Tea Party to O’Donnell: You’re Done

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Fame is fleeting. The hero who is toasted and cheered by the crowd today is met with apathy tomorrow. The world moves on. Christine O’Donnell, the thrice-failed Tea Party Senate candidate from Delaware, is a living, breathing, case study in what ails our civilization.

Her ability to say the most ridiculous things very earnestly while conveying certainty and conviction on television has been amply rewarded. She has discussed masturbation, mice-human hybrids of superior intelligence, not lying to the Nazi’s if they knocked on your door and asked if you were hiding Anne Frank in the attic, and most famously, talk about dates to bloody satanic alters in high school.

Despite an absence of meaningful personal and professional accomplishments, or even steady employment, she has never lacked the attention of the cameras. She seemed, even before her failed Senate bids, to always be able to book a guest appearance on some cable show.

However, even the Tea Party has realized that O’Donnell is an embarrassment. Politico is reporting that O’Donnell has been abruptly removed from the speakers list at an event sponsored by Tea Party of America featuring Sarah Palin in Iowa. According to the group’s co-founder, Charlie Gruschow, he received a flood of “emails from a lot of tea party folks that were very disappointed that she would be speaking.” As a result, the event organizers decided it was in the best interests of the Tea Party “movement” not to have O’Donnell speak.

In 2010, many Republicans, including Karl Rove, noted that it was in the best interests of the GOP that O’Donnell not be a candidate for high office. They noted that she was unelectable. Delaware’s State Party Chair Tom Ross went so far as to famously quip that she could not be elected dog catcher. At the time, Ross and other Republican leaders were viciously attacked by Gruschow’s “movement” as elitist, establishment, snobs. And major conservative figures (Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Sen. Jim DeMint) literally fell over one another in the rush to provide last minute endorsements to O’Donnell.

Now we learn that all the concerns about O’Donnell were not just an elitist plot conjured up by Karl Rove, Tom Ross, and other vicious RINO’s. Rove and Ross were right. O’Donnell is now viewed as an embarrassment by the movement that propelled her to fame and a primary upset win over a respected, long-serving Congressman.

Now that the movement has decided to hustle O’Donnell away from the microphone, will an apology to Rove, Ross, and all the hardworking Republicans in Delaware who saw their hopes for victory in 2012 go up in a puff of magic smoke be forthcoming from the Tea Party leaders and conservative media figures that foisted O’Donnell upon the nation?

I doubt it.

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  • giova

    I like your nom de plume. It’s also a good article. Benigne.

  • Smargalicious

    Absurd thread.

    What ails America are the tens of millions of fatherless welfare thugs, illegals and their anchor babies depleting our treasury, all the while Democrats are laughing and cheering.

    God help us all.

    • anniemargret

      Yes, yes…all those poor people are such a threat, I mean really. And keep those beauteous bobbleheads a’comin… They’ll ‘fix’ America with their prayers, their aw-shucks schtick and their winks. That’s the Republican solution!

    • ProfNickD

      Is this even news? O’Donnell is simply a private citizen.

      But the fact that Frum is hung up on O’Donnell and not on the vast underclass of fatherless, illiterate bums who soak up trillions of dollars of wealth of productive people is bizarre, likely explained by the fact that Frum probably never really gets out much.

      • pnwguy


        “…bums who soak up trillions of dollars of wealth of productive people…”

        So has this twit had ANY job in the last decade or two EXCEPT running for office? Isn’t part of the ethics charges critical of her about her living off campaign money? Has she held a job in the private sector before? Doesn’t that put her in “bum” territory?

        Since I would imagine you’re of the ilk that has complained about Obama never having worked outside of public institutions and government, what would lead you to think O’D has ANY experience to bring to elected office or to a position of leadership?

        • Smargalicious

          Why do the leftist America-hating sellouts fixate on people like Palin, O’Donnell, and Beck when they aren’t any threat to their self-created welfare kingdoms?

        • jakester

          It is a snap why you defend O’Donnell. She’s a knee jerk, right wing non thinking dolt like you!

      • think4yourself

        PFD – “illiterate bums who soak up trillions of dollars of wealth of productive people”

        Sounds like you’re describing O’Donnell.

