The Reckless Right Courts Violence

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A man bearing a sidearm appears outside President Obama’s Aug. 11 town hall meeting in Portsmouth, N.H., under a sign proclaiming, “It is time to water the tree of liberty.”

That phrase of course references a famous statement of Thomas Jefferson’s, from a 1787 letter: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.”

Earlier that same day, another man is arrested inside the school building in which the president will speak. Police found a loaded handgun in his parked car.

At an event held by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona last week, police were called after one attendee dropped a gun.

Nobody has been hurt so far. We can all hope that nobody will be. But firearms and politics never mix well. They mix especially badly with a third ingredient: the increasingly angry tone of incitement being heard from right-of-center broadcasters.

The Nazi comparisons from Rush Limbaugh; broadcaster Mark Levin asserting that President Obama is “literally at war with the American people”; former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin claiming that the president was planning “death panels” to extirpate the aged and disabled; the charges that the president is a fascist, a socialist, a Marxist, an illegitimate Kenyan fraud, that he “harbors a deep resentment of America,” that he feels a “deep-seated hatred of white people,” that his government is preparing concentration camps, that it is operating snitch lines, that it is planning to wipe away American liberties”: All this hysterical and provocative talk invites, incites, and prepares a prefabricated justification for violence.

And indeed some conservative broadcasters are lovingly anticipating just such an outcome.

Here’s Fox News’ Glenn Beck clucking sympathetically that white males are being driven into murderous rage by “political correctness.”

Here again is Beck chuckling as he play-acts the poisoning of Nancy Pelosi.

Just yesterday, the radio host Sean Hannity openly contemplated violence—and primly tut-tutted that if it occurs, the president will have only himself to blame.

Hyperbolic accusation and fantasy murder may well serve a talk-radio industry facing a collapse in advertising revenues—down 30–40 percent over the past two years, reports’s Tim Mak.

As revenues dwindle, hosts feel compelled to intensify the talk-radio experience, hoping to win larger audience share with more extreme talk. It’s like the early days of the pornography industry: At first a naked woman is thrilling enough, but soon a jaded audience is demanding more and more, wilder and wilder.

For the radio hosts, it’s all mostly a cynical marketing exercise. But the audience? Not all of them know better.

In April, the Department of Homeland Security released a report warning of the danger of right-wing political violence in the United States, and mainstream conservatives erupted in offense.

National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg wrote: My real objection to this report is that its source material amounts to “everybody knows.” Everybody knows the right is full of whack-jobs, hatemongers, and killers, and if we don’t remain vigilant, bad things will happen.

Michelle Malkin asked in her syndicated column: What and who exactly are President Obama’s Homeland Security officials afraid of these days? If you are a member of an active conservative group that opposes abortion, favors strict immigration enforcement, lobbies to protect Second Amendment rights, protests big government, advocates federalism or represents veterans who believe in any of the above, the answer is: You.

Newt Gingrich tweeted: “The person who drafted the outrageous homeland security memo smearing veterans and conservatives should be fired.”

I don’t think the former speaker could tweet such a thing today in good conscience. The person who drafted that homeland security memo has gained very good reason to be worried. The guns are coming out. The risks are real.

It’s not enough for conservatives to repudiate violence, as some are belatedly beginning to do. We have to tone down the militant and accusatory rhetoric. If Barack Obama really were a fascist, really were a Nazi, really did plan death panels to kill the old and infirm, really did contemplate overthrowing the American constitutional republic—if he were those things, somebody should shoot him.

But he is not. He is an ambitious, liberal president who is spending too much money and emitting too much debt. His health-care ideas are too over-reaching and his climate plans are too interventionist. The president can be met and bested on the field of reason—but only by people who are themselves reasonable.

Originally published in The Week.

Read David Frum’s follow-up post here.

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  • anniemargret

    The discussion that the town hall hate-fests have now degenerated into who is concealing or exhibiting guns or whether or not someone is inciting violence, or could incite violence, is a sign that it is going down a potentially dangerous path.

  • SFTor1

    ireign: who the hell is Ed Schultz? You mean he is mentioned in the same breath as Beck and Limbaugh? Please.

    And let me be very clear: I understand that it is legal to own and in some cases bear firearms.

    It doesn’t change the fact that any responsible gun owner would have the good sense to leave it at home under lock and key when going to a volatile event. How do you know what’s going to happen? Who says you will be the one using it? You may lose it. It may go off accidentally. You may get very angry and do something you will regret. You may misread a situation and do something you will regret. Any of these sound like they have positive outcomes to you? These are unlikely scenarios you say? The hell they are.


