Palin’s Mandate Hypocrisy

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On the day Mitt Romney formally announced his bid for the GOP presidential nomination, former Alaska Governor took a shot at his Massachusetts health care plan by criticizing government mandates.

RealClearPolitics reports:

‘[E]ven on a state level and a local level, mandates coming from a governing body, it’s tough for a lot of us to accept because we have great faith in the private sector and in our own families and in our businessmen and women in making decisions for ourselves,’ Palin said. ‘Not any level of government telling us what to do.’

And yet… even her home state of Alaska has a few mandates of its own:

  • Alaska requires that you must have a copy of your policy, certificate of self-insurance, or identification card in your immediate possession when you are driving a motor vehicle.
  • If you are involved in an accident that results in bodily injury, death, or property damage exceeding $501, you will be required to show proof of insurance.
  • You must carry limits of at least $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage.
  • Alaska law requires that all companies make a written offer of Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage.

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  • Watusie

    Alaska also mandates that children have a course of vaccinations….how’s that for a resounding LACK of confidence in families? Alaska also requires a whole host of business to purchase a license from the state – how could Sarah have let this massive insult to the integrity of the entrepreneurs of Alaska go unchecked during her administration?

  • cporet

    Whenever I read a Palin quote it always strikes me how it sounds like borderline Pidgin English. The syntax reads odd. The tenses are convoluted and it all seems so jumbled and stream of conscience-like. Don’t believe me? Find a transcript and read it for yourself. Where was this woman educated?

    • anniemargret

      At five different colleges…she kept moving on from one to another because she didn’t like the atmosphere.

      She’s a dolt.

      • jpeditor

        If you’re not too busy fellating Øbowmao, please share with us HIS college transcripts, as well as who paid for his tuition and what name and country of origin he used when he applied for financial aid.

        • anniemargret

          Obama doesn’t have to show anything. He’s the duly elected POTUS.

          Palin doesn’t stand for anything…just repeats bromides against the President and memorizes sound bites. And she has more to ‘prove’ than he does, by miles. She has yet to come out of her Fox cocoon and answer questions without looking at her palm, or borrowing thoughts from someone else.

          And your language is disgusting…

  • parkesprag

    Aw c’mon guys… almost ALL states require DRIVERS HAVE INSURANCE… and while (I’m a Dem) I love to see Palin called on almost anything/everything…. this ain’t one of ‘em….

    The argument that this is a mandate is not quite the same…. if you don’t drive, you don’t have to buy any insurance… while OUR mandate (as a Dem I’m not opposed to it) is truly ‘if you live, you have to have insurance….’

    Not quite the same..

    Fair’s fair…

    • busboy33

      You make a good and fair point.

      Just to play Devil’s Advocate, I suggest they are still the same. Alaska (and all other states) require auto insurance if you drive to force you not to pass your expenses on to the general public. The logic is sound — if you risk imposing a cost on the public, then the public has a justification to dictate some terms of your interaction. Same with business rules — if you want to serve food, you have to meet certain upkeep requirements to protect other people from harm.

      Sure, you can always choose not to serve food, or to own/operate a vehicle . . . but if you do, then since that activity threatens the general public some mandated limits or restrictions are acceptable and fair.

      It seems your distinction between auto insurance mandates or business license mandates and healthcare mandates is that you can “opt out” of the first two by refraining in the covered activity. Don’t want auto insurance? refuse to own or operate a vehicle in the State. You seem to say that since you can’t opt out of living in a State the same way you can opt out of auto insurance, they aren’t the same.

      But you can opt out of healthcare insurance . . . move. You may say that’s not fair, but on the other side its not fair to expect someone living in a remote area to opt out of owning a car. If you need transportation to get food, supplies, etc., then you either are being “forced” to accept the mandate or you are being “forced” to move to where there is enough population density to either allow public transportation to needed goods or enough goods suppliers that you could walk to them. If you say “you can’t make me move” . . . well, then you are going to be “forced” to get some auto insurance.

      Certainly the scale might be different . . . but the underlying logic isn’t that distinct from one another.

