Reality Will Trump the Hype

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Don’t believe it!

Periodically the media abandons common sense, click and goes out on a limb believing what it wants to believe, abandoning usual skepticism and Judgment.

Donald Trump possibly running for President of the United States is 2012 is a case in point.

Thanks largely to appearances on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, the idea of Trump challenging for the presidency has taken root, especially as opinion polls show him to be a leading contender among all Republicans — and closing in on Barack Obama’s numbers.

Again, don’t believe it.

Trump, being Trump and something of a blowhard, may actually challenge for the Republican nomination. And his blunt, in-your-face message, devoid of political correctness, may resonate among those who yearn for America to stop pandering to the rest of the world, and to start advancing its own itinerary.

America, and its constitution, are a beacon of inspiration to the world, whether the world realizes it or not. Just look at refugees and the oppressed – all aspire to reach America, seen (often erroneously) as a paradise, or sanctuary, of prosperity and freedom.

“Yearning” is a far cry from wanting Trump as president.

Remember, this is a guy with a huge ego; vanity as big as all outdoors, who has his own reality shows and feeds on controversy.

Likely he started his blustering to be president as a gimmick, and then when O’Reilly and others began taking him seriously, at face value, he began to think maybe it was more than a ploy or attention-getting stunt.

He now talks of running as an independent if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination—which he hasn’t a snowball’s chance of getting.

Running as an independent, like Ross Perot in 1992, will simply guarantee that Obama is re-elected. And Trump doesn’t want that.

One who is under no illusions about Donald Trump is Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, and the most insightful political commentator in America.

Here’s Krauthammer on Trump: “He’s not a candidate, he’s a spectacle. He’s also not a conservative. With a wink and a smile, Muhammad Ali showed that self-promoting obnoxiousness could be charming. Trump shows that it can be merely vulgar. A provocateur and a clown, the Republicans’ Al Sharpton. The Lions have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl.”

There you have it. With no base inside the Republican party, Trump hasn’t a hope of winning the nomination, but he might be tempted to run as an independent and screw up the system as Perot once did.

As far as opinion polls go, at the moment Trump looks more powerful than he is. (A Newsweek poll shows him three points behind Obama).

What Trump’s antics can do, the longer he continues the charade, is put himself in a position where he can influence who the Republican presidential candidate might be. His dismissal of Mitt Romney on grounds that he, Trump, is richer than Romney is just silly. But there’s a distinct silly quality about all of Trump’s posturing and pronouncements.

Anyway, his main vehicle for publicity is an uncritical media which love a show and relishes controversy. Donald Trump is ever-willing to provide both.

But don’t take his possible candidacy seriously—even if he does. It’s just a side-show. Like a dancing bear or a one-armed juggler.

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  • TerryF98

    The people who have jumped onto the Trump clown car have no sense of reality, so believing that reality will somehow show it’s face is in itself unreal.

  • gobsmacked

    The far right seem to latch on to anyone who expresses hatred toward Obama (Palin, Gingrinch, Bachmann….). Trump first grabbed hold of “Birtherism”, making up non-facts to suit his needs, now he’s going after Obama’s educational record, claiming that the man who graduated from Harvard Law with the highest honors did not somehow earn them. Sadly, those on the right who are blinded by their own irrational hatred, are buying the snake oil he’s selling.

    This is not really about Trump or any of the others who have clamored to denounce Obama (for anything and everything), this is more about the sad state of polarizing partisan politics in the US.

  • Slide

    hmmmm….. I seem to recall that Sarah Palin was the Republican Party’s nominee for Vice President of the United States of America. Is a Trump candidacy so difficult to believe?

  • bluestatepastor

    The current Trump fever won’t last long. I doubt Trump will tolerate the scrutiny of his affairs (financial and otherwise) that would accompany a presidential bid.

  • Bulldoglover100

    he Birthers/Baggers are willing to back anyone who shares their irrational hatred. Facts matter little to them nor do that matter to Comb Over Boy BUT they do share one thing in common. They will ruin any chance te Republicans have of besting Obama. When COB says that Obama is not as smart as he puts out, he invites others to underestimate Obama. The people who listen and believe that will do so to the peril of the 2012 election. It almost makes one think he is a closet Obama supporter.

    • longde

      That’s where my money is. Despite his bluster, I think Trump is a rational person. He has to understand the effects of his recent actions, and their harm to the republicans.

      He is definitely a 5th column candidate.

