Tea Party Group Receives $1 Million Donation

September 21st, 2010 at 9:40 pm | 1 Comment |

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The AP reports:

A tea party group is $1 million richer thanks to an anonymous donor who wants his money to influence this year’s midterm elections.

The nonprofit Tea Party Patriots announced on Tuesday that it had received the donation from a single contributor who wants it divided up and given to local coordinators by Oct. 4 to help mount get out the vote initiatives. The group’s spokesman told reporters that recipients of the money must spend it by Nov. 2, but they are barred from using it for ads or fliers that mention a specific candidate.

The donor, organizers said, wished to remain anonymous, Tea Party Patriots leaders Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin provided a couple hints to reporters at the National Press Club Tuesday, telling USA Today that “‘He’ is a businessman and entrepreneur.’”

“What we’re doing is what our 2,800 local groups on the ground have been asking us to do,” said Martin of their plan to funnel the donation to area Tea Party groups in order to bolster get out the vote efforts, according to Slate‘s David Weigel. “We’re not taking advantage of a loophole. What we’re making sure is that we support the local organizers on the ground.”

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