      • zephae

        That’s an interesting point, busboy, but I’m not sure I buy that equivalency. The guy living in a rural area can also avoid the auto mandate by moving some place else as well, but I think that fact that he can do so within the US or his own state is a substantive difference to the health insurance mandate.

        I think the hypocrisy, if thats what you want to call it, comes from saying it’s okay for consumers to opt-out of extraneous auto costs, but hospitals, and thus tax payers and policy holders, are not allowed to refuse to pay for the care of people who can’t pay themselves (free-riders). I think your “cost to the public” argument was actually the strongest, not the equivalency one.

  • politicalfan

    How hard can it be to check with any person that worked with her in Alaska? I don’t think it is a major taking to find out her positions. Actually, this should give people pause on how well she was vetted.

    The woman hasn’t even annouced and they are thinking about mandates. I am sure people will see it differently but in the end this just helps her more.

  • Volosopher

    Look, I would sooner walk around Tehran wrapped in an Israeli flag than defend Sarah Palin, but this strikes me as a waste of time. There is nothing here to suggest that any of those mandates were policies that she even supported, much less initiated. Plus, as parkesprag points out, auto insurance mandates are different in kind from health insurance mandates (although, like her/him, I also support both auto and health insurance mandates). At any rate, can’t we save our Palin-bashing for more legitimate complaints — like pointing out how incredibly trite and vengeful she is, or how profoundly incapable she is of having a serious conversation on…well…anything.

    (Or, better still, maybe if we all just ignore her, she will go away…)

    • anniemargret

      We can’t ignore her. The media won’t allow it. They need her to keep the ‘infotainment’ going.

  • Hunter01

    Finish the thought. If one is against a health insurance mandate, then one must be willing to lift the mandate on hospital emergency rooms to treat people without insurance (free riders). And it’s not just the ERs; hospitals with obstetric units cannot turn away uninsured “walk-ins” when the woman is about to deliver. This could involve a c-section or neonatal icu, as well as an overnight or two. Medicaid picks up just a tiny fraction of the bill. The cost of those mandates comes out of each of our pockets. On this score Palin is conspicuously silent.
    Remember that Mitt brought up the ER mandate again and again when he pushed the MA bill. Gingrich and lots of other Republicans agreed with him then. There was no qualification about states rights or any of the parsing that taking place now.
    NB — the number of ERs in the US is declining fast due to financial losses. Original study published a few weeks ago in JAMA; for a summary, see

    • KellyRek

      There is a ‘mandate on hospital emergency rooms to treat people without insurance (free riders). And it’s not just the ERs; hospitals with obstetric units cannot turn away uninsured “walk-ins” when the woman is about to deliver.’

      Why are illegal aliens exempt from the individual mandate? They get free healthcare from the hospitals. You can be certain that the illegals (who are pregnant) go to a U.S. hospital to give birth to a baby — all for free!

      What sense does it make to exempt illegal immigrants from the individual mandate? Why are they getting free healthcare at our expense?

  • think4yourself

    Does Sarah Palin support building codes? That would be an example of local or state mandate.

    • jpeditor

      If you don’t want to comply with the building codes, you DON’T HAVE TO BUILD THERE.

      Øbowmao care says if you don’t want to pay for 1/2 million govt (ie.e. TAX PAYER PAID) govt jackwads to oversea your healthcare, you can leave the country or go to jail.

      Screw you, and screw Øcare. It isn’t working in TAXACHUSETS, and its failing in the UK and Canada.

      Hey Frum, get these communists off your supposed conservative blog.

      • Nanotek

        “Screw you, and screw Øcare. It isn’t working in TAXACHUSETS, and its failing in the UK and Canada.

        Hey Frum, get these communists off your supposed conservative blog.”

        LOL waaaaa … call the wambulance for jpeditor … all upset because we’ve not conservatively correct … get used to it ’cause we’re retaking the House in 2012, increasing our hold on the Senate and your President in 2013 will be President Obama …

  • Hunter01


    • jpeditor

      What’s the matter, braying donkey, you can’t find Øbowmao’s college transcripts?