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  • SFTor1

    One more thing, ireign, don’t forget to thank me for my service.

  • SFTor1

    Here is how this breaks down:

    If you have a larger than pea-sized brain, own a gun and wish to go to a town hall meeting, you leave the gun at home.

    If you are sufficiently worried that the town hall meeting could become a hazardous place, and this compels you to stay home, you need to sit down and ponder the state of public discourse, and how to fix it.

    If you think bringing a gun could have anything but bad outcomes you should not own a gun in the first place.

    If you go to the meeting and bring your gun with the intention of possibly defending your rights with it you should not be walking the streets with the rest of us.

  • Chekote

    Mr. Frum,

    How about denouncing the Left for stoking racial tensions?!

    Clyburn: Town Hall Protests Like Horrid Anti-Civil Rights Demonstrations

    So now Obamacare=Civil Rights Movement. I said it before the election. Obama will be a David Dinkins at the national level. His supporters are working overtime to stoke racial tensions.

  • Chekote

    Actually advocate for ideas that you believe in and try and help Republicans that you like get elected.


  • franco 2


    Check out the Frum/Begala segment on CNN posted here by Frum. It has Frum et al lamenting the level of debate on health care. But they would RATHER talk about Limbaugh and nazi references than talk about the plan themselves, thus revealing that they too want to discuss simpler and baser aspects.

    No one is interested in what Frum thinks about the bill, they are interested in hearing him bash Limbaugh. And by the way we are getting far more substantive info from talk radio about the bill than from the politicians and the mainstream media. Limbaugh pushed back at Pelosi for the swastika reference claiming they are more like nazis than the right – and he is perfectly correct. They are socialists and won’t even admit to it.

    It is a bit like a TV news show during ratings week airing segments on how teens are exposed to soft porn and showing clips as they comment how depraved it all is…

  • balconesfault

    What he (Schultz) said is far worse than what any of the main right wing talk shows hosts have said.

    That’s your opinion. Mine is that one could listen to many of the right wing hosts on a regular basis and conclude that yes, indeed they would like to see Obama shot. He certainly has much basis for his opinion – and he clearly states it as such – as right wing hosts have for making the argument that Democrats want to lock people away in re-education camps, euthanize old people, or see millions of Americans killed in additional terrorist attacks.

    And the funny thing is … Limbaugh and Savage and Hannity et al don’t even couch these opinions by saying “I think”, the way Ed Schultz did. They just speak them as absolute truths that they know for sure, and that their listeners are expected to uncritically accept.

  • SFTor1

    Chekote, you can’t just make things up. I will agree that Clyburn is mislabeling the nature of the protests. That is not the same as “stoking racial tensions.” To call Barack Obama a David Dinkins at the national level is a slur and should be beneath you.

    ireign, thank you for belittling my military service. What would we do without patriots like you?

    So carrying guns in crowds are the same as freeway driving now? Really?

    You don’t think people carrying guns puts anyone in “grave danger?” There is only one kind of danger around guns, ireign, and that’s the grave kind. Please try to reflect on this for a moment.

    ireign, scaremongering is to say that Saddam Hussein has WMDs when he really doesn’t. David Frum is rightly saying that somebody could get hurt, during what should be a peaceful assembly, shouting notwithstanding, because there have been instances of PEOPLE CARRYING GUNS TO THE MEETINGS. Guns frighten people. Maybe we can at least agree on that.

    Another quote: “but you appear to want to silence dissent in this case because of the relatively minute possibility that something bad could happen.” No ireign, I want all Americans to be able to go to these meetings and speak their minds freely and without fear. An immeasurable help towards this goal would be the absence of firearms, or even the suggestion of their presence. Agree?

    One last thing: the conservatives are there on their own free will to speak their minds, but the “union members” are “brought in?” Are you saying that the main problem we have here are union members “drowning out protesters?” I don’t think you can be serious about that.

  • SFTor1

    Franco-2: “They are socialists and won’t even admit to it.”

    Franco, you need to take a basic class in political theory. You have no idea what a socialist is.

    As you like to use the term, you might want to know what it actually means.

  • balconesfault

    franco: Check out the Frum/Begala segment on CNN posted here by Frum. It has Frum et al lamenting the level of debate on health care. But they would RATHER talk about Limbaugh and nazi references than talk about the plan themselves, thus revealing that they too want to discuss simpler and baser aspects.

