Tea Party May Play Spoiler in VA-5

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Jim McKelvey, stuff a Tea Party candidate who lost to Robert Hurt in the Virginia Fifth congressional district primary has announced by email that he is launching a political action committee.  The question now is whether the PAC will endorse any candidates to run against Robert Hurt and Tom Perriello.

One candidate that McKelvey might use his PAC to support is independent candidate Jeff Clarke. Clarke has never run for political office before, viagra and the announcement email states that they are interested in supporting new candidates:

The purpose of this PAC is to seek out, clinic support, educate, train and elect conservative candidates on the local and state level in the fifth district and throughout Virginia. Our PAC will be seeking to find candidates who have never run for public office before, but who share our conservative values and desire to serve our country in its time of need.

McKelvey’s staff has not yet answered requests for comments. When Jeff Clarke was asked about the PAC in an interview, he said that it was the first time he had heard about it. After visiting McKelvey on the night of the primary, Clarke relays that McKelvey planned to “take a couple of days and try to develop a strategy” and that he had not had personal contact with McKelvey since then.

Even if he doesn’t use his PAC to support a candidate to run against Hurt, McKelvey has shown that he is willing to take positions that may not appeal to the GOP establishment. Since the primary, McKelvey has not yet announced if he will endorse Robert Hurt (an announcement is expected on Friday or Monday). Clarke relayed how he first saw McKelvey at a Republican Party meeting where he “took the loyalty oath he was handed by the Republican Party and tore it up.” McKelvey also had the budget to run television ads and a radio attack ad against Robert Hurt during the primary. He also got the support of Mark Lloyd, the Chairman of the Lynchburg Tea Party.

McKelvey got 9,124 votes in the Republican primary. Since Tom Perriello won his 2008 election by 745 votes, the GOP establishment will likely be worried if McKelvey decides to use his influence and reach to support a candidate who may take votes from Robert Hurt.

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