Snowe’s Challenger: Obama is Not a Christian

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The most prominent Republican challenging Olympia Snowe in the Senate GOP primary in Maine says President Obama is “exercising a lot of Muslim faith” and doesn’t believe he is a Christian.

Scott D’Amboise, one of two Republicans challenging Snowe, has been endorsed by several organizations whose Tea-Party-supported stances have been subjects of controversy, including one that still suggests that Obama’s birth certificate is fake and another which has accused Obama of making peace with terrorists and of “returning to his Muslim roots.”

Despite the fact that Obama has publicly identified himself as holding Christian beliefs, D’Amboise insisted to FrumForum: “The President, he says he is Christian but yet he’s exercises a lot of Muslim faith too. Me personally, I’m a Christian conservative. I don’t hold any malice to anybody, whether they are Muslim, or Jewish, or Catholic, or anything else. I just believe that he needs to come forward with his views a little bit clearer.”

When asked whether D’Amboise believed that Obama was secretly a Muslim — or how holding Muslim sympathies might effect his policies — D’Amboise replied: “I don’t know if he is or isn’t, but I don’t believe he’s a Christian.”

That is why, D’Amboise suggested, Obama specifically “eliminati[ed] the [National] Day of Prayer on August 6.” (In 2009, the Obama White House marked the National Day of Prayer with a proclamation, but not with a formal event. This was criticized by some groups such as Focus on the Family. The National Day of Prayer also takes place on the first Thursday in May, not August.)

D’Amboise said that it was offensive that Obama “cancelled” the National Day of Prayer because he knows Obama celebrated a “Muslim holiday” or some similar occasion. D’Amboise could not remember the name of the celebration that he thinks Obama celebrated.

D’Amboise further told FrumForum that while he did believe America was a Christian nation, that “we could have a Jewish president and I wouldn’t have any problem with that.”

The main thing as a Christian, D’Amboise said, “is not to judge”– except, perhaps, when your president might have Muslim sympathies.

In the FrumForum interview, D’Amboise also aligned himself with the controversial views of the Minuteman PAC, which endorsed his candidacy last month.  D’Amboise said he agrees with the views of the group, one of which is “keeping this country safe”.  Minuteman PAC, an organization that claims to be “in defense of our sovereign borders” and advocates extensive measures to prevent illegal immigration, named D’Amboise a representative of Border Security Patriots.  In the group’s endorsement letter, the Minuteman PAC praised D’Amboise’s  “zero-tolerance approach to the illegal immigration crisis” as a much-needed stance.

The organization itself has other questionable views, having posted controversial content on its website. Notably, it still promotes a video providing “evidence” that Obama’s birth certificate was forged using Photoshop.

D’Amboise told FrumForum that there are more important things to do than worry about the veracity of the president’s birth certificate. He described the issue as “frustrating” and a “dead horse, literally.”

“It doesn’t matter what the view is – he’s already elected president. There’s nothing we can do,” he said. “I don’t agree completely with [the claim that the document is fake].”

He continued, “It isn’t about the birth, it’s about the birth certificate, and whether they can prove it or not, I think we can take our energy and use it in different areas of trying to get this country back.”

FrumForum made multiple attempts to contact the Minutemen PAC to discuss why it still links to a birther video on their website but received no reply.

D’Amboise was also endorsed by the National Republican Trust PAC. NRT’s executive director, Scott Wheeler, told FrumForum that Olympia Snowe will “face a well-financed primary opponent,” which the organization will make sure to sponsor financially to the maximum extent of the law.

Wheeler, who writes regularly for the NRT PAC’s website and calls himself an “investigative journalist,” is the one to have made the accusation against Obama for returning to his Muslim roots and reaching out to terrorists.

D’Amboise says he will campaign on his own merits, but says he finds the views of the NRT PAC “to be in standard with what I believe in Christian views” and is “glad” to have received their endorsement.

The group claims, among other positions, that “associates” of the Justice Department have worked to help organize the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

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  • Frumplestiltskin

    Personally, there is no way that this D’Amboise (and is he even American? Sounds French to me) is a Christian, he looks like he is a Satanist, what with those beedy eyes, and thin, greasy hair.
    No way would I want that really odd looking man around my children.

