The Biggest Loser

January 20th, 2010 at 8:51 am | 6 Comments |

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Years ago, ampoule Martha Coakley told the Boston Globe that if things didn’t work out with her political career, she would “retire to Martha’s Vineyard and write murder mysteries.” Reason magazine’s Michael C. Moynihan recently quipped that he was looking forward to her literary debut.

Last night’s stunning defeat of a Democratic candidate who once led by 30+ points will have fallout. Of course, the Obama White House is likely to blame others first, and ask hard questions later. Among the early fall guys: the next great novelist from Martha’s Vineyard, much of anyone associated with the Republican Party, and maybe even the underwear bomber.

But in the coming weeks, with such a humiliating loss behind them, someone close to the President will pay dearly.

Here’s my bet: the geek with the charts.

OMB Dir. Peter Orszag is one of the most public faces to President Obama’s efforts to overhaul American healthcare.

He is also the person who’s run out of allies. He’s enraged liberals with his belief that health reform really is about “bending the curve” – to use his trademark expression – changing their moral crusade into a fiscal debate. And, as for the pragmatists in the Obama White House, Mr. Orszag is hopelessly associated now with the biggest domestic policy disaster since Hillary Clinton’s 1994 healthcare debacle.

For weeks, there have been rumors in Washington that the President is thinking about shaking up his economic team. Post-January 19 that may well mean that Mr. Orszag will be deciding to spend more time with his family.

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  • jjv

    Which family? The jilted lover he left with child, or the fiance who is a hottie news bunny, or his former wife and two children? So many choices!

  • sdspringy

    Where’s TeaBag, Balcone, Libs of all strips???
    No comment, No snide remarks, No commentary on how the Republican Party is a regional party.

    I anxiously await the insight.

  • JeninCT

    There’s always more room under the bus!

  • kevin47

    Is Orszag a big enough scalp? I think Obama needs to shed someone with a high profile to signify that he is making a real change. Of course, the White House could raise Orszag’s profile, either by leaking a couple insider scoops about him to manufacture outrage, or giving him a large platform and some awful talking points.

  • sinz54

    sdspringy: Where’s TeaBag, Balcone, Libs of all strips???
    “Balconesfault” is still here, on another discussion thread.

    “Teabag” seems to have fled, along with “rbottoms.”

    I feel for them, actually.

    It hurts to lose.

  • sinz54

    Scapegoating Peter Orszag won’t help Obama much.

    I’ll bet you that less than 20% of Americans ever heard of Orszag.

    I don’t think cashiering a scapegoat is going to assuage the American people, especially one that so many of them are unfamiliar with.

    Instead, Obama should channel Bill Clinton and “focus like a laser beam on the economy.” And by “economy,” I mean jobs and GDP growth, not health care or cap-and-trade.

    Obama should give a speech to the American people in which he announces new measures to provide jobs and grow the economy.

    Obama’s seeming insouciance over 10% unemployment (17% if you factor in those who have given up even trying to find a job) is not what Americans expect from a liberal Democrat. The last liberal Democrat who acted that way was Jimmy Carter. And we all know how his Administration turned out.