about Bull Connor turning the fire hoses on and letting the dogs lose, would have been outraged by blacks sitting at a Woolworth’s Lunch Counter and would have cheered on the infamous words of George Wallace “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”…

    But these are no longer those times and they know full well that to use those words, make those gestures, proclaim those proclamations would be viewed very negatively and are no longer viable tools of hatred, instead they do what they are doing – they know full well what they doing – and using the language that they are implying is in fact the only correct language to use to call these racists out for what they are and what they are doing.

  • anniemargret

    My husband, who also graduated from Wharton the same year as Trump, said he is aghast that the man can use that distinguished school’s name in the same sentence when it comes out of Trump’s poisoned mouth. I’m sure the school is not ‘proud’ of bottom-feeder Trump.

    He will go down in history, with all his worthless billions, as the man who finally pushed the hate and fear to the zenith for political brownie points, for fame, for money, for ego….. the man has too much . He is the perfect example of excess.

    One thing that Trump forgot, though. He forgot he has an immortal soul. And what he has been doing, saying, encouraging…is evil in the sight of God.

  • valkayec

    Groupon pulled its advertising from the Apprentice website. Other advertisers are considering pulling their ad dollars.

    The network will only keep the show on if it bring in ad revenues; if not, it will go. Trump has made himself too controversial for most advertisers. They don’t want to be associated to controversy and, thus, potentially lose market share.

    Like it or not, I suspect he’ll soon be gone from network TV.

  • jg bennet

    The republican party embraced that mean racist stupid shiat when Nixon embraced neoliberalism and sent the republican party on the course to the Confederacy.

    Sadly, the North only won half the war and now we have a black president to prove the fact of half a victory and I proudly voted for Obama. But we lost the other half of the war and today the Confederacy is actually in the White House, strange but true.

    From Wiki…..Free trade in America is the policy of economics developed by American slave holding states and protectionism is a northern, manufacturing issue. Although not as animating an issue as slavery, differences in trade between the two regions contributed to the Civil War and remain a point of national difference even today.

    Historically, southern slave holding states, because of their low cost manual labor, had little perceived need for mechanization, and supported having the right to purchase manufactured goods from any nation. Thus they called themselves free traders.

    Obama wants to sign more free trade deals in Latin America opening more doors for exploitation.

    Read this and you’ll see how the South ultimately won the war and nobody ever talks about it.

    Trump is against the immoral philosophy of free trade and believes in protectionism, “the Lincoln way”and yet he is tagged a racist when he is more Lincoln like than Obama from a policy point.

    This racist stuff is straight up propaganda and the “sudden” haters are buying into it and nourishing it.

    This conversation on the forum is a perfect example of how hate spreads and turns good folks into cussers and bigots. Several of you just said it is ok to use the N word, you justified it and applauded it??

    How many minorities do you employ? Trump employs thousands.

    What I see above all else in this whole hate fest is indeed bigotry but not toward a black president.

    The bigotry is class bigotry and it is a deep rooted hate in our culture. If you did a poll and asked the question “do you have to be somewhat or totally crooked to make a billion dollars” probably 70 percent yes.

    From an anthropological (that was my studies) point of view the disdain for Trump and the irrational rationalization to justify hate is a very common behavior when people are either envious, afraid or both.

    Trump is not the Devil

    The Real Donald Trump
    Ronald Kessler
    Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2006

    • hisgirlfriday

      Trump is so against free trade that his brand name clothing line is manufactured in China. Too bad he isn’t putting his money where is mouth is and actually using his claimed billions to open textile factories back up in America.

      It would be quite difficult to devise a worse, more ill-suited mouthpiece for the argument of economic protectionism than the buffoon that is Donald Trump. That he might become more widely associated with the cause of economic protectionism in the public imagination in a political campaign can only set back that cause further.

  • anniemargret

    Rbottoms…. You are correin thect. I’m horrified by the likes of the vile trump and the other race baiters in the gop.
    C rd

  • Dblade

    I’m wondering what the purpose of this site is now.

    I don’t see a lot of the posts being about the aim listed in the site, to modernize and renew the republican party. That would mean a bit more thought in analyzing someone like Trump and looking at how he appeals to conservative voters rather than parrot talking points I could read on the Daily Kos or Salon. Dislike him as you will, but there is a very deep groundswell of discontent in the republican party, and its erupting in this kind of populism.

