The American Enterprise Institute’s Annual Dinner In Washington, D.c.

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Conservative glitterati turned out to toast AEI’s new president, Arthur Brooks, and to honor Charles Murray, recipient of the 2009 Irving Kristol Award, on March 11.

Click here to read the full text of Murray’s Irving Kristol lecture, “The Happiness of the People.”


Ester and Arthur Brooks



David and Jennifer Gerson


Lynne Cheney and Mel Sembler


Betty Sembler, Newt Gingrich, and Michael Barone 

Harlan Crowe, Danielle Crittenden Frum, and Charles Murray



Richard B. Cheney and Susan Kristol



Timothy Mak, Tucker Carlson, David Frum, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali



Leon Aron, Karlyn Bowman and Norman Ornstein


Kevin Hassett and Kristie Hassett


Maureen Scalia and Antonin Scalia



David Frum and G. Gordon Liddy



Margaret Hoover and Ayaan Hirsi Ali



Meghan Gurdon, Hugo Gurdon, Gwendolyn Makin and John Makin

Gretchen Bolton and Robert Agostinelli


Anne Dickerson, Danielle Frum and Roger Hertog



John Bolton and Michael Barone


Kayla Cook and Morgan Goatley

Danielle Pletka


Cathy Merrill-Williams and Tevi Troy


Meg Inomata, Timothy Mak and Renee Sieli



Sally Satel and David Frum



Marty and Byron York, and Danielle Frum

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