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Can Conservatives and Scientists Get Along?

August 2nd, 2011 at 12:24 am 42 Comments

Last week, pilule Chris Mooney, cialis sale science blogger and author of The Republican War on Science, asked David Frum to come on the “Point of Inquiry” podcast to discuss conservatives and science, and David was kind enough to ask that I be included in the conversation. The interview can now be found online here.

The discussion was wide-ranging, dealing with topics including global warming, evolution, vaccines, nuclear power, light bulbs, John Edwards, postmodernism and more. Mooney, who describes his own political views as liberal, showed an interest in discussing not just conservatism’s foibles regarding science but what blind spots the leftward side of the political spectrum may have on such matters.

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Want to Fight Federal Over-reach? Start Here

July 21st, 2011 at 9:39 am 22 Comments

When the House of Representatives last week voted for the “BULB Act”—a proposal its sponsors said would lift a coming federal ban on incandescent light bulbs—plenty of Tea Party supporters and others rejoiced at a major victory for limited government. Plenty of others, it’s true, had fair criticisms of it but, personally, I would have voted for the BULB Act as a way of striking back against government overreach. That said, the attention the bill has received as a touchstone of conservative governance (the organization I work for supported it very loudly) shows just how far off track the conservative regulatory policy agenda has gone and how Republicans have let symbolic actions substitute for real achievements.

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