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RNC Chairman Michael Steele has announced in a conference call with Republican National Committee members that he will be running for reelection when his term is up in January.

A source on the call told FrumForum that Steele has  in fact announced his intention to run.

Mike Allen at Politico has the full statement asking RNC members for their support.

“Tonight I truly believe we are stronger, better and prouder because [of the RNC's agenda] over the past two years. Now let’s  finish the  job,” writes Steele.

FrumForum first reported that Steele was expected to run for reelection this afternoon. Since then, two other RNC members – Bob Tiernan of Oregon and Pat Rogers of New Mexico – told FrumForum that they expected Steele to run for reelection.

Bob Tiernan, chair of Oregon, told FrumForum: “I fully expect [Steele] to run. There’s no question in my mind that he’s running.” Tiernan has been an outspoken supporter of Steele, and a key ally on the committee.

New Mexico National Committeeman Pat Rogers, another a close ally of Steele’s, also told FrumForum: “I’d be shocked if he didn’t run.”

NOTE: At the time this page first went up, Steele had not yet announced that he would run for reelection. Minutes later, he did. FrumForum was not on the call, but instead misinterpreted the wording of a source on the call.  With that and other evidence to go with the story, we ran the piece. The author of this piece apologizes for this error.


RNC Chair Candidates React

Maria Cino:
“It’s an unfortunate fact that our party is now challenged by very serious issues: massive debt, outdated technology, diminished donor support, and a non-existent voter registration program.

What I’ve heard in my conversations with RNC members is that our party needs a leader who can rebuild our voter programs, reclaim our technology dominance and, most importantly, raise and responsibly manage the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to win in 2012.

I believe my experience raising money and effectively managing major RNC programs make me the candidate best prepared to accomplish these tasks and make the RNC into a force that can defeat President Obama.”

Ann Wagner:
“I welcome Michael Steele to the race. But this is not about Michael Steele – it is about a fully funded, fully functional RNC and winning in 2012…

It is time to turn the page. We need a new direction and new leadership at the Republican National Committee. I believe my experience offers the full package of fundraising success, management skills, grassroots organizing, communications and a proven record of winning elections,”

Saul Anuzis: 
“I’m looking forward to debating what the future of the RNC looks like. I think it’s great that [Steele's] decided to be part of the conversation… I still believe that there is a growing consensus for change, and I think that as we engage the membership over the next several weeks, we’ll see more and more of that come about.”

RNC Members React:

“I’m very happy, because I think this is very good news for the Republican Party and the country as well. Michael Steele has brought us from a very low point to a very high point,” said Pat Rogers, NCM from New Mexico.

“I’m surprised with all the drama leading up to this that he is running for a 2nd term. His tenure as chairman has been a disaster. For the sake of our Republic, we must elect a chairman who can help carry us to victory in 2012 to defeat the Obama Socialist agenda,” writes Steve Scheffler, NCM from Iowa.

“I will be supporting Chairman Steele. I was hopeful and pleasantly surprised [that he's running] after all the negative stuff others were throwing around,” said Montana State Chair Will Deschamps.

“Two years ago, I was supporting another candidate but then that candidate pulled out and so we collectively went over and threw our support to Michael Steele.  We are so proud of what he has done of the big wins throughout the country.

Of course as in any organization there are problems and there would continue to be problems as long as we are human beings, but let us give [our support to] this man who has proven himself and someone who keeps to his word,” said Peter Ada, the NCM from Guam.

“I think as long as Steele keeps his focus on limited, constitutional government and continues to attract and support voters who value freedom, liberty and the American dream of opportunity for all -and doesn’t get into the weeds of infighting- he’ll be tough to beat.” says David Lewis, National Committeeman from North Carolina.

“Everyone is welcome to run. The strongest personality will get the vote. It comes down to 185 members and no press or bloggers have a vote. May the best person win.” adds Heidi Smith National Committeewoman from Nevada.

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