    Unless you look at things like this as an opportunity, you are just inadvertently acting as astroturfing for the democrats. I’d like to see more real and positive solutions from you, rather than just reacting.

    • arvan

      I’m going to go against my better judgement and give you a response. A lot of conservatives on this site like to pretend to be civil only when it suits them, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

      The Republican party, as it exists today, is irredeemable. The horrific things that they’ve done and said and winked at in the past few years can never be forgiven. However, I still hold out hope that a new party can arise to represent true conservative interests without all the bigotry and vitriol. Maybe that rebirth will be under a new name. Maybe it will come from within the party and push out the racists in the same manner that the present-day hate-fueled movement grew from within and pushed out the sane.

      I had hoped that that might be the response to Obama’s election. To abandon the hateful and the fearmongers and create a party with real ideals. I suspect that that was Frum’s hope as well. Unfortunately, I underestimated the sheer evil of the people controlling the party. Rather than return to sanity, they’ve doubled down on cruelty and bile. But that doesn’t mean we should give up on fighting for decency in this country’s government. It only means we need to fight harder.

      To answer your question, there’s nothing to analyze about Trump. He is a demagogue, no different from Limbaugh or Beck or Father Coughlin. Wicked men who exploit people’s darkest emotions to bring fame and power and money to themselves.

  • valkayec

    Ya know what, I understand rbottoms anger. As a white military brat, I spent a number of my pre-adolescent years living in the south prior to Civil Rights and Dr. King. Four particular occasions stand out in my memories.

    1) The day we arrived in Albany, GA, from Columbus, OH, Dad took a wrong turn that led through the Black (then called Negro) district of town. Is was a warm, bright Sunday afternoon. Children, in their faded Sunday best played on the dry grassy lawns. Men and grandfathers, still in their Sunday suits, sat in wooden chairs on their porches talking while waiting for the call to supper. Old but well kept sedans sat quietly along the tree lined streets. As our car crept along the streets, children stopped in the midst of their games, balls forgotten. Conversations came to a sudden halt. Fear crept over every face. Their fear was palpable.

    2) Not long after moving into our rented house in Albany, my younger brother and I ventured out into the street in front of our house. A young boy crossed out from between the houses several doors up the street and walked out into the street. He yelled at us, “would y’all like to play ball?” His accent was thick and heavy for these two youngsters from the North so it took us a while to figure out what he was saying. When we finally did grasp what he said and were ready to say, “yeah”, our mother stepped out onto the kitchen porch and yelled for us to come in immediately. Yelling our apologies, we walked to the porch where our mother stood. Mom looked sternly down at us and said, “You are not to play with that Negro. You could catch some awful disease from him. Now, get in the house.” We never saw that little boy again in our all white neighborhood.

    3) One summer late afternoon in Albany, I walked across the street where my mother and a neighbor were leisurely stretched out on lawn recliners, drinking iced tea and talking. The neighbor lady was matter of factly telling my mother that “Negros are just plain lazy and don’t care about going to school.” She said, “the town built them a perfectly good school but they refused to go there. Now the windows are broken and it’s just falling apart.” Essentially she told Mom that Negros didn’t care about being educated and were just too lazy. Of course, it didn’t matter to her that even with a first class education, these same Blacks couldn’t get a job other than being a garbage man or cleaning woman. It didn’t enter her mind that when you push someone down so far that they give up.

    4) Several years later when I was a college student in No. Cal., I met and became friends with a number of Black students. I enjoyed their intelligence and humor and friendship just as I did others with whom I went to school. Their skin color meant nothing to me; only their intelligence and character. Yet, one day my younger brother, because these people were my friends, called me “a nigger lover.” And that was not the worst of what he said. It angered me because he failed to see them as equal to me or himself. To him, they were inferior just because, and only because, of the color of their skin.

    Prejudice of any kind, whether based on skin color or religion or ethnic background or gender or sexual orientation or financial resources, is evil. Just plain evil. It hurts. It destroys. It kills.

    There are lots of ways to speak prejudice without ever using the words hatred or discrimination or inferior, but none of them truly mask the meaning of what is being said…and it’s evil. Until all people of good will stand up and say “NO” this evil will continue, because those who practice this evil and live with it in their hearts will continue to believe they are right.

    In the Old Testament there’s a passage that states when a person breaks the code of the society, that person is to be shunned. Backs are to be turned to him and food and shelter denied him. He is to be denied the haven of his community. Prejudice is among the worst practices of humanity. It must be shunned by every honorable human being.

