Radosh: Is Islam Really Our Enemy?

August 21st, 2010 at 9:44 am | 5 Comments |

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Ron Radosh writes:

An important issue is now emerging in the conservative constituency. It boils down to the following: Is Islam itself our enemy, sovaldi sale and should Americans work to oppose Islam throughout the world; or, store is it only radical Islam, cure what Christopher Hitchens calls Islamofascism and others call Islamism, the enemy we must oppose? …

David Horowitz, Andrew McCarthy and Roger Kimball are all smart, shrewd and articulate observers of our culture and our world. But are they correct when they shift the argument from opposing those who seek a radical Islamist agenda- imposition of Sharia law in the West- from most American Muslims who practice their faith and belief and consider themselves law-abiding patriotic Americans, and who have a strong commitment to this country?

If they are, I fear it means supporting an unwinnable proposition, that in effect, says that the interpretation of the Quran by Bin Laden and others is correct- that they truly represent the only real Islam, and those claiming to be moderates are heretics who also must be destroyed. It means writing off potential allies in the Muslim community who could become the spearhead of an Islamist reformation to the ranks of the Islamist radicals. It would give them no choice but then to support radical Islamists since our leaders have already condemned them as believing in a faith that is incompatible with the rules of American citizenship.

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  • blowtorch_bob

    My guess is the real reason we are opposed to radical Islam is that it threatens to put an end to usary in the world financial system. No more IMF loan repayments scams that has keep so much of humanity in chains the last few decades.

    When the Islam gov’t in Somalia a few years ago said that’s it, no more IMF loan repayments, you parasites have already bleed us dry, we sent in the Ethiopian army to get rid of them. Somolia is still trying to sort itself out.

  • busboy33

    For fun, re-read the article, but whenever you see some form of “radical Islam” substitute “paranoid loon RightWing Fringe” and whenever you see “mainstream Islam” change it to “Conservatives”.

    Was not impressed with Mr. Radosh’s article. Lots of “Mr. Fred said Islam is sthe heart of Darkness. Interesting. Mrs. Betty said that’s not true . . . only 98% of Islam is the heart of darkness. Interesting.”

    Im sure the fact that constantly repeating a negative image without trying to substantiate it works on the reader to produce of reinforce that negative image was completely lust on Mr. Radosh. Never entered his mind once.

    This is the intellectual critique of Islam?

  • rectonoverso

    Even George Bush knows, and repeatedly said, that Islam isn’t the enemy.

    The fact you believe nutcases such as David Horowitz, Andrew McCarthy and Roger Kimball are “smart, shrewd and articulate observers of our culture and our world” explains why you still ask yourself the question.

  • BloggyBayou

    Bad Idea #127: Inviting The Vampire Into Your Home, “Green Grenades” and Ground Zero



  • midcon

    Islam is not the enemy any more than any other religion is the enemy. Muslims on the other hand can be classified in one of two ways. Those who wish to impose their faith upon the rest of the world regardless of the method or cost and those who do not wish to do that.

    The former is clearly an enemy. The latter is no better than neutral because they are unable or unwiling to raise their voices against the former. Their passivity gives rise the generalization that all Muslims are suspect.

    Most Americans pretty tolerant. But we are highly suspicious when certain ethnic or organized groups fail to condemn the actions of their members in equal voices to the condemnation for America’s faux pas or lame brained actions. Let them praise America in equal voices to that of their criticisms. They will find us much more tolerant and a lot less suspicious!