    Yes – check it out. Blitzer clearly introduces the segment by saying he’s inviting Frum to talk about the tone of the healthcare town hall meetings … and not about the content. Don’t blame him for CNN latching on to controversy, instead of issues. The networks love that game – cover the fight, not the substance – if you haven’t noticed that, you haven’t paid attention to our last half dozen election cycles.

    And Frum is intelligent to know that when you come on those shows, you talk about what the host wants to talk about … or you don’t end up being invited on those shows anymore.

    . Limbaugh pushed back at Pelosi for the swastika reference claiming they are more like nazis than the right

    Limbaugh is still grossly mischaracterizing what Pelosi said about the swastikas – I heard him doing so again today. He keeps talking as if Pelosi was accusing Republicans of promoting themselves with swastikas, when Pelosi was calling out the banners at many Town Hall meetings including Obama’s image and the swastika. Which has most certainly been done.

    Which, incidentally, fits right in line with Limbaugh’s dropping the Hitler reference on Obama. If Limbaugh wanted to elevate the debate, he’d call on conservatives to cut that crap out, and pledge not to do so himself. I’m not expecting that anytime soon, just as I’m not expecting to quit hearing Republicans lying that Pelosi was claiming they are embracing the swastika as their own signal.

  • SFTor1

    ireign, you are inventing new ways of missing the point.

    You think the White House or Democrats should “stop doing townhalls” if there are safety concerns. That is giving in to mob rule, ireign. There must be something inside you that can grasp the concept that this would be a complete capitulation for a free country. I will not believe that you are so ignorant and so completely lack democratic instincts that you cannot see this.

    Are we to understand that union members should be excluded from the ticket lotteries? What are you talking about exactly? Union members, like anyone else, put their names in. Some get a ticket, some don’t. You get a contingent of conservatives, and a contingent of people who support health care reform, union or otherwise. Is there a problem with this? Is there something wrong with belonging to a union?

    Lastly I feel that I must remind you that the reason for the efforts to reform health care is because we have a massive problem. Health care costs are becoming an increasing burden on business, industry, commerce, and the public sector. People with health care coverage go bankrupt from uncovered bills. The workforce is losing its mobility for a lack of transportable health care. Far too many people are without. This is a screamingly expensive way to run a country. It weakens communities and society as a whole. That’s why we are working to fix this. That’s why we have town hall meetings.

    What do we get from the right? Allegations of “death panels.” Noise. Lies. Men with guns carrying signs.

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

  • rbottoms

    A follow-up might go into this threatening rant against the CEO of Whole Foods posted on the dailykos because the CEO disagrees with the left on healthcare.

    Threatening rant? How about truthful analysis that a big chunk of the people who used to shop at Whole Foods, like myself, don’t appreciate calling Obama a socialist.

    Let’s see if the CEO of Whole Foods can make do with right wingers and Ann Rynd followers to keep his stores humming.

    He exercised his right to air his opinion, we’re exercising our right to take our money elsewhere and encouraging others to do so as well.

  • ottovbvs

    franco-2 // Aug 13, 2009 at 7:59 pm
    “Um, NOT. This was the Soviet strategy that failed. More troops – more support people – longer supply lines and more targets for terrorists. ”

    ……..So we need “less troops” in Afghanistan……so why are we now up to over 60,000?

    “AND let’s not forget, without invading Iraq and getting rid of Sadaam Hussein’s regime and invading Afghanistan instead, we would still have to leave troops in place to defend the Gulf States,”

    ……..We invaded Iraq to defend the Gulf states?……we were easily containing Iraq before the invasion at an annual cost of around $3 billion and no casualties

    ” No amount of troop strength could subdue them, and really what for? Afghanistan is NOT a strategic country has no oil or wealth/infrastructure. Further that number and presence of US forces would CREATE more problems Afghans are even more insular and conservative than Iraqis.”