  • dmnolan

    How do you exercise “a lot of Muslim faith?” Is it like having a lot of natural rhythm? Does Mr. D’Amboise receive special mind signals regarding other people’s “tendencies?” Jack-ass.

  • politicalfan

    What year is this again?

  • Gus

    Is Maine crazy enough to elect a nutbar like this Senator?

  • Saladdin

    Is there some sort of requirement for Tea Party types to prove how much they hate the President? It doesn’t require cognitive thought and isn’t an actual requirement for higher office, but still…

  • vrob125

    We are not going to be able to build a “better” conservatism with idiots like this. This man is extremely stupid, and no, Maine is not crazy enough to elect something so disgusting. You need to take him off of your front page; he is embarrassing to himself and everyone connected to him. Heck, he’s embarrassing me–just by being on the same earth.

  • Solo4114

    So I guess we’ll be welcoming Sen. Snowe back in 2013…

    • Saladdin

      Solo, I’d hold off on that for a little bit.

      Gus, I dunno, but for my money the Governor is pretty insane as well

      • Solo4114

        Admittedly, it depends on the Maine GOP electorate, but they’ll have to think long and hard about whether they want to go down the Christine O’Donnell path.

        • balconesfault

          Do you really think Tea Partiers think at that level?

        • Solo4114

          Not really, no, but I think it’s possible that the Maine GOP is made up of more than just Tea Party folks.

    • douchebaggery

      Or a Democrat senator in 2013

      • Solo4114

        That was my point re: Christine O’Donnell, really. Loony Tea Party candidate wins primary, enter new Dem. senator. Alternatively, you could end up with a Connecticut scenario where a “wing” challenger bumps the “centrist” candidate off the ticket in a primary…who then turns around, runs as an “Independent who will caucus with the original party” and wins.

        Side note: anyone know if Maine has open primaries?

      • pnumi2


        Or a Democrat senator in 2013

        George Mitchell would be nice.

  • balconesfault

    Sounds like me a winning strategy for someone trying to win a GOP Primary these days.

    In a poll last August by Pew, only 27% of Republicans said they thought Obama was a Christian.

    And while for independents and Democrats, whether or not Obama is a Christian is largely irrelevant to voters … in the GOP it matters.

    D’Amboise may have hit on the perfect wedge issue to win over Snowe – embracing the deep dark heart of the GOP in a place where I don’t even think that she will crawl for votes.

  • Sean Linnane

    This sounds about right to me. How anyone on Earth ever thought a guy named “Barack Hussein Obama” is anything BUT a Muslim is beyond me.

    OK, so Obama might have converted to Christianity somewhere down the line – in which case he’s an apostate and all the “good” Muslims are obliged to . . . never mind I don’t want to go there . . . I don’t even want to entertain such thoughts . . .

    In any case, after listening to the preacher he sat in front of for twenty years; if Obama is a Christian, he sure isn’t any kind of Christian I’m aware of . . .

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it – S.L.

    • Xunzi Washington

      How anyone on Earth ever thought a guy named “Sean Linnane” — someone who has never written a column or argument that is even marginally intelligent or classy — could ever get a column on a David Frum website is beyond me. You must have saved him mother’s life or something, or you have pictures of him in lace panties. Something that makes him indebted to allow you to post/comment here.

      • balconesfault

        I have a sneaky suspicion that this is someone spoofing Linnane. I mean really, nobody could come out publicly with a statement that bigoted and be expected to be taken seriously in the future, could they?

        I’m actually inclined to give the real SL the benefit of the doubt here for not being some kind of racist lunatic.

        • TerryF98

          Linnane’s own blog is a hotbed of racism, so why is this outpouring of disgusting rhetoric any different?

        • balconesfault

          Ah – never checked his blog, I’d have to say.

          Just surprised that Frum would actually give audience to someone who is as racist as that comment above indicated.

      • gocart mozart

        I checked out Linnane’s site. All evidence suggests that he is a racist freedom hating fascist fake revolutionary with a very small penis.

    • Raskolnik

      1) The earliest Christians were mostly Syriac-speaking Arabs and Palestinian (i.e. Hellenic-hybrid) Jews. The early church flourished mostly in the East. Why do you think St. Paul’s letters were mostly to the churches in Antioch (Syria), Corinth (Greece), &c.? St. Paul’s conversion experience was literally on the road to Damascus (Syria).

