Perry Gets Targeted at GOP Debate

September 12th, 2011 at 10:41 pm | 12 Comments |

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It’s difficult to see how Governor Perry walks away from this debate without any chinks in his armor. Ron Paul’s dig as a Texas resident in particular drew some blood, and even what sounded like gasps from the Tea Party crowd. However, his later ramblings about Saudi military bases may have undercut any chance of his performance carrying weight.

It’s understandable that the punditocracy maintains its abiding faith in Perry’s ability to give “the base”  ”what it wants”. However, said base most likely wants a nominee who can actually share a debate stage with the incumbent, and one exchange with Romney was particularly alarming in this regard: When Perry attempted to evade the Social Security issue, Romney sounded almost incredulous: “We’re having a conversation right now, Governor! We’re running for President!”. It was a moment that almost seemed as if Romney himself is losing patience with the fact that his biggest obstacles to the nomination this go-round are two figures whose grasp of issues can scarcely be troubled with fact or reality.

Much as I hate to say it, Bachmann came away from tonight fairly well, showing exactly why Tea Party voters elevated her to this stage in the first place. But God help us if she starts to gain traction by hitting Perry for forcing children to get “government injections.”

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  • steven08817

    How out of touch with reality can Rick Perry get? Perry,s endorsement of dismantling social security during the worst recession since the 1930′s is mind boggling. How does Perry expect Americans to support themselves when they are retired? It’s pure stupidity!

    • anniemargret

      Well, he’s wearing his Armani shoes and Italian suit and his wife’s a ‘babe’ and his kids are financially secure. What, me worry? Says Rick.

  • elizajane

    Paul’s later “ramblings” about Saudi military bases? You mean, when he pointed out that Osama bin Laden’s stated reason for attacking the USA was not because he “hated our freedoms”, but because we have military bases in their Holy Land? That rambling?

    I am far from a Ron Paul fan, but this was simply a statement of fact, and it was very telling that the assembled Tea Partiers booed him for it.

    • anniemargret

      The Tea Party ‘can’t handle the Truth!”

    • hjmangalam

      Eliza nails it. Ron Paul is a fairly odd creature on matters socioeconomic, but he’s spot on in his assessment of America’s empire building and it’s impact on the long term recovery at home. And no, they don’t hate because of our freedoms (what Orwellian creature came up with that line? Mr. Frum, was that one of yours?). They hate us because we’re dancing on their holy land and dropping large explosive devices on their children. The China analogy that Paul drew was exactly right. Why is that such difficult logic to follow? …oh, because once you start down that line of reasoning, it kinda sorta implies all sorts of lying for our current mideast imbroglios. Remember the unintendedly truthful, if short-lived ‘Operation Iraqi Liberation’?

      • rubbernecker

        And no, they don’t hate because of our freedoms (what Orwellian creature came up with that line? Mr. Frum, was that one of yours?).

        My money is on the despicable Frank Luntz.

  • anniemargret

    The worst performance I’ve ever seen in my lifetime in politics. Obamacare – not a one made a single noise about what they would do for the millions of American struggling with medical bills that are bankrupting them, or killing them because they could die without it.

    But they LOVE America! They wear the flag wrapped about their bodies and wear big, big lapel pins strutting their American stuff.

    What a bunch of phonies and hooligans . And the audience (their selfish fans) proved it by cheering first, the death penality if if someone could/might be innocent, and now, cheering for a symbolic man who could die without insurance.

    What, Me Worry? But they are so concerned that we ‘don’t need programs they don’t want” as Perry proclaimed. Good. Let’s boot them out.

    Let’s take away these Republicans social safety programs straightaway. Let’s stop their Medicare and their Medicaid when they apply when their elderly need nursing homes and they can’t afford it. Let’s dump the college fees back in their laps when they vote out student loans, and deny them medical care when the air and water becomes so polluted that their kids and grandkids are barely breathing.

    Because this is the America they want. They should get it. Let the rest of us sane Americans stay squarely in the corner of rationality and compassion for our society.

    I hope Perry wins-they need in a royal kick in the head to bring them back to sanity and the 21st century.

    • medinnus

      Are you kidding? They cheered at the death by lack of insurance – its a Kock-sucking Tea Bagger crowd. Smeggy would have fit right in, even if they let a shifty, lazy minority on the stage.

      • AnBr

        [blockquote]The moment that would have broken my father’s heart was the moment when applause broke out at the mention of more than 200 executions ordered by Rick Perry in Texas. It was stunning and brought tears to my eyes. This is what we’ve come to? That we applaud at executions?

        I remember the first time my father ordered an execution when he was Governor. He and a minister went into a room, got down on their knees and prayed. The real shame of our times is that there doesn’t seem to be anyone on the political horizon with that compassion in his or her heart.[/blockquote]

        From the Time article Looking for Ronald Reagan — and Not Finding Him,8599,2092425,00.html

  • Graychin

    It doesn’t matter what the other candidates say. Perry is hitting all the right notes – the ones that the base wants to hear. Reality is irrelevant.

    And the other candidates are boxed in. They can’t target Perry’s nonsense without targeting the established dogma of the Republican base.

    • ottovbvs

      “And the other candidates are boxed in. They can’t target Perry’s nonsense without targeting the established dogma of the Republican base.”

      Direct hit Graychin. It’s the same dilemma Frum finds himself when writing commentaries here. Any note of intelligent reasoning inevitably involves questioning the Nicene creed of the far right.

  • LFC

    Republicans and reality have had their acrimonious divorce and now live in different parts of the world. I’d love to know what Romney truly thinks about the state of affairs in his chosen political party. Perry? I’m sure he’s never spent an instant pondering it.