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November 21st, 2011 at 6:03 pm David Frum | 18 Comments |

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And I thought I published a controversial article today. Now I’m completely bested by Mrs Frum’s HuffPost entry: “Bartender, a Dirty Martini With a Tampon!”

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  • Nanotek

    whoa … innovation amazes

  • Ray_Harwick

    No V8 juice? No wonder she failed.

  • Graychin


  • nhthinker

    I thought Frum needed to gargle with the martini and then wag his tongue for the only thing it’s good for. ;)

  • PracticalGirl

    My hat is off to Mrs. Frum for adhering to scientific principles for this experiment. Careful, though, dear. That fact alone could make you suspect with certain circles on the DC holiday circuit. Of course, you made hostess gifts for your next party really, really easy and inexpensive, too. Upholding science and doing your part for the economy. Nice job.

    The next Live Blog of a GOP debate will also be far more interesting. Whenever a participant suggests that we “DRINK!” at a buzzword, we’ll all be wondering just what is actually going on at the Frums.

    • nuser

      ….what is actually going on at the Frum’s. I would venture a guess and say nothing much exciting and unusual. They are very busy raising a family and working as well. A decent bright lot if there ever was one.

      • PracticalGirl

        :) Bright bulbs burning is a given, but the visual is too rich to ignore. Humor , right? Something we all need.

        • nuser

          Your post was funny and clever.Mine looks like a defensive one and it really was not meant as such. Sorry.

  • ConnerMcMaub

    I admit to reading the entire article, it was very entertaining. I didn’t know she was David’s wife.

  • jorae

    Article by David F…About Mrs. F…and a picture of Stephen C… I assume Stephen C reported on it…It definately has a funny side about it.

    She writes well…and the subject matter should be important to parents everywhere…

    But it seems to have it roots in methods usually retained by the Faux network… like the bogus “15 cent tax on a christmas tree”.

    Propaganda against a jewish rino? (a very odd picture just popped into my head)…I really don’t think Frum is being targareted for destruction with odd ball propaganda….(Chairman Moa on a Christmas tree?)

    And we Democrats love him. He just needs a few tweeks.

  • iveyguy


    My complements to Mrs. Frum. I have not laughed so hard in a long time.

  • RightOnRush

    What a hoot! You picked a keeper David.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    That was hilarious. What next, a douche martini?

    One other thing, don’t let your 18 year old read that or he will likely die from a combination of shock and embarrassment.

  • qubit2020

    RightOnRush beat me to it…You married well, David. She must keep you grounded.
    That was hilarious. Scientific method and all.

  • pnwguy


    Hat’s off to the wife. She has a good flair for self-depreciating humor. There’s some style similarity to Dave Barry, who I met a couple times (he lived near me in PA at the time before Knight-Ridder moved him to Miami), only without any exploding toilets.

    So if the offspring have the parents’ flair for writing and language, Nat should have no trouble getting a slot at Reed.

  • nhthinker
    Vodka Tampons Dangerous Way Teens Use to Get Drunk

    Submitted by Deborah Mitchell on 2011-11-14
    More about:

    Teen Health
    Current News

    There’s the vodka martini, the vodka gimlet, and now the vodka tampon. Reports from Phoenix, Arizona, are that teens—both girls and boys—are using vodka-soaked tampons to get drunk fast, but this is not the first time this unusual “drinking” method has been practiced.
    Vodka tampons can cause more than a high

    Young people, and some older ones as well, frequently look for new ways to get drunk or high on drugs and alcohol. Often, these creative methods not only result in the desired high, they also prove to be dangerous, even deadly. Such is the case with vodka tampons.

    The practice of soaking a tampon in vodka and then inserting it into the vagina (or into the rectum for males) has been going on for several years, but for many parents, it is the first time they have heard about this practice. According to Dr. Dan Quan, a physician at Maricopa Medical Center who was interviewed by the CBS station KPHO in Phoenix, Arizona, vodka tampons “can cause mucosal irritation, meaning the vaginal wall can be irritated.” The rectum can similarly be irritated by the alcohol.

    A tampon can hold about one shot of vodka, and the liquor is rapidly absorbed into the system, providing a stronger, faster intoxication than drinking a shot. Because absorbing the alcohol through the mucous membranes doesn’t involve the digestive tract, the kids don’t experience any gag reflex, so they won’t throw up when they’ve had too much vodka and won’t know if they’ve got alcohol poisoning.

    Quan noted that “If a person does pass out or lose consciousness, health care professionals won’t necessarily know that they have to look in those areas [vagina, rectum] and that may delay treatment.” Alcohol poisoning can cause serious damage to the liver, brain, and heart, as well as quickly cause death.

    Reports of using tampons to get a quick alcohol high have been circulating for years and in various countries. Earlier this year in Tuttlingen, Germany, for example, police reported activity regarding teenagers and vodka tampons and warned girls that the vodka could increase their chances of getting a vaginal infection.

    Many teens are also under the impression that getting their alcohol via tampon means they will pass a breathalyzer test. However, because the device detects alcohol in the bloodstream and not the breath, using vodka tampons won’t help teens beat this rap.

    A worse rap, however, is the one teens face if they use vodka tampons to get drunk. Vodka tampons are a dangerous practice that may cause teens to get vaginal or rectal irritation at the very least, and alcohol poisoning resulting in death at the worst.

    Snope’s talks about a woman charged with negligent homicide for accidentally off’ing her husband with a sherry enema.

  • Rossg

    I guess I’m just too old for this type of nonsense. Saw the Colbert piece last week. Now, as then, I see a serious problem with this type of behavior, and the good Mrs. F confirmed it with her god-awful description of how it felt. Have to believe this is not good on the reproductive organs. And those guys who stick it up their rectums…definitely not a good idea! Moral of the story: if kids want to get drunk, and they have access to alcohol, do it the oral way. If you don’t like the taste of something, hold out for something tolerable. It will likely be accessible.

  • animal

    Hilarious. That was your wife?