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A little bit of history was made today when Cpl. Elinor Jozef, purchase became the first female Arab combat solider in the history of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Born and raised in an integrated neighborhood of Jews and Arabs in Haifa, order Jozef attended a school in which all her classmates were Arab. She currently resides in a predominantly Arab neighborhood of Wadi Nisnas in northern Israel. Jozef’s father also served in the IDF.

Before enlisting in the IDF, tadalafil Jozef said:

I was scared to lose my friends because they objected to it. They told me they wouldn’t speak to me. I was left alone.

However, despite their opposition, she decided to enlist and explained her motive:

I decided to go head-to-head, to check who my true friends are, to do something in life that I have never done before. I understood that it was most important to defend my friends, family, and country. I was born here.

After her basic training, Jozef, who was selected as the outstanding soldier of the course and received a special commendation, was posted as a medic within the military police at the Qalqilya crossing. This dilemma of being posted in such a location did not escape Jozef, who says that during such difficult periods she would remember:

there was a Katyusha [rocket] that fell near my house and also hurt Arabs. If someone would tell me that serving in the IDF means killing Arabs, I remind them that Arabs also kill Arabs.

It would not be too difficult to imagine how a young Christian Arab girl like Jozef may have had some identity issues in serving for the IDF on behalf of the Jewish state. However resolutely, she replies:

I know I am part of the Jewish state’s army and therefore when we speak about that I listen and learn. I got used to it and I respect it, although I do not delve too much into the country’s identity – I have my own identity and I will respect that of the country.

Jozef clearly believes in the purpose and cause of her mission to help protect the State of Israel and says:

I believe in what I am doing…[a]t the end of the day, this will always be my home too.

It almost belies the fact that Jozef is probably no more than 20 years old. She displays a level of courage and moral conviction that one just can’t help but admire.

Tellingly, Jozef does not distinguish between Jew, Arab, Muslim or Christian – in as much as the katyusha rockets from across the border do not make the same distinction either. For her they are all equal; they are all Israelis. And so too is she.

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  • Oldskool

    Any way that pic can be enlarged?

  • ZombieTory

    Thanks Oldskool, I didn’t want to be the first one to go down that road.

  • pampl

    Arab Christians have had it pretty rough. Maybe Israel’s national identity could one day be as a home for all persecuted ethnic and religious groups. I guess that would threaten its role as a safe haven for Jews, but it seems like demographics doom that specific goal anyway.

  • JeninCT

    Oldskool, ZombieTory, balconesfault :

    It’s nice that you guys like girls who can kick your ass.

    Pampl wrote: “Maybe Israel’s national identity could one day be as a home for all persecuted ethnic and religious groups.” That would be wonderful. Even more wonderful would be the US fulfilling its role the same way.

    This girl is brave beyond words. I give her loads of credit. She’s broken more than a ‘glass ceiling’ today, and maybe one day she will be the one to broker peace in the region.

  • Oldskool

    I like girls who WILL kick my ass.

    This girl should give our military a light bulb moment: an army of beauties like her. The enemy wouldn’t quite know what to do and lines at recruitment centers would be off the charts.

  • balconesfault

    Oldskool, ZombieTory, balconesfault :

    It’s nice that you guys like girls who can kick your ass.

    Hey – Mrs. Balconesfault teaches 6-10 yoga, spin, and strength and conditioning classes a week. I am sure that if I took any of them (aside from the spin classes) I’d be sore for days.

    I exclude the spin because the number of Americans who have posted a faster 40K bike TT than myself probably numbers less than 200, particularly when considering the early 1980′s vintage technology (no disk wheels, no aero frames, no aero bars) that we used back in my prime. I also take solace in knowing that even though I’m past 50, if any woman kicks my ass in a 5K or 10K running race these days she’s of national class caliber.

    That said, muscles on women are awesome. I’d far rather be with a woman who’s toned and fit than one who prematurely surrenders to gravity.

    “Maybe Israel’s national identity could one day be as a home for all persecuted ethnic and religious groups.”

    I’ve gone to a number of seders over the years where the hosts stressed not the “God slaughtering innocent children of the Egyptians on the behalf of the Chosen People” aspect of the story, but the idea of exodus and the Promised Land as symbols of promise for oppressed people around the globe, regardless of nationality.

  • canuckistani

    Can you imagine the bounty on her head from Hamas douchebags?
    She would be the equivalent of a trophy buck to them.

    The mullahs in Tehran must be sh!tting themselves at the prospect of a spectacle stoning if they bagged her.

    I suggest a whole brigade of female Arab soldiers in the IDF. Insanity would ensue.

  • JJWFromME