    • jakester

      Trillions of dollars to welfare thugs? Try crunching some number, sfb, they aren’t the reason why we are so in debt.

    • gocart mozart

      God wont help you smarg. God thinks you are an asshole and tries to ignore you.

  • Oldskool

    Score one for the reality-based. Now, whatcha gonna do with the huge swath of faith-based people and policies that haven’t gone anywhere?

  • Smargalicious

    Democrats are jealous of the Republican hotties: Sarah, Michelle, and Christine.

    All the Dims have to offer up are Aunt Esther-type hags…Maxine Waters?? BWAHAHAHA!

    • anniemargret

      Yes, yes….those beautiful bobbleheads ! Wind them up and sometimes they talk.

      • balconesfault

        Yep … if O’Donnell just dyed her hair blonde, she’d be qualified to be a female political commentator on Fox.

        She certainly has the smarts for the job.

        • MSheridan

          I guess you missed the episode of The Daily Show in which Jon revealed Gretchen Carlson’s awful secret: she only plays dumb on TV (no lie: http://tpmlivewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/2009/12/the-daily-show-explores-the-self-dumbing-down-of-fox-friends-gretchen-carlson.php ).

          Stewart pointed out that she was valedictorian of her high school, went to college at Stanford, graduating with honors, then studied abroad at Oxford, “not the Mississippi one, the Europe one.”

          Stewart then played a clip from Carlson’s talent competition performance–as an accomplished classical violinist–when she won the 1989 Miss America pageant.

          It is a sad commentary indeed that, no matter how blonde O’Donnell made herself, the woman who knocked Mike Castle out of contention could never come close to approaching the level of accomplishment of the “dumb blondes” on FOX.

        • balconesfault

          You’re confusing the issue. I was well aware of Carlson’s intelligence … which she seems happy to play down for a paycheck.

          But let’s face it – the Fox Ladies are not really being featured for their hard hitting journalism. They’re featured to be pretty and stylish and wear ever raising skirtlines and sit between some serious looking guys behind a very short coffee table that gives viewers a nice bit of eye candy to go along with their daily dose of propaganda.

          I could care less what they might wear if they stepped up and demanded respect for their intelligence and views … but as Stewart showed with Carlson, they tend to realize their role isn’t to upstage their male counterparts.

        • MSheridan

          @balconesfault, I think you misunderstood my post. I didn’t write to defend FOX or the women it pays to portray a sexist stereotype. I was writing commentary on O’Donnell, who is either too stupid, too unbalanced, or both to be suitable to reliably follow the script. Gretchen is good at following the script and playing exactly the “right” level of dumb because she IS smart–Christine would be winceworthy, obvious, and even more offensive in the same role.

    • roubaix

      Those hotties are all yours. Who’s Aunt Esther?

    • CautiousProgressive

      I shouldn’t respond to the trolls, but I can’t pass this one up….

      Attractive liberal women — Michelle Obama comes immediately to mind.

      Also, essentially every female Hollywood activist.

    • Rob_654

      You consider those women hot? You really need to get out more.

    • jakester

      Kirsten Gillibrandt, Giffords before she was shot?

  • WaStateUrbanGOPer

    This is, needless to say, a long overdue development.

    The really sad– and nauseatingly hypocritical– thing about all this is that many among the Tea Baggers knew prior to last year’s GOP senate primary in Deleware that O’Donnell was a crank, a pathalogical liar and a deeply unserious person; and, consequently, in no way qualified to serve in the U.S. Senate. And yet these same people supported her candidacy nevertheless, because their chief interest was in indulging their resentment towards that elitist ‘RINO’ Mike Castle, not in nominating the most qualified candidate to challenge Chris Coons for the senate seat that is now (alas) his. Yet another example of how the Tea Party Jacobins have degraded public life in this country.

    And how on earth can the ‘baggers set down Christine O’Donnell as persona non gratta, while meanwhile maintaining their high profile association with Sarah Palin, a person who by every conceivable measurement is far more egregious and risible than O’Donnell?

    • balconesfault

      Add in how many Republicans were absolutely aware of O’Donnell’s unfitness for office … yet once she was nominated, still were rooting for her to win over a Democrat who was clearly more intellectually and temprementally suited to sit in the US Senate.

