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On December 11th, buy David Frum participated in a radio interview with host Earl Ofari Hutchinson of The Hutchinson Report Newsmaker Hour.

The interview focused on the race for the Republican presidential nomination. You can read the full transcript of the interview here.

EOH: Will Newt Gingrich be the GOP nominee?

DF: My guess is no.  Gingrich has a lot that appeals to Republican primary voters.  They like that he helped take back the House of Representatives in 1994 and his confrontational style.  But there are a lot of worries about him, strongest among those who know him best.  In Washington he is not known as an effective leader, not well organized, not disciplined.  The man is not good at disciplining himself, which you need in a Presidential campaign.  The Republican campaign is going to be long because they have moved away from their “winner take all” rules.  If you win in New Hampshire, Iowa or South Carolina, you get the majority of the delegates, not all of them.  That’s one thing that kept the Democratic contest going so long in 2008.  Mitt Romney gets stronger the longer the clock runs.

EOH: If Gingrich moves ahead, does he have a network and/or can he build one in time?

DF: There isn’t really time to build it, and no, he doesn’t have it.  In the age of social media, especially fox news, which is a social media for Republicans, they feel these things are less important than they used to be.  Here’s what he doesn’t have; He doesn’t have money and is having trouble raising money, and he doesn’t have the network of endorsements.  There are a lot of important Republican politicians who are going to be out in the cold if Gingrich wins because they bet so heavily on Romney.  And they’re not going to like that.

EOH: Does Mitt Romney look at Gingrich as a major threat to him?

DF: They are doing negative ads which is a departure for them, but they have been in this situation before.  Some candidates have been “flavors of the month”, obviously they were never going to be the nominee.  But it was not impossible that Rick Perry might have been the nominee.  He fell apart because of his own mistakes.  Had he not made the mistakes, he can raise a lot of money, he’s won a lot of elections, he knows politics.  Perhaps if the format had relied less on debates, where his lack of knowledge was caught, and relied more on advertising and fundraising, he might have done better.  Romney has confronted an incredible challenger before and he sawed him off.  In many ways Perry is a stronger candidate than Newt because Perry is less disliked by the Washington Republican leadership.

Click here to read the full interview.

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  • Ray_Harwick

    EOH: Does Mitt Romney look at Gingrich as a major threat to him?

    Look in the dictionary for the work “panic” and you’ll see a picture of W. Mitt Romney? Here’s how panicked Mitt is. He’s so panicked, he reversed himself on his own healthcare plan – the greatest thing he ever did. Massachusetts *loves* him for this. Now, he’s embarrassed by his opponents on a daily basis for the best work of his life. His poliitical party HATES what he did but they’re going to throw money at him because MONEY is what Mitt is all about. Oh, and don’t bet him on his ambition unless you want to lose $10,000.00.

  • chicago_guy

    Only showing that DF really doesn’t know the Beast that is the Republican base these days. “Moderate” and Republican simply don’t belong in the same sentence anymore, much less the same political party.

    The base loves Newt because he’s an obnoxious asshole. Everything in his personal and professional life that normal people think as weaknesses? Those qualities are strengths to the base. They’re so determined to scream loudly about how much they hate “the Kenyan” and “libruls”, that they’d rather nominate someone with no chance of winning than Romney, just because then they’ll have several months of an actual Republican nominee attacking Obama every day. Doesn’t matter if everyone else in the country can see that those attacks are based on nonsense; it’ll FEEEL so good to have Newt up there saying it.

    The GOP needs to bleed the stupid out of the system, the same way they did in 1964. Newt, hard as it is for guys like Frum to accept, is going to be the ticket to that bloodbath.