  • indy

    I grew up lower middle class, what would be considered blue collar, in a white suburb of Chicago (the blacks lived ‘across the river’).

    Racism was rampant. There isn’t a racial epithet that wasn’t used at one time or another in my house (particularly by my mother) and at my high school (especially when playing against the competing black high school), and at my virtually all white college(s). I know all the dog whistles, all the code words, and all the sly subtleties.

    Where are all those overtly racist people I grew up with? Did they see the light? Are they democrats now? I’ve been around long enough to know people don’t change that much. I don’t comment much on rbottom’s anger because I don’t feel qualified to comment on it. But I do know those people I grew up with didn’t disappear.

  • indy

    Also, I am well aware of the system that helped me move from a lower class background into, well, the upper class. It helped me at every turn, from college scholarships, to goverment grants that eventially turned into my first company, to the ability to mingle with the people I needed to mingle with. I worked hard, very hard in fact, to get what I have. But I am also aware that I thrived in an environment that systematically helped me at times and benignly ignored me at others. But it didn’t actively work against me.

    So every time I see a black person that has done even better than I have in the face of that additional barrier, they get triple the respect from me. Obama gets like a gazillion times. When the GOP heaps on additional disrespect instead, I can see how it would ignite a red hot fury.

  • jg bennet

    Trump is not a racist he is a smart bomb…… Notice what David Gergen said about Trump yesterday

    Here is a person who knows Trump and her take on the birther issue

    Tana Goertz, one of Donald Trump’s biggest fans, says she understands why her old “Apprentice” boss and mentor was leading the birther brigade against President Barack Obama.

    Goertz, the West Des Moines mom, motivational speaker, children’s book author, entrepreneur and reality TV star, disagrees with the racist tag. She says if they knew him like she knows him, they wouldn’t question his motivation.

    The birther stuff, she says, was a strategic political move. He’s looking down the road, playing to the crowd that can help him win the nomination.

    “And I honestly think he can win,” she says. “He knows those other groups aren’t going to vote for him anyway. He’s talking about issues Republicans care about. He’s a pit bull who’s saying, ‘I’m going to find that birth certificate.’ Then he’s going to remind people he was the only one to get it. I wouldn’t want to go up against this man. Every move is laid out.”

  • indy

    So he is a non-racist leveraging racism for his own political gain? Well, that just makes it all better then.

  • maxfieldj

    I have a hard time watching trump TV. It gives me conflicting emotions. I can’t understand if he is an egomaniac, and I mean this in the truest sense, or he is bi-polar. One makes me disgusted and the latter sympathetic, the same sympathy, I feel for ill people.

    Before I retired I spent a third of my life attending meetings or so it seemed. We had executives who when he/she talked the back buzz was: “They talk before they engage their mind”. Trump is a classic example of this malady.

    How else can you explain the things he says. Yes it it nice to have a political player say what they think. What is troubling in Trump’s case is what he says. It lacks any coherent thought or convictions. He has to be outrageous to mask that fact that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. To say China will bend to his will in the face of his over powering personality is fantastic in its complete lack of understanding of authoritarian regimes and Chinese culture.

    If only the world were as simple as he sees it.

  • Gramps

    There is No Such Thing As Bad Publicity…”The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” ~~~ Oscar Wilde

    “The Donald” has taken a page out of Paris Hilton’s play book…where notably in the case of Paris Hilton, her sex tape was “discovered” shortly before her reality show debuted.

    Obviously nobody would give a damn if Trump got naked, so he now, most gratuitously uses the “eff word”…

    Succès de scandale is French for “success from scandal”, i.e. when (part of) a success derives from a scandal…and the Republican crowd was clapping and cheering…interesting?

    “The Donald” has much aire between his ears as Sarah Palin…”I can see Russia from my house.” But I can’t name any newspapers that I read?

    He’s also just as “loopy” as Orly Taitz with respect to the Obama “birther issue”…two peas in the same pod…now that’s a scandal…!

  • jg bennet


    4/30/11 10:26 AM EDT
    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney stumbled over an explosive turn of phrase Friday night, telling an audience here that Republicans would figuratively “hang” President Barack Obama with bad economic news.

    Speaking at an Americans for Prosperity dinner, Romney’s comment came as he recalled Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign.

    “Reagan came up with this great thing about the ‘misery index’ and he hung that around Jimmy Carter’s neck,” Romney said. “Well, we’re going to have to hang the ‘Obama Misery Index’ around his neck.”

