Steele: Joining MSNBC?

May 20th, 2011 at 3:25 pm | 9 Comments |

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The Hill reports:

Former Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele is in negotiations with MSNBC to be a political analyst, ed according to sources.

Steele would be a prominent Republican voice on a network known for its liberal television hosts. If the deal goes through, he would join the cable network in time to offer commentary on the 2012 elections.

Steele was ousted as head of the Republican Party in its January election. He signed on as a monthly columnist at The Root, an African-American news site owned by The Washington Post, earlier this month.

The former chairman has been a cable TV presence on several networks since leaving the RNC. The New York Post reported in January that Steele was in talks with Fox News and CNN about possible gigs.

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  • dafyd

    I wonder why he won’t be over at Fox? Hmm? I remember how much of a fool he sounded like during the 2008 elections when he was on shows like Hannity. He is such a joke.
    If he does go to MSNBC, I will be changing the channel everytime.

  • Crime Dog

    Republicans and Democrats both hate Steele. The two sides can come together!

  • ScoopAway

    I’ve heard him several times as a guest on MSNBC the past several months. He comes across as an affable guy who seems to lack vitriol, and I’ve come to like him. Not necessarily like what he says, but then what he is likely to say is quite unpredictable and not always logical. He’s more of a political entertainer rather than someone to take seriously.

  • jakester

    He isn’t a bad guy. But puhleeze, why not hire real journalists for a change instead of washed up or job hunting politicians? I’m sure the rabid right would use this as proof positive that he is part of the liberal plantation.

  • zephae

    He can the Juan Williams of MSNBC.

  • ScoopAway

    “… why not hire real journalists for a change instead of washed up or job hunting politicians?”

    LOL, tell that to Fox….

  • Bunker555

    Doubt that MSNBC can regain the glory days of when Keith Olberman was there. Rachel Maddow, Lawrence, Ed, and Chris are smart and entertaining, but don’t think Steele will help the network.

  • politicalfan

    Seen him on a couple of times, thought he did well.