  • chicagodem79

    jpeditor, how about you move to Liberia or something, a REAL Libertarian’s paradise where the government doesn’t have much control over your life, so you can get away from the oh so horifically oppressive U.S. government…while the rest of us in the real world think differently.

    • jpeditor

      Ah, more noise from Chicago, the land of fraudulent elections, the acme of graft and corruption, the city where over 700 poor people died from the heat because the bosses couldn’t even manage air conditioned shelters.

      And now you have your dead fish mayor who threatened his adversaries while in the shower.

      Don’t you think you socialist gangsters have done enough damage to our fine country?

      PS – what FACT did I state incorrectly, short man?

      • shinnok

        The second you use a nick-name to refer to someone – on the right or the left – people stop reading your post objectively.

  • Antiobamunist

    I will pay you $100 bucks the minute you post a Youtube video showing you walking through Tehran wearing an Israeli Flag. Cash money, like they say on Pawn Stars.
    You hate Palin, got it. At least you are being coherent regarding how silly this comparative Mandate column is. Liability Car Insurance is required to protect others from your negligence. Comprehensive Car Isurance that protects your own vehicle is not requred. Comparing that with a Government forcing you to buy something while facing heavy fines and possible imprisonment is Tyranny, pure and simple.
    How we have come so far towards the failed Socialist model is simply amazing. We now have a large segment of the Citizenry that thinks someone else owes them a living, how quaint.
    Want to reduce Health Costs, get the Government out of it and insist that they enforce the Immigration Laws they are Mandated to do. Go into an emergency room and see how many Illegal Aliens, (yes Wasserman-Schultz, Illegal Aliens are Illegal), are bankrupting the system.
    I am also amazed that the same people calling Governor Palin stupid have no problem voting for the likes of Wasserman- Schultz, Joe Biden and Anthony (The bulge) Weiner. I’ll forgive the first Obama vote because White Liberal Guilt is hard to overcome, just like smoking. I’m still trying to figure out how we know everything there is to know about Palin and her Family while the mystery man in the White House is above scrutiny. Transparency is for suckers…

    • Nanotek

      “How we have come so far towards the failed Socialist model is simply amazing”

      too many Republicans …

      • Antiobamunist

        Nanotek, too many RINOS, not enough Conservative Republicans.
        You’re welcome.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    jpeditor, is this another name for Smarg? Dude, seriously you are a big time loser. Go back to the hosanna chorus of Redstate where you all chant in unison that Obowmow is a big socialist N%$·er
    and feel happy, you should understand nearly everyone here is going to think you are nothing but an idiot, which you evidently are.

    As to the article I am with parkesprag, this really is not the same.

    Oh, and antiobumist is nothing but jpeditor thinking he is clever by posting under another moniker.

    “Comparing that with a Government forcing you to buy something while facing heavy fines and possible imprisonment is Tyranny, pure and simple.” Um…but there are no heavy fines and there is no possible imprisonment.

    And why are you in favor of parasites going to ER’s and sucking down free health care? Didn’t the Republican party used to be for personal responsibility. Oh wait, you will never get sick, right? And it was the Heritage Foundation that came up with the idea of Mandates. When they do it, it is for God, America, and Jesus. But when Democrats do it, it is Satanic.
    Go back to Redstate little boy. You can’t compete with the grownups here.