    ………..So there was no point in invading and we should leave? I agree

  • ottovbvs

    ireign // Aug 13, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    “Plenty of people carry guns in parts of the country. Most of the time this doesn’t result in grave danger to anyone.ZZZZ”

    ……….the rest of the time it causes about 9,000 shooting deaths……..another bulletin from the non- movement conservative who has a porky problem

  • ottovbvs

    ireign // Aug 13, 2009 at 11:43 pm
    “I am not going to relitigate the Iraq War but many Democrats voted for the War based on similar intelligence to what the White House was receiving. ALMOST EVERYONE IN CONGRESS believed that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s”

    …….Who conveyed the intelligence to the congress?……the administration!… has now been revealed they were lying/distorting/obfuscating….whatever is the most self deluding and responsibility avoiding word you’re most comfortable with

    ……Even then a lot of Dems didn’t believe it….in the house the vast majority of Democrats voted against war authorisation while in the senate I think the split was basically 50/50……try to keep your porky fests under control

  • ottovbvs

    ireign // Aug 14, 2009 at 10:35 am
    “Charming. Funny, no one at the dailykos had a problem with the Whole Foods CEO’s position ”

    ……What was the problem?…..separation of church and onions?

  • balconesfault

    This pro-health care consumer is actually appalled by the boycott. If individual consumers want to choose not to give Whole Foods their business because of an editorial, so be it. But an organized boycott is wrong, imo.

    This is another example of when people swim in like-minded schools too much, they start acting as if those outside their school aren’t simply people with a different opinion … but enemies. Now, despite being able to walk down my hall and look out the window and see the Whole Foods World Headquarters at Lamar and 6th, I rarely shop there – but certainly it’s not about political reasons.

    If a firm is acting badly with respect to global abuse of the environment, or of indigenous peoples rights, or is working in concert with tyrants who suppress freedom … if they abuse their own workers here or abroad … or even if they work in a concerted fashion to harm businesses which I support, I can understand a boycott. For their CEO expressing an opinion that I disagree with? No.

  • ottovbvs

    78 ireign // Aug 14, 2009 at 12:58 pm

    ……your bile/pomposity count is pretty low today……spent some extra time in front of the mirror did you?….or are actually seeing someone about the Adler problem at last?

  • barker13

    Re: Franco-2 // Posts #5 and #8 –

    Just as a general statement… in my not so humble opinion Franco consistently demonstrates both superior intellect and intellectual consistency AS WELL AS obviously a far greater degree of integrity as compared to David Frum.

    Re: Sinz54 // Aug 13, 2009 at 5:30 pm (#14) –

    Always a pleasure to be exposed to both common sense and polling data that backs it up. (*WINK*)

    Re: Chekote // Aug 13, 2009 at 6:06 pm (#18) –

    “[Frum's] time would be better spent denouncing Pelosi’s rhetoric or pushing for conservative reforms.”

    (*SHRUG*) One would think.

    But then again… Frum is about “pushing Frum” – “Frum The Brand” – if and when he ever sees it in his own interest to become a registered Democrat he will (*SHRUG*)

    (And I’m talking for personal gain… financial gain, ultimately… not to “send a message.”)

    BTW, Chekote… (*HUGE FRIGG’N GRIN*)… first the health care thread… now this thread… very impressive!

    Re: Franco-2 // Aug 13, 2009 at 7:38 pm (#33) –


    Re: Anniemargret // Aug 13, 2009 at 7:42 pm (#35) –

    “Ahem…Millions of people voted Obama in and Bush/Cheney out…”

    Voted Bush/Cheney OUT…???

    Hmm… someone refresh my memory… were Bush/Cheney voted out of office in ’04?

    Were they running for re-election in ’08…???


    Re: Chekote // Aug 13, 2009 at 7:44 pm (#36) –


    Chekote… you’re really growing on me! (*GRIN*)

    Mea culpa for those times you perceive I’ve crossed the line when debating you.


    Re: Ireign // Aug 13, 2009 at 8:10 pm (#40) –

    “Maybe David Frum and the editors of New Majority should be focused on actually helping the Republican party and not providing amunition for every liberal.”


    Yeah. Chances… slim to none.

    Again – and note, for all my sharp elbows I don’t “go here” all that often – Frum is one of those Washington/NY/LA types who will smile in your face and the moment your back is turned….


    Hey. Yeah. I know. Stereotype. Well… so be it. If Frum was a “businessman” he’d be working for a Gordon Gekko type. Frum strikes me as the sort of guy who would be involved in the crooked late, unlamented “Oil For Food” scam. I mean can’t you just see Frum as an upper-mid level UN functionary…???


    Re: Chekote // Aug 13, 2009 at 8:12 pm (#41) –

    (*THUMBS UP*)

    Re: Chekote // Aug 13, 2009 at 9:34 pm (#51) –

    “You never know who has a gun so it tends to calm everybody down.”

