Photos From a “Humanitarian Crisis”

July 18th, 2010 at 10:57 am | 9 Comments |

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Just opened in Gaza: a new shopping mall, Tom Gross reports.

Gross points out:

When leading news outlets mention the so-called humanitarian flotillas from Turkey, why do they omit the fact that life expectancy and literacy rates are higher, and infant mortality rates are lower in Gaza than corresponding rates in Turkey? Have they considered that perhaps the humanitarian flotillas ought to be going in the other direction, towards Turkey?

Originally posted at Tom Gross’ Mideast Dispatch.

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  • Chris

    Huh? I’m not sure what else to say here.

  • jakester

    Well, crying about the Gazans is a bit like crying about the citizens in Germany just before VE Day. Except the German people had it 20x as bad, especially the ones conquered by the Red Army.

  • Watusie

    Entries now being accepted for the 1st Annual Tom Gross Logic Contest.

    Here is my entry:

    I went to Arizona in February to visit my parents at their “winter quarters” – an RV park near Phoenix. Everyone I met, everyone I saw was white. When Jan Brewer claims that illegal immigrants from Mexico are overrunning her state, she has no idea what she is talking about.

  • wierz

    There are restaurants in Gaza that serve chicken cordon bleu. Every Gazan must eat chicken cordon bleu on a regular basis.
    It’s only another step to declaring that chicken cordon bleu must be an anti-semitic dish.

  • Dex

    I saw lots of job postings for the Detroit Metro area on Craigs List. So all these reports about there being a lot of unemployment is just bs made by people who hate America.

  • jakester

    nice to see you took the time to really research the illegal immigration issue on the ground. You should get a FOX News gig with that level of thoroughness.

  • ZombieTory

    In defense of Tom Gross he’s been writing posts like this for a while. The last one I remember reading was about the high-end restaurants frequented by UN bureaucrats in th strip. He’s trying to rebut this notion that the Israeli blockade is somehow inhumane. The reality is that Israel has always been permitting food and other humanitarian materials into Gaza, enough to stock restaurants and shopping malls.

    That’s not to say that the blockade wasn’t overly restrictive, it was. Especially in regards to building supplies. However, it has been loosened up lately to exclude certain items rather than permitting a finite list of items.

    The point is that all the comotion about the blockade is mostly theatre. I’m disappointed that so many readers here would dismiss a man as respected as Mr. Gross on the basis of one paragraph.

  • Watusie

    Zombie, I clicked through and read his entire web page before deciding that he was a man who seriously needs to not be taken seriously.

  • vidoqo

    Yeah, but the malls in Turkey are *way* nicer…