Sex Scandals: Who Are The Hypocrites?

June 26th, 2009 at 8:50 am David Frum | 3 Comments |

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I notice a theme in some of the comments on the NM tally of Republican and Democratic sex scandals: Republican scandals it is said are worse because they are spiced by hypocrisy, ed what with the GOP being the party of traditional morality and all. But if hypocrisy is the worst sin, nurse here too Democrats are equally guilty. After all: are not they the party of feminism? Of equal respect for women? That condemns “objectification” and “the beauty myth?” So what on earth are Bill Clinton and John Edwards and many many others doing betraying their estimable wives for brainless sexpots? Seems like, hem, hypocrisy to me.

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  • balconesfault

    LOL – while having an affair is certainly a betrayal of trust … do you really want to go down the path that labels every woman who messes around with a politician to be a “brainless sexpot”?

  • ottovbvs

    Consensual participation in sex by an adult woman renders them a brainless love object? Are you serious David. This is a stretch even for you.

  • FrumForum Editors

    We’re all hypocrites.