    (*WINK*) More Guns, Less Crime!

    (Oh… and btw… are these Lefties NUTS or what in inferring they believe most of these senior citizens are Republicans as opposed to lifelong Democrats who probably love BOTH FDR and Ronald Reagan…?!?!)

    Re: Chekote // Aug 13, 2009 at 10:29 pm (#61) –

    “I said it before the election. Obama will be a David Dinkins at the national level. His supporters are working overtime to stoke racial tensions.”


    Yep. It certainly is starting to look that way.

    Re: Ireign // Aug 14, 2009 at 10:35 am (#75) –

    “If Republicans followed suit — Ben & Jerry’s would be out of business.”


    Actually, Ireign, Ben & Jerry’s went corporate long ago. They’re owned by Unilever if memory serves.

    (*SMILE*) (*SHRUG*)

    I got your point though! (*GRIN*)


  • ottovbvs

    ireign // Aug 14, 2009 at 1:19 pm


    ………..Well I only have about 3,500 books in library(ask my wife when we move house)……of course some of them are novels, or about art, music, architecture, theater, movies, gardening, but I’m SURE there must some books about history, economics, politics, philosophy and international affairs SOMEWHERE…..I’ll take your advice and look

    ………btw the Adler problem is not a depressive mental condition

  • ottovbvs

    ireign // Aug 14, 2009 at 1:30 pm


    …….I took your advice irreign……..Kennan, Mackinder, Keegan, Kennedy, Daalder, Manchester, Keynes, Jenkins, Judt, Kershaw, Fukuyama, Chernow, Issacson……who are these people?……some sound furrin…….Ludwig von Mises, Max Weber, Schumpeter…..French commies by the sound of it….you think?……didn’t see any with your name……maybe you write under a pseudonym…..Mickey Mouse?….Michael Moore?……..I saw one in the bookstore the other day that might be by you because I know your always teaching and encouraging people to learn……..”Let me teach you Onanism”…..that one of yours?

  • ottovbvs

    ireign // Aug 14, 2009 at 5:31 pm
    “Wow!!! You read all those books in two hours…”

    ……..a bit longer……about 50 years actually……Judt is probably one of the best European historians (he’s a Brit but at NYU)…..His Postwar is probably the best history of Europe (1945-2006) out there but I understand your abhorrence of excellence….I’m sure Coulter or Buchanan could give you a much better intepretation…..yep Coulter and Buchanan just about your intellectual level

  • ottovbvs

    85 ireign // Aug 14, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    ” you happen to copy and paste the NY Times bestseller list ”

    ……..And who is Issacson?…..I’ll let you google

  • ottovbvs

    85 ireign // Aug 14, 2009 at 5:31 pm
    “” you happen to copy and paste the NY Times bestseller list ”

    …….And when did Max Weber, Ivo Daalder or Roy Jenkins last appear on the NYT best seller list I wonder… can spend the evening researching it….wouldn’t want your brain to atrophy from insufficient use

  • joedee1969

    If you know of other calm conservative sights out there. Please let me know. I want to find more conservatives to fight Rush and Sean from destroying conservatism and turning it into a cartoon. The writer C. Rich is the best but I need to know if there are more voices out there:

  • ottovbvs

    joedee1969 // Aug 15, 2009 at 9:45 am

    …….try Bartlett the conservative economist who writes at Forbes……he’s actually got an article link up on this blog at the moment where he details how most conservatives don’t have a clue what they are talking about when it comes to Keynesianism …….he’s conservative but just doesn’t buy into the usual right wing boilerplate fantasies…..I think he’s just about to publish a book that is full of apostasy on Reaganomics although he actually worked in the Reagan white house… will be nuanced of course not the bumper sticker diet on which most right wingers exist ……another alternative is Judge Richard Posner who is an appeals judge on the 7th I think in Chicago…….He’s something of a polymath writing on subjects as diverse as music and economics……he’s published a book called a failure of capitalism which is probably the best layman’s guide to the financial crash and subsequent recession I’ve come across (although I believe a financial journalist at the WSJ has just published a very good one)…’s in layman’s language, nuanced of course and very good although I don’t agree with all Posner’s conclusions some of which seem skewed to propping up his long held Chicago school theories…..that should keep you busy for awhile