      Y’all know who you are…

      • PracticalGirl

        +1 Absofuckinglutely.

        The underlying question isn’t whether or not the Tea Partiers reject somebody today, after she wasn’t elected, had poor book sales and is now a tool without purpose- after hindsight, in other words.

        It’s this: Had O’Donnell actually been elected under the same exact circumstances and after all the same public weirdness, would she have been still on the list of speakers?

        I don’t doubt it at all, and that’s the real problem.

        • Smargalicious

          Girlie, STFU.

          You wanna know who’s weird? Al Franken. Barney Frank. Maxine Waters.


        • WaStateUrbanGOPer

          Well Smarg, I’d definitely rather have Norm Coleman– who you no doubt consider a dastardly ‘RINO’– in the U.S. Senate than Al Franken, but let’s not kid ourselves here: whatever Franken’s deficiencies as a public official, he’s infinitely more qualified to hold a senate seat than Christine O’Donnell. The same goes, vis a vis your examples above, for Barney Frank and (gulp…I cannot believe I’m actually about to write this…) Maxine Waters.

          There is no serious counterargument to this– none at all– so please don’t waste your time.

      • WaStateUrbanGOPer

        Please don’t count me among the dishonest hacks who supported O’Donnell simply because she has an “R” after her name. You can check the FF archives for the thread(s) wherein I (1) unequivically endorsed Chris Coons after O’Donnell defeated Castle in the primary, and (2) urged serious conservatives and Republicans NOT to support an independent candidacy by Castle (and instead support Coons, or no one at all) because of its potential to peel of moderate votes from Chris Coons and thus hand O’Donnell a narrow default victory.

    • gocart mozart

      It takes a lot of effort to be too stupid for the tea bag crowd. O’Donnell has weapons grade stupid.

  • TAZ

    I must admit I thought the Tea Party would have stuck with her no matter how toxic she became.

    Who is next, Caribou Barbie?

  • gman

    Not so fast … she’s back on the agenda after an “internal miscommunication.” What does that do to the hypothesis? It would be comedy if it wasn’t so damn tragic.

  • chephren

    The Tea Partiers find O’Donnell embarrassing??

    Yet they can’t get enough of Michelle Bachmann . . .


  • Graychin

    If O’Donnell had won (fat chance!), she would still be the Tea Party’s Queen of the May.

    She isn’t an embarrassment, because it’s impossible to embarrass these people. Look at Michelle Bachmann.

    They have thrown O’Donnell under the bus for only one reason – because… she’s a loser!

  • MurrayAbraham

    “And major conservative figures (Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, …”

    The sad state of the conservative movement in a nutshell.

  • ProfNickD

    I assume this post can now ne taken down:


  • Steve D

    She may be a crank, a ditz, and a cute bubblehead, but if she were to get elected, she’d vote all the Tea Party positions, and that’s what counts. The problem isn’t that the Tea Party doesn’t see the Big Picture, but that they do. O’Donnell may be dumb as a bag of hammers, but she’s one more vote to filibuster Obama, one more vote to shoot down his bills, one more vote to block his nominees, one vote closer to controlling the Senate. And if Obama loses in 2012, she’s one more vote to support the Republican President’s agenda.

    And libs, don’t pretend for a moment you’d do differently. If you had a choice between a conservative who had good positions on the economy and environment but would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, and an airhead Democrat (most of Hollywood) who was in the pocket of corrupt special interests, who would you vote for? (Hint: who’s governor of California?)

    • gman

      The whole point is that she’s *not* one more vote because she’s proven three times that she can’t get elected. The sad part is that the R’s were a lock to have that one more vote if so many hadn’t been seduced by those big, brown eyes & fluttering eyelashes.

    • WaStateUrbanGOPer

      Your implied characterization of Jerry Brown as a leftwing extremist is palpable balderdash.

      This is the same man who ran to the right of the moderate (some would even argue center-right) Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential primaries. The same man who supported a flat tax long before it became the fashionably quixotic cause of people like Steve Forbes and Jim DeMint. The same man who clashed with ACLU over his programme to reduce street crime in Oakland. And so on.

