Schwarzenegger Endorses Crist for Senate

October 12th, 2010 at 11:56 pm | 4 Comments |

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Politics Daily reports:

Showing that independent-minded governors of sunny coastal states ought to stick together, Arnold Schwarzenegger has endorsed Charlie Crist for Senate in Florida.

The California governor tweeted his backing Tuesday while traveling in Europe.

“I endorse Gov @charliecristfl for Senate. Great leader, works with both parties, and our country needs someone like him in DC right now,” Schwarzenegger wrote on his Twitter page.

Crist tweeted back: “@Schwarzenegger – I’m honored to receive your endorsement. Thank you for the kind words my friend.”

Later Crist released an official statement underscoring his appreciation for the Governator’s support, Miami’s New Times reported.

“Governor Schwarzenegger has led California through extraordinarily difficult times in a bipartisan way. We have worked together on such crucial issues as reducing climate change and promoting alternative energy. I’m honored to have the support of this independent leader,” Crist wrote.

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  • CentristNYer

    And so did Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, calling Rubio a corporate “sock puppet.”

    Crist may win this thing yet.

  • abj

    CentristNYer -

    I expect his endorsement to be about as helpful for Crist as it was for Martha Coakley. He also called Rubio supporters “crackpots” and “stupid.” Insulting voters you’re trying to win over rarely ever works.

    And bragging about receiving an endorsement from a failed governor with a 20% approval rating is just hilarious. Crist is done. Good riddance.

  • drdredel

    While I disagree with Arny on many fronts, I think he’s done a fairly good job, given the magnitude of the responsibility. I didn’t vote for him, but if he were running again I would.

    And I very rarely vote republican, so, it wouldn’t be out of any partisanship.

    Why is he a “failed” governor” Because the public doesn’t approve of him?

  • abj


    I think he’s failed in that he can lay claim to no policy achievements since he took office. And he hasn’t done anything to steer California toward a more fiscally sane course.