Rove: Romney Must Admit Romneycare is a Problem

January 21st, 2011 at 12:21 am | 16 Comments |

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Political Wire reports:

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Karl Rove addresses what many consider is Mitt Romney’s biggest problem in the Republican presidential primaries.

Said Rove: “My view is this year is a year in which every candidate gets a chance to recognize their challenges, to recognize their strengths, and to overcome their challenges, and to bolster their strengths. And if Mitt Romney recognizes that his answer on why on what they did in Massachusetts looks so much like what Obama tried to do to the country, if he recognizes that is a problem, then he’ll work his way out of the problem. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t.”

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  • Pablo

    Romney wasn’t wrong. Romney needs to stand up the conservative punditry and argue passionately for his plan, instead of running away from it. Of course, this would involve conceding that Obamacare is not all that bad. So it won’t happen.

  • valkayec

    That’s the problem with the GOP running away from a GOP plan. They’re left with not good options.

  • jerry ebert

    Who better than Rove to advise anyone on how to handle hypocrisy?

  • JaneB

    False headline. Rove did not say Romney must admit Romneycare is a problem. He said Romney needs a better answer as to why Romneycare “looks so much like” Obamacare. Big difference.


    Rove is an evil jackass, but politically speaking, he’s right. Because of all the hate that Republicans have now piled onto Obamacare, Romney’s efforts in Massachusetts will make this a major stick with which to beat him if he runs in 2012.

  • Houndentenor

    As if a Mormon is going to get past the religious right and get the GOP nomination?

  • antron

    “what Obama tried to do to the country”?

    Rove is in denial too?

  • medinnus

    Ah, the good old Turd Blossom himself speaks.

  • Carney

    Houndentenor, being a social conservative who disagrees with the religious right on zero public policy issues helps. Call him a flip-flopper if you want, but Reagan and Bush Sr. did the same thing.

    We went from Nelson Rockefeller losing the GOP nomination in 1964 in large part due to his divorce, to Reagan being a major contender for the GOP nomination in 1976 and winning it in 1980 with divorce never being an issue. (Not that I am thrilled with the normalization of divorce, mind you – a little stigma is a good thing.)

    So being from outside traditional, trinitarian Christianity may not be fatal to Romney, especially if those who care about this issue split their votes among several candidates (letting Romney get the nomination) and Romney names an evangelical as his running mate (thus nailing down the base for the general).

  • Saladdin

    Uh, aren’t we giving Mitt too much credit? As far as I’ve seen him, reflection isn’t really a big part of his character.

  • NRA Liberal

    Classic concern trolling from the Rovester, master of same.

  • Carney

    NRA Liberal, by definition a concern troll doesn’t have the best interest of the advisee at heart, and may well actually be deliberately giving bad advice.

    Which suggests that you think Rove is anti-Romney. I find this view implausible. Rove is the classic establishment Republican. Romney is currently the leading establishment candidate.

  • forkboy1965

    Isn’t the even bigger issue for Romeny that if he were to backtrack on his very own plan for MA how or why should the nation trust him to make the right decisions at the Federal level as President?

    Put the blame where it squarely belongs: on a GOP so smitten with the word “No” they can’t even admit when something works (like the MA system)

  • politicalfan

    Romney has ground to make the argument better and toss in how it can make long term financial sense.

  • abrady

    Well, since Karl Rove is an expert liar, he would be able to spot others that speak “inaccurately”.

    I will suggest that when Karl comes “clean” then he can call on others to speak the TRUTH.

  • Alex 0_0

    MassHealth and the Health Connector (aka Romneycare) works because Massachusetts is relatively wealthy, healthy, and has the best public school test results in the country. But there is no way this can work on the federal level without extreme costs because much of the rest of America is not healthy or educated about health. Mississippi and Utah or Texas just can’t pay for a similar plan so the feds will have to pay. Many people in Mass like the state plan but don’t want to subsidize bad health choices in other (southern) states. That’s why Scott Brown was elected, to save the local plan from destruction by the federal costs of southern-fried diabetes and 12-kid Mormon families using Obamacare.