      2) Accordingly the idea that someone with the name “Hussein” cannot be Christian is well over the borderline of racism. There are still over half a million Orthodox Christians in the Holy Land, most of them Arabs. Hussein just means “good” or “handsome” or “beautiful” in Arabic, there is nothing specifically Muslim about it.

      3) These Tea people have no idea, I mean not the first clue, as to what Christianity is. There is actually a very simple litmus test: if you think that every word in the Bible should be taken literally, then you are a Biblical Literalist, meaning that you have abandoned lower-case-o orthodoxy in favor of capital-h Heresy. If you believe in “the Rapture,” you are not a Christian, end of story. These people are not Christians, they are kooks, and they need to be stopped. They have invented a fairy-tale religion, a “Gospel of Wealth” but not of sacrifice or service, they are using an unsubstantiated, morally and intellectually bankrupt, heterodox fallacy to justify their aggression and their greed. They are worse than the Pharisees. They are the kind of “religious” people who scorned Christ, they are nothing more than the screaming mob that wanted Barrabas to go free instead of our Lord and Savior.

    • jakester

      A warmongering ignorant bully and bigot like you represents Christianity really well, if you belong to the Aryan Church maybe.

  • LFC

    It looks like the Tea Party Republicans are finally embracing equality. After Palin, Bachmann, Angle, and O’Donnell, they’re now nominating crazy men as well.

  • Bebe99

    To the Tea Party the only real Christian is a fundamentalist Christian, so in that respect Obama, and indeed most Americans, are not their idea of Christian. So hey, they may as well be Muslims or Druids to the TP. As for myself I find their brand of Christianity to be far, far from what I was taught in Catholic school, and further still from my current beliefs. Anti-science, anti-modern, anti-intellectual. These are not the views of a healthy faith, but more like a cult.

    • jakester

      I agree, most of the Christian Right, the fundies who brought us Bush, are now tea partiers. Even some are Catholics, like that nutcase Keyes babbling about usurpers and Nazis./

  • msoliverca

    VP material, I’d say. Bachmann/D’Amboise ’12….

  • stix1972

    If you want to get rid of Snowe there is another candidate that is not as much of a nutball on the Birther or religious issues. Choose Andrew Ian Dodge in the primary.

    BTW not all Tea Partiers are this absurd about Muslims and religion in general. These people call themselves part of the Tea Party, but the Tea Party stands for less government , less taxes and less intrusion into every day life. Not this kind of idiocy.

  • think4yourself

    I think it’s interesting this “Judeo-Christian heritage” idea that Evangelicals have developed over the last 25 years or so. That Jews are okay as part of the culture with Conservative Christians when all others are not.

    This idea is only supported by Evangelicals and right wing Israeli politicians. Most Jews are not interested in that connection. What’s funny is that the core of Evangelical belief is if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, when you die you go straight to Hell and spend forever in torment and fire. Jews by definition rejected Jesus and are guaranteed they will go to Hell along with Muslims, Buddhists and all members of the National Organization for Women and the Log Cabin Republicans (but we won’t talk about them, just like with the Jews).

  • shinnok

    As a middle class American Catholic who has contributed significantly towards Social Security I’d rather a Muslim than a ‘Christian’ who blindly follows Ayn Rand.

  • rbottoms

    The GOP is sick beyond saving.

  • pnumi2

    If D’Amboise is successful, Dweesil Zappa is going to have an uphill battle to get into politics.

    Zappa was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of musician Frank Zappa and Adelaide Gail Sloatman. He is the second of four siblings: his older sister, Moon Unit, younger sister Diva and younger brother Ahmet.

    The tea party better convene an inquisition to determine if the Zappas really are cool aid Christians or just pretending.

  • ditka

    This guy is the male Christine O’Donnell. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry Reid sent him a campaign contribution. If he gets anywhere near the nomination the Dems should easily pick the seat up.

  • Houndentenor

    Is anyone surprise by this?