    “I’ll tell you, the fact that you’ve got people in this country really squeezed, with gasoline getting so expensive, with commodities getting so expensive, families are having a hard making ends meet. So we’re going to have to talk about that,” Romney said.

    Romney continued, “We’re going to hang him”


    “Prejudice of any kind, whether based on skin color or religion or ethnic background or gender or sexual orientation or financial resources, is evil. Just plain evil. It hurts. It destroys. It kills.”

    If you actually feel this way, then you shouldn’t be making excuses for rbottoms’ behavior on this forum. He posts more vulgar, prejudiced comments on a daily basis than I’ve seen in several months from any other regular.

    It doesn’t matter if he has a “right to be upset” — that doesn’t translate into a right to make racist statements of his own, to hurl about false accusations, to stereotype and engage in the same association fallacies that he claims to hate.

    “An eye for an eye and the whole world’s blind.” — Mahatma Gandhi

    • abj

      Well said. His vulgar, disgusting comments simply are not appropriate for this forum. Whether he has a right to be angry or not is beside the point. There’s simply no excuse for it. Period.

      It’s good to be open-minded – but not to the point where your brain is literally falling out of your head.

    • armstp

      Low rates of interracial marriage despite high rates of racial diversity map on to prejudice and concerns about racial status. And it is precisely the intersection of these two things that predicts where birthers will be found disproportionately.

  • nwahs

    “This isn’t a goddamn intellectual exercise.

    Donald Trump basically called Barrack Obama a nigger and not just any plain old nigger but a dumb one who cheated his way into college.

    You don’t get to divorce your fanciful musings from the reality that the GOP is overrun by a hard core 20% who hate the current occupant of the White House for no other reason than he is black.

    There is no other explanation for it.

    Can you imagine having to debase yourself, to have to prove to 10 million shitheads that you were born in their country and deserve to run it?

    You have no idea what fire you bastards are playing with.”

    To the Frum staff:

    You really might want to look at this guy’s posts more closely. He’s playing a bit of a game with you. Obviously no one has used that type of language except this user, and you have to believe thats no accident. His game is to offend African-Americans, not defend them.

  • nwahs

    “If you actually feel this way, then you shouldn’t be making excuses for rbottoms’ behavior on this forum. He posts more vulgar, prejudiced comments on a daily basis than I’ve seen in several months from any other regular.

    It doesn’t matter if he has a “right to be upset” — that doesn’t translate into a right to make racist statements of his own, to hurl about false accusations, to stereotype and engage in the same association fallacies that he claims to hate.”

    Its so over the top, one has to believe he’s playing a game just to get some of the most vulgar statements plastered on this forum.

  • arvan

    Typical conservative bullshit from nwahs. Spew the most vile hatred and lies, and then as soon as someone calls you on it, claim that they’re the bigot. This sort of projection is stock and trade in the Republican party. They say Obama has a deep hatred of white people because they have a deep hatred of him. They say the Democrats are trying to take money from Medicare, then they move the eliminate the system entirely. They spend a year hinting at bloodshed and armed revolution, and then accuse Democrats of lacking civility after the Tucson shooting.

    You are lower than dirt. You scream out the most hateful things imaginable, and when called on it turn around with that shit-eating grin and say “Who, me?”

    • nwahs

      You’re an idiot and a liar. There’s only one person using that type language on this forum and its rbottoms.

  • TerryF98

    You you now have Romney saying the President should be “Hung”

    Metaphorically of course, that’s after saying the GOP should hang “misery” around his neck.

    Reflections on burning tire necklaces and hangings of black people seem to be the next progression of the GOP hate machine.

  • jg bennet


    Not only that Romney flopped the whole speech…….

    Romney either chose to wing it or is simply rusty from not having been on the campaign trail. Though practically alone among the GOP candidates in not pandering to the fringes by questioning Obama’s citizenship, he made the strange choice to open with a birther joke about how, when Obama released his birth certificate last week, “there was no one more disappointed than that amiable, know-it-all windbag–Joe Biden.” Romney didn’t have a bullet-point fantasy list of tax cuts to abolish, so instead he parceled out bits of his old stump speech with charges that Obama had no private-sector experience and is trying to “Europeanize” America.

    Romney remains an exceptionally unnatural public speaker. To convey passion and excitement, he raises the pitch of his voice and imbues it with urgency. But it never quite clicks. His tone and affect are like that of an adult doing a dramatic reading of a pirate story to a wide-eyed three year old. It doesn’t help that he speaks too quickly and often trips over his lines. At points during his speech, Romney seemed to slip into a frenzy and start madly free associating economic buzzwords.

