Rand Paul: U.S. is Like Roman Empire

July 2nd, 2010 at 3:12 pm | 9 Comments |

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In a recent speech, Rand Paul has compared the current state of the U.S. economy to the decline of the Roman Empire:

SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. — Republican U.S. Senate nominee Rand Paul likened the United States to the Roman Empire in the days before it fell during a speech at a tea party rally on Thursday.

“In the latter days of Rome, the economy was crumbling, the emperor … would placate the mob with bread and circus — food and entertainment to placate them since the economy was in shambles and dwindling around them,” Paul told several hundred people gathered for the rally in a Bullitt County park.

“Now in our country, as our economy is in shambles, they give us Cash for Clunkers and a stimulus check and they tell us to go to the mall and spend your money and everything will be OK … That’s not how you become prosperous as an individual or a country,” he told the crowd of supporters.

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  • Chris

    Keep talking, Rand, keep talking.

  • andydp

    I’m amazed that he read Gibbons’ Rise and Fall. That would involve being an “intellectual” and that is not allowed in the modern GOP.

  • JonF

    Indeed. What Mr Paul’s history misses is the fact that Rome, in its last generations, had become a Christian empire, obsessed with theological debate producing a legion of saints still honored today. We could wosre than that.

  • easton

    The visigoths are coming, the visigoths are coming.

    Oh wait, no they’re not. Never mind.

  • busboy33

    No, he’s exactly right. The similarities are terrifing.

    They had roads. We have roads.
    They had taxes. We have taxes.
    They had laws. We have laws.
    They had gladiators. We have American Gladiators.

    Can togas be far behind? Randall is a prophet!

  • CAPryde

    I’m not worried. Our American Gladiators have compressed air tennis ball launchers. If the Romans had been using compressed-air tennis-ball-launching technology, things might have turned out differently.

  • TerryF98

    We need to build Hadrians wall across the Canadian border!

  • sinz54

    I used to compare today’s reality shows to when the Romans used to throw Christians to the lions:


  • TerryF98

    We need to feed Paul to the Lions.