    Please, David, get out of the beltway and talk to the base of the Republican party. I routinely have people tell me they believe Obama is a Muslim. You probably won’t find these opinions on the Manhattan and Georgetown cocktail circuits but out here in the rest of the country these views are common and often go unchallenged because 1) everyone else in the room agrees or 2) people like me have figured out not to try to reason with people like this. This is the modern GOP. God help us all.

  • DevorahLeah

    I am mystified by the gentleman (?) from Maine, although the current Maine governor is pretty bizarre too. Perhaps it’s something in the water that Maine Republicans drink? I am pleased to know Michelle Obama’s first cousin, who is a RABBI (yes, a real, genuine Jewish person, and a member of the Chicago Board of Rabbis). He says Obama is a Christian, and I think he knows better than Mr D’Amboise, having spent considerable time with the Obamas. Oh, and that rabbi– his name is Capers Funnyé (say it: Fah-NAY), which doesn’t “sound” Jewish, and yet he is. You can’t tell by people’s names any more. Obama was given the name of the father he never knew, but as has been documented time and again, he was raised by his mother’s side of the family, all of whom identify as Christians.

    As a proud Jewish Democrat who respects David Frum for being a a moderate voice in the Republican party, I would think he’d be embarrassed that so many in today’s GOP identify with birtherism, and with repeatedly-debunked urban myths that the president is a secret Muslim. Many of us Democrats think this sort of discourse is poisoning the political landscape and we wish GOP political leaders would speak out more forcefully against it.

  • LFC

    Latest PPP poll puts Bachmann in the lead of the Republican field, 1 point ahead of Romney. Buckle up, kids. This is going to get crazier and crazier.

    • LFC

      I almost forgot. Here’s an interesting article on Michele Bachmann saying that her career choice and her choice to run for office were both a part of her submitting to her husband Marcus, just like the Bible said she should.

      Here’s a sample:

      Back in October 2006, recounting her life journey to an audience at the Living Word Christian Center, Bachmann talked about “receiving Jesus” at 16, studying hard, meeting her future husband at college, and earning a law degree. “My husband said ‘Now you need to go and get a post-doctorate degree in tax law.’ Tax law! I hate taxes—why should I go and do something like that?” she told the audience. “But the Lord says be submissive. Wives, you are to be submissive to your husbands.”

  • JFriedman

    I’m an election away from moving somewhere far far away.

  • baw1064

    If the Tea Partiers had actually read the Constitution, then they would know that it contains a clause about there being a prohibition on religious tests for public office.

  • jakester

    The teabaggers are just fundamentalist retards attempting politics. That they can pass themselves off as libertarians is nonsense.

  • pnumi2


    Did you guys know that the more tea partiers are in a room, the lower their average IQ is?

    • jakester

      I agree, ironically they do have some good points, like I believe we have passed the point where the government is doing too much

  • gocart mozart

    Never before has there been such a collection of stupid gathered in one place since Sarah Palin dined alone.

    • pnumi2


      Do Alaskans dine or do they shovel it in? I knew a Frenchie named Escar Gocart in college. Any relation?

      • Balsack

        And we all know of a culture not far from me.
        Which calls Spam “CARGO”

        Now, pls, let us consume more CARGO while it drops and drips from the sky.

        • pnumi2

          go mo

          I have to apologize profusely. The Frenchy’s name wasn’t Escargo Gocart. It was Escar Gobar

          I apologize.

  • DFL

    Obama isn’t a Christian nor is he a Muslim. Although monotheistic, his religion revolves around his favorite person- himself.

    • LFC

      I think I smell a crestfallen birther.

      • DFL

        Sad to say, I was never a birther. Steve Sailer’s 2009 biography of Obama does a very good job refuting the silly birther argument.

  • Watusie

    Sean Linnane says “how anyone on Earth ever thought a guy named “Barack Hussein Obama” is anything BUT a Muslim is beyond me”.

    Sean, I’m typing this very slowly in order to make it easier for you to understand – he was one day old when he was given that name. He had no choice in the matter.

    Is that clear to you? Do you need me to express it in some other way in order for you to grasp the concept?

  • Charles M. Kelly

    I can’t believe people seeking public office are spewing this bilge. Nor can I believe anyone is paying attention.