  • satrap

    The Trump thing is really, really bizarre. He, more than any human I think I’ve ever heard or read about, seems to believe that what he says makes reality rather than reality existing outside his own mind. That includes history’s great dictators, etc. who at least seem to farm out their ridiculous statements to spokespeople.

    One thing which I don’t get is that his television ‘base’ i.e. the people most likely to watch his shows, are probably more likely- and at least AS likely- to be Obamaphiles than fierce rightists. Why is he digging his hole so deep?

    • Carney

      satrap, that surprises me also. Michael Jordan was asked why he was not a more outspoken Democrat and replied, “Republicans buy sneakers too.” I’m surprised that NBC hasn’t tried to muzzle him but then again that’s probably a hopeless cause. And if you’re counting on Trump’s supposed financial acumen to do that job, remember he somehow managed to go bankrupt while owning three casinos.

  • rbottoms

    The racism of the GOP is out of control, a raging fever that so-called principled conservatives did more than contenance for 30 years via talk radio but actively encourage to win elections. You can say anything as long as it’s not nigger, other than that anything goes.

    Donald Trump is scum, his supporters are scum as are the 49% of the party who identify as birthers. Articles like this are nothing more than a wish some miracle of sanity will break out in a party that nominated an idiot like Palin four years prior.

    Not a chance.

    • Carney

      Ridiculous. Allen West, Marco Rubio, et al are greeted with enthusiasm.

      If Colin Powell had been a movement conservative type he’d probably have already been President.

      • anniemargret

        Perhaps, Mr. Carney. But you don’t know that, do you? How do you know the racists within your party wouldn’t be having a field day trying to dig up dirt on him, too?

        Colin Powell knows what happened to his party….and I doubt sincerely he is very proud of it.

        As for Barack Obama, it is racism pure and clear. He has a funny name, his father was from Kenya. That’s all it takes for people in your party to put it together and decide he is not an American.

        The provincialism streak runs big-time in the GOP. All those disgusting signs that were held up and the blatant racist remarks coming out from the early Palin gatherings and the follow-up Tea-Party meetings, were not created out of thin air.

        Rbottoms is absolutely correct… it is racism, in all its ugly, sinful state. You all ought to be ashamed of associating with a national political party that for all intent and purposes is being driven by the grievious sin of hate and fear based on color and background.

    • Bunker555

      +1 rbottoms

  • notabene1

    Peter Worthington is absolutely correct. Trump has zero chance of being elected president. But he is surrounded by groveling sycophants who do nothing more than wipe his ass every day, so he continues to believe his own bullshit. If he only knew how many of us out here in the real world, in non-Trump-land–republican, democrat, independent–are actually laughing at him, or are just turning the channel whenever his snarling face shows up on TV… I mean, the mindless escalation of nonsense spewing out of him now, everything from the president supposedly being a lousy student to how he would deal with OPEC–the man is sounding more and more like a raving lunatic. Just imagining him having access to the nuclear launch codes is beyond scary. I just wish the media would stop giving him any more oxygen. Of course, I had the same wish about Palin.

    But the republicans deserve Trump and all the blowback they’ll get from this. For years, even until very recently, leaders within the party (Boehner included) played footsie with the birther issue. Think of how many have been asked directly about it and how many have used that annoying qualifier: “I take the president at his word…” Why not just categorically state that the president was born in Hawaii? Period. Why parse words? One recent example that comes to mind is Boehner’s reply when he was asked what he would do if he found that some of his members were spending their time on birther bills. He said something like this: “I can’t dictate to my members how they should be spending their time… I’m only the speaker…” Only the speaker??? Why not say something like this instead: “I want my members to always be mindful of the fact that they’ve been sent here to act responsibly and to do the people’s business, not to waste any more of our fellow citizens’ money and time on nonsense. And if I find that anyone in the House of Representatives is pursuing such legislation, I will tell them in no uncertain terms to knock it off.”

    Christopher Hitchens once said of Jerry Falwell: “If you gave Falwell an enema, he’d be buried in a matchbox.” Just replace Falwell with Trump, and there would be no truer words ever spoken.

  • Graychin

    When did Republican primary voters become interested in reality?

    Other than the sort of “reality” that is found on Trump’s TV show?

  • nwahs

    Well I gota tell you, I find Trump a hell of a lot more interesting than Palin, and I think conservatives and liberals alike should thank him for relieving Palin fatigue.