    Trump’s F-Bombs, helicopters, America first tough guy attitude and his slug fest’s with pundits is far better politainment than Ward Cleaver AKA Romney’s act wouldn’t you say?……..

    If people get past the noise of the establishments racist marketing scheme, the politainment turns out to be what a whole lot of Americans want to hear. Our leaders are stupid and got us into this mess so forget them and join the REVELATION.

    What’s the revelation? Looking at the evidence with our 14.5 trillion debt, 3 wars, high unemployment, a decimated manufacturing base bad enough to worry the pentagon, a diving dollar a dived country and a Speaker of The House who cries, our leaders are indeed stupid………

    F-Bombs Away Trump!………

    “When I want my men to remember something important, to really make it stick, I give it to them double dirty. It may not sound nice to some bunch of little old ladies at an afternoon tea party, but it helps my soldiers to remember. You can’t run an army without profanity; and it has to be eloquent profanity. An army without profanity couldn’t fight it’s way out of a piss-soaked paper bag.”

    “As for the types of comments I make”, he continued with a wry smile, “Sometimes I just, By God, get carried away with my own eloquence.”

    George Patton

    • Gramps

      I’m sorry jgb…comparing “the Donald’s”, bipolar, ‘eff bombs and helicopter, to “General George S. Patton’ courage and leadership in a time of deadly warfare; is like comparing a Titmouse to a Panther…


  • jg bennet


    i was not saying trump is like patton i was pointing out the cussing eloquence and the knowledge of the speaker and the impact swearing can have on sending home a point.

    people are going to love it, he’ll probably develop a cult following because of it.

    i think trump is to politics what the beatles were to music, hair and all. just like the establishment raged against the beatles the establishment is raging against trump.

    if he wins there really will be a new political paradigm, the era of political correctness will come to an end.

    and…….. to my delight, an american president will call hu jintao, wen and the rest of the chinese mobsters what they are. MF’s….. or at least say they are not our friends and here is your big mac….

    The bottom line, after a few thousand years of history and some astonishing ideological twists and turns, China’s approach to politics is systematically opposite to liberal democracy.

    China is not just another despotism. It is the implementer of a systematic and sophisticated political philosophy called Confucianism, which will almost certainly constitute a serious threat to liberal democracy in the years ahead.

    Confucius wasn’t a bad man, but he did base his political philosophy on taking authoritarian government as a given and trying to civilize it. He did not, as Western political thinkers since the dawn of democracy in Ancient Greece have done, base his political ideology on trying to prevent despotism in the first place. As a result, he simply wasn’t that interested in concepts like individual freedom or limited government.

  • indy

    Trump won’t be running. I’m afraid Mitt it is, warts and all.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    jg, good lord what rubbish, you know nothing about China or Asian philosophy. Taiwan has just as heavily a Confucian tradition yet is a thriving Democracy.

    And I lived in China a hell of a lot longer than you with your stairwell Americanism (and if you don’t know what stairwell Americanism is, that shows that you really were completely out of touch with Chinese life)

  • Frumplestiltskin

    oh man, and is this Eamonn Fingleton an idiot who understands nothing about Asia even though it says he lived there a long time, but hell whites lived with blacks in the South their whole lives but were total and complete bigots. That book is an effing disgrace.
    The west had Kings for thousands of years and used the Bible to justify their rule, so I guess Christianity is incompatible with Democracy too, right.
    Jg, you really are a tool.

  • jg bennet


    i lived in china for years and do understand that their “government” has no moral compass. how long did you live there?

    read it again

    WikiLeaks: China’s Politburo a cabal of business empires
    China’s ruling Politburo is a cabal of business empires that puts vested interests over the needs of the poor and curtails media freedoms to avoiding having shady business deals exposed in the press, according to a leaked US government diplomatic cable.

  • jg bennet

    Mccain the free trader thought they were made in America…….fools, stupid….yep

    Apple’s Chinese workers treated ‘inhumanely, like machines’
    Investigation finds evidence of draconian rules and excessive overtime to meet western demand for iPhones and iPads

    The research, carried out by two NGOs, has revealed disturbing allegations of excessive working hours and draconian workplace rules at two major plants in southern China. It has also uncovered an “anti-suicide” pledge that workers at the two plants have been urged to sign, after a series of employee deaths last year.