    For crying out loud, what would convince these nuts that Obama is the Christian he says he is? Must he begin and end every public appearance with “praise Jesus?” Must he advocate positions more extreme and anti-Muslim than those of Mr. Cain?

    My mother was a schizophrenic alcoholic and she made a lot more sense than this nut job.

    How did the conservative movement degenerate into this? How did the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower sink so far?

    I blame the Left. If they put up better quality candidates, the Right would have been forced to put up better quality candidates in order to compete.

    The sane Right, sane Center and Sane Left need to put aside their differences and work together to drive the loons off the political stage.

    • pnumi2


      Water say hello to the underside of the bridge.

    • Tamon

      For crying out loud, what would convince these nuts that Obama is the Christian he says he is? Must he begin and end every public appearance with “praise Jesus?” Must he advocate positions more extreme and anti-Muslim than those of Mr. Cain?

      None of those would be sufficient proof for the bigots/racists/dolts/nutjobs. The only thing that would prove President Obama is a Christian to them would be his crucifixion.

  • Primrose

    Oh, goody. Do we get to just declare what we think another person’s religion is, regardless of facts? Then declare every Christian who speaks against aid to the poor and taxes to the rich, a satanist, the church of look out for number one.

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  • jakester

    Hey notice how we don’t see Churl anymore but now we have Sean L. posting? Could they be the same person?

    • Raskolnik

      “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities…not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience. For the same reason you must also pay taxes, for the authorities are ministers of God, attending to this very thing. Pay all of them their dues, taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due.”

      St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, 13:1, 5-8

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  • Balsack

    Right now, I am sitting here, with plenty of PCB’s wafting over me. It feels good. That I know my neighbor is allowed to burn his trash without compunction. I allow him this freedom, so that some day in the future, he will be free to pay for my cancer treatment.

    So what should I do? Should I quote scripture to him? And if so, what good quotes might you suggest? Mind you, you need to put these “good citations” in Chinese. Otherwise, they will fall on deaf ears.

    At the risk of seeming and being an old hack, while the PCB’s are almost smoking us to death, and while most of you guys are living the life of Riley, in your USA Cages, I still hold out for a more enlightened discourse. I know that most of you are smarter than I. This goes without saying. One should never be bashful about recognizing a higher intellect, such as GOD, and FrumForum commenters.

    But, I am just wondering.

    To my point of view, one should not just diddle around wasting time commenting on things which do not matter or have true import for the people I see, every day Because each and every day, I see so many people who are even less fortunate than I. And it sticks in my craw, just wondering how our God can be so unjust in this life. But He also says life will be equal when we all waft up to Heaven, together with our PCBs.

    Of course, God is nonsense.

    But still, people here might pay more attention to the few determining factors which decide a good life.


    Sure, I am truly a hack.
    But these three things are what I care about most.
    And so should you. (Oh, yes, I forgot QingDao Pijiu).

    Has anyone here gone romping through the fields of rapeseed? West of Shanghai?
    Well, rapeseed is a fuel, as we all know.
    It is bright yellow and it turns the countryside yellow, when it is flowering.

    But rapeseed will never put a dent in the energy needs of 1.5 billion people.
    Seeking to live the “good life”.
    Jim Chanos has called real estate investment a treadmill to hell.

    But Chanos does not truly grasp the true impact of 1.5 billion people all seeking to better their lives.
    This is why, IMHO, I very much think that you smart guys should better pay attention to the implications of 3.5 billion people rising in Asia.

    In my narrow point of view, this is truly one of the most important things that anyone should blog about. Just because, almost anything I can think of pales in comparison.

    If anyone here thinks that Palin will be of issue, ten years from now, then you are wrong! The KEY issue will be ENERGY, in 2013 or 2015.

    I hate to say it. But there are just not enough resources here, on our sorry earth, to fit the needs of 7 billion people. And you guys, and your god damned chief of condoms police, do not realize that we are due to add another 2 billion, in the blink of an eye!

    IMHO, this is what EVERYONE should be thinking about. Anyone with kids, that is. For the fortunate without kids, then I say, KUDOS to you. At least, you got one thing right.

  • Balsack

    But, pls do not worry. I am not gloating.
    My new wife is the OctoMom.
    And I spend most of my time wondering how we can get them to pick beans in the field.
    The field of their dreams which is also rapidly diminishing.