    • Antiobamunist

      Wrong, I am and have always been Antiobaunist. I do not know the person of which you speak.
      Go ahead and fail to pay the Obamacare Piper, without an Obama Lover waiver of course, and see where it gets you Comrade. The IRS, yes the IRS, will be giving you a Government Colonoscopy without the drugs. Don’t pay the IRS, you go to Jail. Remember, we had to pass the Bill before we know what’s in it.
      I get sick pal, in fact I have Leukemia. I have paid for my own Health Insurance for the past 40 years. Nobody owes me a thing, even you. So tell me, how many dead people did you trip over on the way to work today because those “mean” Republicans didn’t steal your neighbor’s money to give to you? The Heritage Foundation disowned the idea of Mandates after they did the due dilligence they should have done before they made that mistake. They don’t support a Mandate, just like candidate Obama didn’t until he changed his mind.
      Don’t visit Redstate, they’re too Liberal for me.
      I am not in favor of “parasites”, your word BTW, using the Emergency Room for a non Emergency. I support a Safety Net, not a Welfare Lifestyle. Is your front door unlocked so any Illegal Alien or Lazy Bum can come in the door and take your food? You need food to live, correct? Is Food a Right? You need Shelter, is Shelter a Right? What’s next, Obamafood, Obamahouse, Obamacar?
      So tell me, who owes you a living pal, me? How about Frum? He has the big bucks you know.
      You wouldn’t know a grownup if you bumped into his kneecap my boy.

      • anniemargret

        I am sorry Sir for your serious illness. It cannot be easy to go through life with a serious illness requiring massive medical care. I hope you are better.

        However, you appear to have a smug and arrogant attitude not at all becoming of a decent human being . You said you paid for all of your care yourself. I cannot imagine how you did that, but if you did, a hearty congratulations.

        But do you live in a world and not see the forest for the trees? Are you assuming every person born on this earth has the same capability, the same DNA, the same environment, the same opportunities, the same equality?

        Did you ever read, “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell?

        I’ve seen too much of this world to think that life is equitable…and if you live long enough, you will see that, too. A little humility here is in order, I think.

        No man is an island.

        • Antiobamunist

          Anniemargret, first of all thank you for your kind thoughts regarding my ailment. I am the luckiest guy walking.
          Now, regarding your second paragraph. You seem to gleam a lot about me from my postings. Smug? Arrogant? Not a decent human being?
          Wow, it’s hell having a negative opinion about Socialism around here. Just for the record, everyone, and I mean everyone I know in my life would disagree heartily with your assessment of me, even my VERY Liberal Brother In-Law. I can’t guess your motivation in making that personal attack on me, but after all this is a Sarah Palin haters convention. BTW – I met Governor Palin last year in New Orleans and she seems like a very nice sincere person. Where the people who post here come up with such vitriol is a credit to the power of the Liberal Media franchise. Joseph Goebbels would be mighty impressed. (Just a joke, har, har, har)
          Now back to my response.
          I never said I paid for my treatment. I did have some expenses with copays and certain drugs after my Chemotherapy was over, but you see, I owe BIG PHARMA my life, so I’m not complaining. I have had Health Insurance my entire working life. Unlike the “invincible” young people nowadays, I sacrificed unimportant things like a new car so I could pay my Health Insurance and I also put a certain portion of my money aside, even when I was making just $90 a week at my first entry level “real” job when I was 18 years old. In fact, I was going to College and worked three jobs, what weekends? I did what I had to do. You see, when I was born, my family was POOR. We had nothing. Both my Parents worked hard to improve our lives. They never forgot that and neither did my Brother and I. I don’t think I saw a Doctor more than a half dozen times before I was in my late 30′s, but I still made sure I paid for my Health Insurance. It seems that people have no priorities anymore, except to vote for people who will steal other people’s money and give it to them. I think they call that “voting in your self interest”, such an innocuous phrase don’t you think? It’s like hiring someone else to rob a Bank so you can get the money because “it’s in your own self interest”.
          Regarding your third paragraph, NO. Where did you come up with that?
          Your fourth paragraph, I’ll check out that book when I have time.
          Your fifth paragraph, I never said life was equitable. To the contrary, life has never been fair. We lost a Family Friend on 9/11. He died because he went to work. Another acquaintance, a Father of three died crossing the street to grab a sandwich on his lunch break. My Father was diagnosed with Stage Four Lymphoma at age 82 and he is cured today. Thank you again BIG PHARMA. You see, because life isn’t fair doesn’t mean you can try to make it fair by economic enslavement of a certain portion of Society.
          You are free to give away everything you have to whomever you like and I could not care less. When you force someone else to do the same under duress, you are nothing but a Tyrant. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.
          You think I should have humility? I take care of my family. I help my friends. I give to charity. I changed my Mother’s diapers when she was dying. I was with my Brother In Law the day he was diagnosed with a God awful Cancer and I was there with him every day including the day he died.
          I changed his feeding tube, as did his Wife, my Wife and my Mother In Law. I carried him to his Death Bed and carried him to the Hearst when he died. Be very careful when you accuse people of having no humility. I was humbled every time I saw him go to work after receiving both Chemo and Radiation. He gave me the strength to get up and do the same after hours of having Chemo poison pumped into my body. There was no time for self pity. I always take care of my family, always have and always will. I hope you do the same for yours.
          And yes, no man is an Island, but I help and have been helped not because a Government Drone forced me to or forced someone else to, but because it’s the right thing to do. My Compassion is voluntary and that is why I will never succumb to the idea that a Government is Compassionate, because it is simply not the case. This discussion thread is about Mandates, aka economic slavery. Free men should never allow themselves to be controlled by a Ruling Class when Limited Governance is only necessary for a Civil Society. Freedom is precious. When you allow yourself to be bribed by a Compassionate Politician, you are just being used while your freedom is stripped away layer by layer. Becoming helpless does not lift society up, it tears it down.
          I apologize in advance for any typos. Don’t want anyone here wasting their time nitpicking my keystrokes…

