The Dumbest Thing You’ll Ever Read on Healthcare Reform

March 21st, 2010 at 4:50 pm | 2 Comments |

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Hey, did you know that Obamacare couldn’t be effectively opposed because of conservatives’ fatal cooperation with…the Chilean retirement system?

Neither did I, until I read the American Conservative this morning!

Movement conservatives and beltway libertarians have lauded the Chilean retirement system for decades. What can they do when a Democratic administration applies the same principles to another field, healthcare? They can hardly say that what’s good for retirement savings is not good for health insurance, nor that one is a necessity and the other a luxury. Cartelization and corporatism are the philosophy and program of our right-wing policy wonks no less than of our left-wing “Obamunists.”

Some may accuse this site of being too deep into intra-conservative disputes once in a while.  But, hey: on the other hand, at least we’re not still trying to settle scores from 1981.

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  • S.L. Toddard

    What a bizarre (intentional?) misreading of that piece. Its purpose is not to explain the GOP’s failure, but rather to elucidate the philosophical roots of Obamacare – which the author asserts are in a system which conservatives widely championed for decades. Mr. Marier’s insightful response? “This guy is a stoopid dummy!”

    And I don’t think this site is considered as being “being too deep into intra-conservative disputes”. FrumForum reports from *outside* the conservative sphere – from a remote perch far, far to the left. You people spend more time attacking and smearing the right than you do anything else – this piece being a case in point.

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