    You got to wonder.
    How much access time can you expect on the Keck if you are a bean picker?
    And then, what is the purpose of life if one does not have access to the Keck?

    Because there is nothing of interest over here. One needs to look outward in order to find the meaning of life.

    Or, if you do not agree. I have a few Cobras that might make you happy. They are black with a few white markings. True great snakes! I was waiting to cook them up when we have guests for dinner. The cobra is a WONDERFUL snake! Rather potent. But he never enjoys biting his two legged neighbors. He does not wish to waste his poison on his poisonous fellows. This snake prefers to eat tiny toads.

    I love this snake! He is a GOD.
    Just as, SMALLPOX has always been seen as a GOD.
    So, please give me two helpings of the Cobra and one dose of Smallpox.
    This way, I know I am sure to get to Heaven.

    But please hold the Clap, I have had that before and it never did get me to heaven.

  • Balsack

    So then, you might wonder, if Paul Ehrlich is such a naysayer about the future of our world, then why might he bring into this world, another who shares his genes?

    Well, we can only say. Mrs Paul Ehrlich is one hell of a foxy lady. And sometimes, Paul thinks with his Berkeley Dick, not with his Berkeley Brain.

    Everyone has ones foibles. And diddling one’s wife is not a terrible foible.
    I think almost everyone on this blog has done this.

  • Balsack

    But, if you are asking me, does Paul Ehrlich discuss population issues while screwing his sexy wife? Then I would have to say YES.

    Is Paul Ehrlich one of the smartest of men you might find on this planet?

    I can not tell you.
    Because if he would shave more closely,
    then he would be, to me, one of the sexiest of men, alive?

    Alive, mind you!
    If Somerset Maugham were here,
    then there would simply be NO comparison.

    So, then, why did Somerset Maugham never write a Queer Story?
    even while so many of us would be so willing to be his gimp?

    The answer is simple. There were too many Gimlets standing in his way.

  • Raskolnik


    You raise so many points all at once that one hardly knows how to respond!

    But I will zoom in (as is my wont) on one:

    The KEY issue will be ENERGY, in 2013 or 2015.
    Rapeseed will never put a dent in the energy needs of 1.5 billion people.

    I am familiar with fields of rape, not West of Shanghai but North of London.

    Like the seeds of these beautiful yellow flowers, the energy which reaches our beautiful blue planet from our beautiful yellow sun is simply not enough for the needs of our 7 billion (and counting) beautiful human beings.

    There are not enough “resources” for everyone, if some take more than what is due to them.

    Nor will there be enough “energy,” if our “resources” are consumed to produce our “energy.”

    That is why we must remember what we learned at the dawn of the twentieth century, that there is more energy in a handful of rapeseed than has ever been produced in the history of mankind. If we unlock its deepest potential. The difference between fields of rape and ore of uranium is the relative ease with which we currently are able to unlock that potential.

    Atomic power, harnessing the fact that energy is matter is energy is matter is matter is energy, is the future. Moving forward, it is the only way.

    • pnumi2

      Actually, Raskol, the real fields of rape are backstage at rock’n roll concerts after the show.

  • Balsack

    Actually, there is really no point now, debating Paul Ehrlich, from Berkeley, queer as he might be. Because we can see the signs which he presaged in our daily lives.

    If you wish more proof, then what more proof do you truly need? Other than to travel around our world and take in the sorry sights?

    The basic problem always is, the messenger of Glad Tidings should be made to fall on his sword. Or eat his words. I am sure that Paul would love to eat his words. BUT, the only thing stopping him, is that he is DEAD ON TARGET!

    Actually, most people where you are are not so lucky as I to be at the forefront of the degradation of our natural world. I can see it, YOY, baby.

    For example, how can you ask some Oakie who has never seen the sea in his life to judge the difference in plastics washed up, year by year? Here is the answer. Any Oakie who is worth his salt can come over here and report.

    But, really. I truly believe that most people who were in the know already realized that we are in a very hopeless situation.

    Most of us old guys, who no longer have a huge stake in the game will tell you exactly the same thing. There is just too much momentum behind us, pushing us on.