        • anniemargret

          “Compassion is voluntary.” Yes, of course . No one wants to be forced to be kind. But if my tax dollar goes to help one person, Just One, come out from under the hole, and make a success of their life, then my tax dollars are helping my country. And even though I am no longer as church-going as I used to be, I was raised Christian. And because of that, I am charged with ‘helping the poor and needy’ as Jesus admonished.

          I’m sure there are many wealthy folks that give voluntarily to help the poor, and an equal number who don’t give a hang about the suffering of their fellow citizens. I can’t go there.

          I am sincerely hoping your life will get better… I know many people who are suffering with many things, physically, mentally, emotionally….and life is a struggle. It takes courage to face Life everyday, but even more courage to face it with a disability or illness.

      • Bunker555

        Can’t you spell your own name? You left out the “m”.

        “Wrong, I am and have always been Antiobaunist.”

        • Antiobamunist

          Oh my, you got me. I almost typed 2008, but I didn’t want to be mistaken for Obama. Ever miss a keystroke Bunky?

  • WaStateUrbanGOPer

    Jpeditor: I heartily second Frump. Back to redstate with you, my dear. Please take your semi-literate paramour, antiobamunist, with you. And both of you please give my regards to the rest of your tinfoil hat crew.

    I don’t know if Sarah sponsored any new mandates as Alaska’s governor, and whether or not she did is really neither here nor there. The salient point to be made here is that its simply absurd for someone with Sarah Palin’s record to be advocating a thoroughgoing politics of limited government. Her record in Alaska is indisputibly that of a person who favors big government solutions to social and fiscal problems. This is, as a case in point, the same woman who conceived of “Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share,” an ineffective and production-killing piece of legislation that is right out of 1930s leftwing populism. Both the title and the substance of the bill sound like something that Huey Long would’ve come up with. I hope Mitt Romney points this out.

    • Antiobamunist

      Just a quick question. You want Mr. Romneycare, the guy whose plan is bankrupting the Goverment and People of MA to point out that Sarah Palin implemented Big Government, (your words), Programs that DID NOT Bankrupt the Government and People of Alaska?
      I don’t agree with Governor Palin an some things, but she is to Romney what Washingtom was to FDR. Me thinks Romney should stay away from that landmine. His flip floppiness is akin to Weiner’s ever changing Twitter saga. Just MHO…
      Wasserman-Schultz – Republicans think Undocumented Aliens (Illegal Aliens) are Illegal. I can’t get enough of that ,Moron. Howard Dean after the Sex Change – LOL. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

      • Nanotek

        “I don’t agree with Governor Palin ”

        that’d be “former half-a-term Governor Palin” … a role model for losers and quitters everywhere

        • anniemargret

          Agree with you Nanotek. As far as I’m concerned she showed her true colors – and lack of grit and character – when she left her office as a public servant midway in to her term. She is not the “Governor” because that implies governing the state in the manner to which we are all accustomed and according to the rules of states’ governership.

