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RedState: More News, Fewer Pleasing Lies

David Frum November 8th, 2011 at 10:31 am 58 Comments

Here’s something interesting in a blogpost this morning by RedState’s Erick Erickson. In the course of a fulmination against Mitt Romney and the conservative elites who are reluctantly making peace with him, Erickson writes:

Herman Cain won’t be the nominee because he can’t win women either. Regardless of what you think of the Politico story, Cain’s handling of the story has been an epic disaster. He’s down at least 10 points with women in Iowa. He’s falling even further and doesn’t even realize it. He’s largely been emboldened by a conservative media that is so used to standing by its men that too few are telling Herman that he is now at the point where he must actually sit and answer questions whether he wants to or not and whether he feels maligned or not and whether I think he should have to or not. If he loses women by as big as he is starting to lose the women, he cannot win.

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Conservatism’s Hidden Powerbrokers

David Frum August 25th, 2011 at 8:21 am 13 Comments

Everybody has to make a living, self-designated arbiters of conservatism like Erick Erickson very much included, reported Ben Smith in Politico yesterday:

A leading conservative blogger and commentator, Erick Erickson, said he shifted his stance in a key Senate race because the company that publishes his RedState.com is “socially connected” to former Virginia Sen. George Allen.

Erickson told Allen’s challenger, Jamie Radtke, that he had to moderate his support for her because “my bosses are huge Allen friends,” according to an email he sent earlier this month, which her campaign manager forwarded to POLITICO.

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Ratings Agencies Want to See Bush Tax Cuts Lapse

July 26th, 2011 at 11:58 pm 79 Comments

The suggestion that the US needs to cut $4 trillion in projected debt over the next ten years in order to avoid a downgrade in its debt rating, posed here in an S&P report, has gained significant traction among many on the right. Erick Erickson, when he’s not denying “absolution” to the falsely faithful in the GOP, has emphasized this cut of $4 trillion as crucial to avoid a downgrade.

However, digging into the S&P report reveals some details that might be more problematic for many seeming “deficit hawks.” Though this report does suggest that $4 trillion in cuts/increased revenue over the next ten years would be enough to keep an AAA rating, it also says that its baseline for savings assumes the expiration of the Bush tax cuts in 2012. Will many of these “deficit hawks” abandon those tax cuts in order to appease S&P and keep an AAA rating?

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Erick Erickson’s Strange Loyalty Test

David Frum May 10th, 2011 at 8:58 am 47 Comments

A Huntsman supporter emailed Ben Smith a biting retort to RedState.com‘s denunciation of the former Utah Governor.

Ironic that someone who suggested sending President Obama to the death panel is calling someone else disloyal to the President.

That’s certainly one line of defense. And for sure it does seem bizarre to see one of the most vituperative commentators in the blogosphere attacking Huntsman for breaching political etiquette.

But let’s take Erickson seriously. As I understand it, the Erickson code is that politics is a form of war. The RedState world is divided into three categories: (1) The Enemy, from President Obama downward. With them it is destroy or be destroyed. (2) Superior Officers, like Rush Limbaugh; to them is owed reflexive obedience. And (3) Subordinates, eg all Republican elected officials. They must obey or face the firing squad.

In this view, Huntsman is a baffling character. How is it possible to accept a nomination from a president and then run against him? True, Dwight Eisenhower accepted appointment as NATO commander from Harry Truman and then ran for president as a Republican in 1952. Eisenhower evidently believed that acceptance of a national security position was service to the United States as a whole, a service that did not imply endorsement of the domestic policies of the president who appointed him. But who remembers that ancient history? What matters is now! What matters is fighting the socialist Muslim Barack Obama with all weapons that come to hand! Any politician who can find any area of cooperation with a president of the other party – why such a figure is the worst of the worst.

True loyalty is always to put party before country, such seems to be the RedState idea. The Huntsman candidacy is a good place to test whether that view is as widely shared as Erickson believes – and as America’s ill-wishers have always hoped.