    The investigation gives a detailed picture of life for the 500,000 workers at the Shenzhen and Chengdu factories owned by Foxconn, which produces millions of Apple products each year. The report accuses Foxconn of treating workers “inhumanely, like machines”.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    “China is not just another despotism. It is the implementer of a systematic and sophisticated political philosophy called Confucianism, which will almost certainly constitute a serious threat to liberal democracy in the years ahead.”

    This is unmitigated racist claptrap. Yeah, them yellow peoples have no capacity for Democracy, right?
    And obviously you don’t know crap about China, it was Maoism that destroyed the country, they had the whole cultural revolution which had as its intent the overthrow of Confucian morality and basis of law.

    Do you really want to go back to that “Communist” paradise of a generation ago? Yeah, they had no exporting because they had no industry.

    I lived in China for 7 years and married a Chinese woman.

    As to the Chinese government, it is an oligarchy not unlike countless oligarchies throughout the world. I repeat, the people in Taiwan are just as authentically Chinese in culture and tradition as those of the mainland yet they have full Democracy, freedom of speech, Universal health care, etc.
    but I am sure the piece of shit Trump would love to slap a tariff on them as well.

    And what gives you the impression I love the Communists? I specifically mentioned Taiwan as rebuttal and you come back with NONSENSE about how the Chi coms are bad because they are…Chinese.

    Anyway, anyone who thinks Trump is a viable Presidential candidate is an idiot and not worth my time. Freaking stairwell American.

    (by the way, this is a common term amongst long term expats who actually deign to learn the local languages and understand the culture, unlike JG who obviously learned nothing)

  • nwahs

    “I lived in China for 7 years and married a Chinese woman.”

    Second time you’ve mentioned that.

    Am I white or black? Is my wife white or black? Hispanic? Asian?

    Why is everything broad stroked with race? So you married a Chinese woman, you seem to be presenting her as a typical Chinese woman or something that gives you authority. That is the very definition of racism. So you married a Chinese woman? So what?

  • Bunker555

    Trump just received his comeuppance at the White House White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. Obama first and then Seth Myers each cut him new ones and spit on him as they kicked his ass out of the Hilton. I’ve seen this movie before.

    Donald Trump’s fiery descent from ’80s icon to ’90s nebbish has been greeted here with all the hand-wringing solemnity one would expect from the nation’s financial capital.

    “At last, all of us who’ve so loved the game of kicking Donald Trump when he was up will have the fiendish thrill of kicking Donald Trump when he’s down,” says Newsday columnist Robert Reno.

    “People are cheering,” says Raoul Lionel Felder, a celebrity divorce lawyer (but not either Trump’s). “It’s a perverse element of human nature. It’s disgusting, the glee that has taken place. But it’s natural against a guy who was a boasting braggart.”

    Amid all the chest-thumping and finger-wagging over …

  • indy

    Trump’s popularity is nothing more than a desperate prayer from the faithful asking to be delivered from Mitt. Even someone as intellectually mediocre as Trump understands this. He won’t be running.

  • JeffreyGoldfarb

    Theater and politics are intimately related. Trump reveals the dangers with a vengeance.

  • chephren

    Judging from this thread, the silly, tawdry Trump gets what he craves in the end: attention, even from those who hate him.

    My 3 cents: this pompous twerp isn’t worth the oxygen expended in changing the channel to his idiotic ‘reality’ show. That ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, and Trump himself, has any audience at all is a sad comment on America. The best antidote to Trump and his pretentions is to ignore him.

    Obama went easy on him last night. It was great fun to see Seth Myers go for the jugular. Trump richly deserved every insult.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    nwahs, yes, of course it makes me more of an authority on China than people who have never been to China, do not speak the language, and who have no family members who are Chinese. Are you seriously dense, or what? And Chinese is not a race you stupid ass schmuck, so how the hell can my saying I married a Chinese woman be racist? Do you even know the meaning of the word racist?
    And do you think a person in rural India is as much an expert of American culture as you are? Talk about dumbing down, no one knows anything better than anyone and everyone is the same but different. Nwahs you are a parody of a Simpsons episode.

    And my point is that Chinese culture is not incompatible with Democracy. Another thing, even if such a thing were possible people are not defined by their culture, it is just a facet of their lives. Every sentient person can understand the value of Liberty and Democracy, if they choose to reject it it is a fault in themselves, or do you deny free will?

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