          What she is a ‘Mini-Me Gov” which means of course, absolutely nothing… She was too interested in filling up her coffers to finish her job as a public servant. She didn’t leave to stay home with her little children – that would have been something I could admire her for…but no… she left to traverse the country, making book deals and bloviating on Fox, hiding out from honest questions and putting her kids under the klieg lights. Then complains about media.

          She is the epitome of crass and self-serving.

          Nothing admirable about this woman at all.

        • Nanotek

          “What she is a ‘Mini-Me Gov’”

          spot on, anniemargaret … that’s the best image of her that can be conjured up, in my world. Thanks.

        • Antiobamunist

          Yeah Nano, you’re absolutely right. Better to stay in Office while baseless Ethics allegations brought forward by colluding Dimocrats threaten to Bankrupt you and interfere with your ability to Govern. Don’t want that pesky Ex Governor talking about the Marxist in the White House. Why, that’s just plain Unamerican, Ex Governor Palin having an opinion and all. LOL – BTW – I put the Ex in there just for you.
          Is that pervert Weiner still in Office?, just askin…

        • zephae

          “Better to stay in Office while baseless Ethics allegations brought forward by colluding Dimocrats threaten to Bankrupt you and interfere with your ability to Govern”

          Sorry, I don’t buy that cowardly bit for a minute. Issa said he was gonna do the same thing to Obama, which Palin would also have to face if she got into the oval (Kucinich would jump at the chance to file articles of impeachment again). Palin jumped ship for lucative book deals, speaking engagements, and TV contracts and deserves whatever crap she gets about that especially after all that talk about perserverence, finishing what you start, and having executive experience.

          As to Weiner, I didn’t care about that whole fiasco with Chris Lee and I don’t care about this one. He’s not a “values” politician, he wasnt a hypocritical “law and order” governor, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s irrelevant.

        • Antiobamunist

          Zephae, well you are entitled to your opinion as am I. I disagree with your assessment of Governor Palin’s motives, but again, we are here to discuss all sides. Is this a great Country or what?

      • politicalfan

        Antiobamunist-Do you like medicare and social security?

        • Antiobamunist

          Good of you to ask Politicalfan.
          Where to begin. I’ve “donated” over $250,000 (and counting) during my working career to fund those two Ponzi Schemes. Now, why do I say Ponzi Schemes you ask? Well, the first reason is because they are. The second reason is that my Leukemia Diagnosis gave me a ten to fifteen year survivability window. Since I was 52 when diagnosed and I have already been through two Chemo Regimens, the chances of me using Medicare at age 65 are kind of slim. As far as SS goes, I plan on collecting when I hit age 62 , if I make it. Even if I am fortunate enough to get that old, what will I receive, $1500 a month? Five years = $90,000…
          So, instead being able to enjoy my limited time on this earth having a Million Bucks (or more) in the Bank had that money been invested over the past 40 years, I get squat.
          Want to know what I told my Oncologist when he gave me the news? I said, you mean I’m getting ripped off by SS and Medicare? That was my first reaction and I was pissed. Never smoked, drank or did drugs. Life happens, I am very fortunate. As my Mother always told me, there are people better off than you and there are people worse off than you, that will never change. Even posting here in what feels like an enemy camp, I appreciate that I am able to interact with people. I have an Aunt that lost her sight to Glaucoma in her 20′s, now she is 87. You know what, she rarely feels sorry for herself and she worked hard all her life. Must be why I don’t have sympathy for whiners or people who think they are owed a living just because they were lucky enough to be born in the greatest Nation that ever existed. You asked…

        • zephae

          ” I said, you mean I’m getting ripped off by SS and Medicare? That was my first reaction and I was pissed.”