      The only arguably compelling reason to think Jerry Brown a radical lefty is the fact that he once lived in a commune and went in for such silly (and stupid) New Age activities as crystal gazing and transcendental meditation. Hence the nickname “Governor Moonbeam,” a nickname bestowed on him, by the way, not by anyone on the right, but by the liberal columnist Mike Royko.

      But of course, the exegencies of the culture wars aside, being a New Age dope doesn’t ipso facto make one a leftist. This sort of activity, in and of itself, doesn’t reveal anything about a person’s ideas and attitudes about the size of government, the role of government in economic affairs, etc. Conservative intellectual icon James Burnham was an atheist; no serious person would question his dedication to the twin right-of-center causes of smaller government and greater personal freedom. His personal religious beliefs don’t fit today’s political narrative, like Brown’s. That’s all.

      Lifestyle and political views are not, despite all the Red State/Blue State hysteria of the past decade, genetically connected things.

  • GrandBargainHunter

    It is obvious that by “picking on” the likes of O’Donnell, Angle, Bachmann, and yes Perry, DF and FF are trying to help exorcise a faction of the GOP that is bad for the GOP in the long term. While I am a Democrat, I would like to see a strong, center-right GOP to compete with a strong, center-left Democratic Party. Which is why this site is my first political stop of the day. Just as the Dems could not keep going down the path of ’68 & ’72 and expect to win, the Republicans can’t keep going down the path of ’10, led by unprincipled ideologues.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    I read that her book is doing horribly, there were far more reporters than buyers at a book signing ceremony (and remember, she is going to conservative districts) at one signing I read there were literally No buyers of her book. At another there were 5.
    I read her new tag line.
    I am not a best selling author. I am you.

    Ok, I stole this.

  • Michigan Outsider

    I like the post generally, but disagree with this statement: “Christine O’Donnell, the thrice-failed Tea Party Senate candidate from Delaware, is a living, breathing, case study in what ails our civilization.”

    I think that what has happened to Ms. O’Donnell is an example of our society working reasonably well. It’s not that unusual for people or groups to do something irrrational. In a primary in a small state (or another election where turnout is low like for school board or whatever), it’s not that unusual for a small, well organized, group to have a disproportionate influence on an election, for better or worse. But, she lost the general election, and she has pretty much disappeared as far as I can tell. This site might be the only place where I ever see her name. So, something really foolish happened, but is now fading from memory. Like disco or feathered hair.

  • jakester

    Hah, she’s too stupid and lame even for the tea bag heads.

  • Graychin

    They’re feeling the heat! O’Donnell has been RE-invited to speak!


    • PracticalGirl

      This is the best reality show in the nation.

      The broke, crazy, witchy, Satan-datin’ Evangelical failed politician has been reinvited. Will she or won’t she? The rich, crazy, bitchy publicity-courtin’ Pentecostal failed politician has put her appearance on hold. Will she, or won’t she?

      If they would simply put a pudding-filled ring (Crosses on the ropes for luck!)on stage and let these two darlings have at it, they’d raise more money than Rick Perry and Obama combined. I mean- I’d do pay-per-view for it. Wouldn’t you?

      • Graychin

        You betcha I would!

        Will she or won’t she? She WILL! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do – to sell books.

  • pnwguy

    Perhaps if she had won, she could have led the nation like this example. The ever-sharp Onion nails the sentiment:


    • LFC

      THAT was just beautiful. Leave it to the Onion to so perfectly summarize absurdity. I bet the Daily Show writers wish they had come up with that one first.

  • LFC

    “And major conservative figures (Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin, Sen. Jim DeMint) literally fell over one another in the rush to provide last minute endorsements to O’Donnell.”

    Dolts of a feather…

  • rbottoms

    The GOP was always heavy on the skinflint mean asshole numbers, but when did the celebration of the salt of the earth, uneducated dimwit become it’s default mode?

    “You’ve got to remember that these are simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… Morons.”

    ~ Blazing Saddles

  • Rockerbabe

    Now to get the rest of the right wing nutjobs to see the light and throw in the towel on their quest to turn back the clock to the 19th century.

  • gman

    Never mind. Looks like she’s out again. Who’s running this show, anyway?

  • rockstar

    My doorstop is smarter than Christine O’Donnell.