Putin’s Lipstick Army

July 20th, 2011 at 12:00 am | 4 Comments |

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After a Euro techno ode and a lingerie student calendar, viagra sale female glorification of Vladimir Putin has taken on a new dimension prior to the upcoming 2012 presidential elections.

In the viral Youtube video “Diana” an attractive blonde roams the streets of Moscow whilst the camera hovers back and forth between her bust.

The voiceover boasts about Putin’s credentials and how millions admire the Russian stallion. Nevertheless Diana admits that there are some who “pour dirt on him, shop maybe because they are scared of him, or because they themselves are weak”.

Later Diana meets up with two other nubile and equally attractive friends at the riverside, who represent the modern stiletto-wearing Russian female ready to engage in battle under the auspice of “Putin’s army”. The girls go on to instruct their female counterparts to tear of their clothes for Putin and post their videos onto vKontakte (Russian equivalent of Facebook). To give fellow Russian females an incentive, Putin’s lipstick army promises the winner of the strip contest a brand new iPad 2. Towards the end of the video Diana fondles with her breasts excessively in order highlight the kind of submissions, which Putin’s lipstick army would expect from its fellow “soldiers”.

Behind this new episode of promiscuous Russian political campaigning lies the masterwork of Kirill Schitov, deputy member of Putin’s “United Russia” party in Moscow. Interestingly enough Kirill Schitov was once suggested as likely to rule the world by the news portal Xianet. Anyhow Schitov is sure to get some brownie points for his most recent bimbo stunt, which has received international press coverage.

As Medvedev seems more and more satisfied with his presidency and is even hinting at the opportunity of running for re-election, we should expect more libertine political campaigns on behalf of Vladimir Putin.

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  • Gypsum Fantastic

    Nothing at all creepy and quasi-fascist about that! *nervous laugh*

  • sweatyb

    Looks like a Russian godaddy.com commercial, but with better direction.

  • baw1064

    You have to admit, that sort of thing would really liven up the Republican primaries.

  • midcon

    Taking their cue from American politics, entertaintment, and marketing that sex sells, Putin’s team demonstrates that it understands the methods and tools that influence the public. Another export from an America that hews closely to our puritanical roots (that’s joke of course).