  • MurrayAbraham

    “… Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, and the most insightful political commentator in America.”

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Nanotek

    “claiming that the man who graduated from Harvard Law with the highest honors did not somehow earn them”

    now I’m curious to see Trump’s grades … somehow I doubt he can match Obama’s magna cum laude out of Harvard law.

    Obama lives the American dream — pulled himself up by his bootstraps, stable loving family, hard working — while the Trumpster was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and even screwed that up

    “Trump would later expand into the airline industry (buying the Eastern Shuttle routes),[35] and Atlantic City casino business, including buying the Taj Mahal Casino from the Crosby family, then taking it into bankruptcy. This expansion, both personal and business, led to mounting debt.[36] Much of the news about him in the early 1990s involved his much publicized financial problems, creditor-led bailout, extramarital affair with Marla Maples (whom he later married), and the resulting divorce from his first wife, Ivana Trump.”

  • SqueekyFromm

    Well, luckily I have some of Obama’s First Grade Papers. I wish I had some of his law school ones. But Obama showed a poetic temperament early on:

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  • anniemargret

    His ‘dismissal’ of Romney based on money was ridiculous, as Mr. Worthington rightly states. But his biggest egregious mistake was to play the fool against the character of Barack Obama.

    He is losing the battle, big-time.

    Squeeky: Get a life. Barack Obama was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, quite a distinction, wouldn’t you say? Oh, wait, you wouldn’t say. You cannot assert with clarity or honor or decency anything about this man who you despise so much.

    You got his FIRST GRADE PAPERS!~~~ oh, geez, golly…. holy heart attack, Batman! The gal’s got the goods on the prez!!! DId you do the same study on the poor grades of George W Bush as well? Clinton was a Rhodes scholar. Reagan was a movie actor . What else do you know?

    Grow up. You are an embarrassment. “Girl” is right, you haven’t a serious mature bone in your body evidently.

  • rbottoms

    Self immolation is wonderful to watch.

    John Legend to Donald Trump: Quit ‘Saying That Racist Bulls— About Obama’

    You know it’s out of hand when a crooner known more for his music-making skills and penchant for social justice blasts “the Donald.” Pop Eater is reporting that Grammy Award-winning singer John Legend blasted Donald Trump over his Birther comments about President Obama, saying, “He needs to stop saying that racist bulls— Birther s—,” Legend told told Vulture last night in New York City. “Quote me, please. He should be ashamed of himself. It’s awful, really.”[/blockquote]

    [blockquote]Will black viewers dump Trump over birther flap?

    Until a few weeks ago, the most anticipated meltdown was NeNe Leakes’ and the only war anybody cared about was the one going on inside Gary Busey’s head. While the president was firing cruise missiles in Libya and natural disaster hit Japan, Donald Trump was spinning ratings gold with another round of escapist, much-better-than-reality TV shows.

    All press is not good press. Every time he turns up on a newscast to challenge the president’s citizenship and bluster about the conspiracy theories, his brand reputation takes another hit. Despite previous hints of bias, black consumers had been one of Trump’s best and most faithful audiences. As a people, we celebrated his business acumen; purchased his books and anything else with the Trump name we could get our hands on. Now among African-Americans, the once gilded Trump brand is about as worthless as a plug nickel. [/blockquote]

    Trump is fucking toast. Politically, and financially at least as far as NBC is concerned. He’ll be as popular on television as Mel Gibson in short order.

  • NRA Liberal

    Trump is merely an inevitable byproduct of the modern corporate media system. He’s an epiphenomenon, nothing more.

  • nhthinker

    Trump is taking credit for getting Obama to finally release his long form.

    Hard to argue against that.

    Whether the accomplishment has any significance or not is debatable.

    The Prez won’t say why he didn’t release it when originally asked for over two years ago.

    • LFC

      The Prez won’t say why he didn’t release it when originally asked for over two years ago.

      That’s easy. Because he produced THE document that is recognized by the state of Hawaii as proof of birth in that state.

      Obama now sees his policies starting to work. We’re digging out of a massive recession much faster than we did the Great Depression and without the need for a WWII sized mobilization. The last thing he wants is for people to get lost on the birth certificate nonsense. Nobody has any right to see it, but he apparently sees it as a distraction that won’t go away at the wrong time so he released it. Not that it will matter to the bottom 1/3 of the nation.

      Although we weren’t entitled to see them, I must admit I sure would love to have seen AWOL George’s military records.