  • ottovbvs

    joedee1969 // Aug 15, 2009 at 9:45 am

    ……..I just followed your link to Rich and must confess to being somewhat underwhelmed…..he has a piece whining because “the poor” have been cut out of the cash for clunkers program… the hell would he know……does he have any data……no just a theory……cash for clunkers is a cheap and cheerful program to inject some demand into the economy and has an environmental/reduced oil dependancy side benefit…….give me a break…..he’ll be complaining the poor are squeezed out of buying at Tiffany’s next

  • barker13

    Re: Ireign // Aug 15, 2009 at 10:44 am (#92) –

    ” Bartlett isn’t much of a conservative. He has posted on this blog…”

    Yeah. Bartlett was/is a HUGE disappointment to me. I used to love reading his stuff in the Journal, but now…


    He’s also thin skinned and frankly nasty. I tried to engage him in serious debate and just couldn’t get the man to engage.


    Ireign. Let me ask you… do you (like me) question to an extent whether Frum and his merry band are “quite right” in the head?

    I’m being serious here.

    They actually try to portray themselves as “journalists,” as “reporters.” They keep on trying to pass on this illusion that is a “press” site, a “news media” site.

    I mean, sure… it could be just arrogance and wishful thinking… but a few of these folks are starting to worry me!

    (*GRIN*) (*CHUCKLE*)


  • ottovbvs

    ireign // Aug 15, 2009 at 10:44 am

    …….Still NOT a jingoist, fundamentalist, movement conservative, but DEFINITELY an all too obvious liar, alas

    “Posner- Since his underlying assumption is that markets are efficient (which isn’t accurate) much of his conclusions are incorrect. ”

    ………So you reject one of the central tenets of the Chicago school……that’s fine, so do I(or at least assumptions of their absolute efficiency), hence my comment:

    ” and very good although I don’t agree with all Posner’s conclusions some of which seem skewed to propping up his long held Chicago school theories”

    …….for someone who gives lectures on comprehension you seem remarkably shaky in your grasp of it

    “I just had a problem with the Internet so my much lengthier post was lost. ”

    …….we must be thankful for small mercies I suppose

    “And yes, Bartlett in addition to being a hack–came as somewhat thin-skinned in his comments on this blog.”

    ……..this one made me titter…..from the thinnest skin I’ve ever seen

  • barker13

    Re: Ireign // Aug 15, 2009 at 11:15 am (#94) –

    “I think David Frum is perfectly rational.”

    OK. Me too, when it comes right down to it. (*GRUDGINGLY SMILING*)

    But how’bout these kids and that Elise (???) woman and a few other of his “contributors” who seriously seem to believe they’re “reporting” and that NM is some sort of authentic journalistic enterprise…???

    I mean I can understand how “nicer” folks than I would yearn to give these people the benefit of the doubt, but, jeez… resume inflation is one thing… these folks actually seem to believe they’re “reporters” and “editors” in a journalistic sense.


    Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when (if) these people get together in person?! (*CHUCKLE*)


  • ottovbvs

    barker13 // Aug 15, 2009 at 3:41 pm
    “and that NM is some sort of authentic journalistic enterprise…???”

    ………..If you feel NM has no merit one wonders why you spend so much time here boring us all to death with your kudzu like prose (complete with stage directions)…….Why don’t you go and bore for your country elsewhere?

  • rrpjr

    What an old maid.

    Why even bother asking where Frum was over the past eight years and the fever swamps of Leftist rage and hate. No matter. This extraordinary movement that vexes Frum is overwhelmingly civil and informed and emerging as one of the most astonishing irruptions of legitimate outrage in our history. Frum doesn’t get it, and moreover resents it. It is indecorous and threatens the world he knows and inhabits as a well-schooled and dutiful elite. He resents those who do get it, such as Palin, who, channeling Orwell and Reagan, can nail the innate duplicity and lethality of the Left in a few well-chosen lines and drive Obama into a corner.

    Tough. Anyway, we’ve long since reckoned with the uselessness of those such as Frum. We’ll do just fine without them

  • rrpjr

    Oh, and by the way, there was no violence until Obama, employing classic Stalinist tactics, fomented the thuggery in St. Louis. He’s the one courting the violence. He’s the one who wants it.

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  • SFTor1

    rrpjr: “Oh, and by the way, there was no violence until Obama, employing classic Stalinist tactics, fomented the thuggery in St. Louis. He’s the one courting the violence. He’s the one who wants it.”

    Hello rr—can I call you rr? I have news for you: you just disqualified yourself from being taken seriously.

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