    Regarding the PRD project? Who cares? Most of you guys have never lived in a good Hong Kong, anyway! Did I think you might huainian Hong Kong’s yesteryear? No way.

    You have lived in sht. And then you will die in even more sht. Unlike, I, who was born before this crazy super exponential curve took off. I was lucky enough to be born just when our world was about to fck itself.

    NO! Please do not think I am gloating in any way. Because, truly, I do not see our world circumstance this way. I just feel extreme concern. And I feel pain at seeing a once great world which I very much loved descend into something which I never before imagined. But this is wrong. Because back in good old days, when Jim Croce was still alive, riding his sickle, there were smart people, such as Ehrlich who told us what we could expect. And Paul Ehrlich was RIGHT on the money!

    I must admit to being somewhat of an IDIOT. But, I am still not so fking stupid that I did not get my god fcking damned GED! And so, this is always why I will be a hack. Simply because I only have a GED.

    Yes, truly, I am a self made Man. I even pleasure myself, as a self made man should.

    And I do not care about water wars.
    Not as long as Coca Cola gives me QingDao Pijiu.

    How many of you have read the study sponsored by the Canadian Gov which was put out by the Sexy Gal, what’s her face? Have you read it?

    Well yes. Her advice was to move Beijing to the South. And, I totally agree.

    You can bring the water to Beijing, at a HUGE cost.
    Or, you can move Beijing to the South at a relatively minimal cost.
    If you were a fcking RED, then what would you do?
    Chose the logical solution?
    Or, would you chose to bankrupt your country and despoil its natural assets?

    This is a NO BRAINER. Fck the god damned country.
    and let us have more water in Beijing.

    Of course you know whom I am speaking of. I think this fine you lady is named Liz Economy. She may not be the smartest gal. But I think she has pointed out some OPEN portholes in our argument.

    If, Liz were all wet. But she could not be, since Beijing is so dry. Then if Beijing refuses to accept her data, then what do we do?

    One good thing we might do.
    Is to put out some wonderful Divers to divert attention away from important issues such as water.

    The other thing we might do, is to discredit Liz Economy. But. I love Ms Economy.

    Every time I see Ms Economy attacked for doing her best to tell the truth, it is like a sharp shard into my own heart.

    Also, I challenge Ms Economy to publish her data over here, for all to see. Otherwise, some of you more industrious people can find out Ms Economy’s data. The purpose of our inquiry, should be, how many of China’s rivers are running black. Also, how much is Beijing’s water table falling.

    We only wish to know the truth.
    But, as I suspect, the truth is always skewed.

    For example,are there any engineers who can actually check on Ms Economy’s claims?

  • Churl

    Of course Obama is Christian. He attended the same Chicago church with the same Christian pastor for, what, 20 years, was married in that church and had his children baptized there.

    The only evidence against his piety is that he seems to have slept through all the sermons, although many others of all denominations do this as well, so it’s no big thing.

    • pnumi2


      “The only evidence against his piety is that he seems to have slept through all the sermons, although many others of all denominations do this as well, so it’s no big thing.”

      This the truest line about religion I have read here. +1

  • Traveler51

    Favorite Quotations
    Passing judgment on someone does not define who THEY are; it defines who YOU are. Why is this important to anyone? Why is this subject thought to be anybody else’s business?

    • Sean Linnane

      I’ll pass judgment on this man not only because we ALL pass judgment all the time, but because he’s the President of the United States, and as such he is my employee; I help pay his salary – and looking at the taxes I paid last year, I paid a significant chunk of it.

      And if my passing judgment on Barack Obama’s religion – whether he’s a godless Marxist ideologue, a Muslim, or both – defines who I am, so be it. I am an American first, a Conservative second, and a Republican distant third.

      I am also a veteran, a professional soldier and a business owner. Beyond religion, that is three things that Barack Obama is not.

      And his subject IS our business, because the extreme diatribes coming out of Obama’s Racist, America-Hating Trinity United Church of Christ would have disqualified any other candidate for the Presidency; if the Press had decided to do it’s usual duty of vetting the candidate, that is.

      Obama got a pass then and continues to get a pass now; he is in fact the single most radical individual ever to occupy the Oval Office.

      The religion question adds a whole new dimension to the term ‘Disgraceful’.

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