          Except that you weren’t getting ripped off by those programs because they are effectively anti-poverty programs for seniors and the disabled, so you didn’t yet qualify, but would eventually. You would get something for the money you put in but the “investment” hadn’t yet matured, which is completely different from a ponzi scheme. In fact, your situation is one of the main reasons I support single-payer. We all end up sharing these costs one way or another and a random health crisis is a bad reason, IMO, to lrt someone’s resources they worked hard to build up be wiped out.

        • Antiobamunist

          Since I am the one that was ripped off, and is still being ripped off BTW, I respectfully disagree. SS has turned from a “SUPPLEMENTAL” payment into a one size fits all Welfare game. SSI, SS Disability. Did you know SS Disability payments went up after Clinton signed the Welfare Reform Bill?
          Wonder why?…
          Remember when President Carter changed the rules so Foreign Immigrants who never paid into the SS system were able to collect benefits?
          And people wonder why the Ponzi Scheme is going broke.
          When I was a kid, I remember the term Social Security Insurance being banded about. Let’s be clear, SS and Medicare is nothing more than single payer Welfare, where the people that pay the most in get the least out because of Earned Income restrictions.
          In 1993, Clinton raised the taxable income level on “excess” Social Security Payments to 85%.
          One thing about a Democrat, whatever it is, it isn’t enough.
          I guess you could say that in order to sustain the Ponzi scheme, Democrats hope you will die before getting any. Well, looks like it worked for me. Fifteen percent of the fruits of my labor (slavery) over a lifetime and all I got was a Political Party that wants to dance on my grave.
          BTW – You’re welcome. Enjoy spending my money. Ain’t life grand?

        • politicalfan

          Antiobamunist- People better off than you and there are people worse off than you, that will never change.

          I have heard this. In regards to your health, I wish you well.

          The math picture looks rough and surely a good reason to be frustrated. I can’t speak to SS or Medicare from a personal experience. I do wonder what reform will look like. I can’t imagine a voucher covering the individual needs of people who may require more healthcare treatment. I see an out of pocket scenario that would be problematic for folks living on Social Security alone.

          I also believe that if a person is required to pay taxes, they shouldn’t have to go to an emergency room to get care. I don’t see this as social care, it seems like humanity care. I do believe people should be able to opt out. Mathematically however, it makes sense to have more folks insured. What does your government taxes pay for? (Healthcare, Social Security, Defense, Education, etc.) If we were given a checklist when we pay our taxes, people would opt out on a lot of things. I think the government should get their math right personally and believe we need the best for our bucks. No one owes us anything but we need good bookkeepers with our tax dollars.

          I think your point about this not fitting your individual needs is what is important. I honestly don’t see them getting rid of medicare but if the American people want change, it is going to impact us in ways that some like and others can’t stand. Debate is a good thing and we will disagree later. :)

  • zephae

    It’s always interesting to hear the small government, anti-socialist rhetoric coming from someone who passed a windfall profits tax on oil companies in her state in order to send each of her constituents a check for $1,200 and an investment account that pays out $2,000 a year in dividends.

  • Rabiner

    This is a pretty stupid article by most standards.

  • busboy33

    So is jpeditor Smarggle’s new handle (number 3, I think)? Although he’s careful to use new catchphrases over and over to establish the new identity (btw . . . good job Smarg! That’s what I meant by taking pride in being a troll), but the syntax and “snappy combacks” reek of the big Smuggly Wuggly.

  • Cole

    Palin thinks mandates are when a woman goes
    on a social outing with a man.
    This clown tour was an embarrassment
    to the conservative movement and the Republican party.
    I wish I was a Democrat so I could have enjoyed it instead of cringing.
    You betcha.
    Is this what the public will have to endure for the next 16 months ?
    Palin flitting hither and yon , jutting out her chest and coyly spouting jabberwocky
    and winks
    to the heavy breathing media
    trailing in her wake like Stage Door Johnnies.
    The media shamelessly acted like they were on her payroll.
    Never once asking her a serious policy question
    or challenging her silliness.
    Edward R Murrow must be spinning.

  • Arms Merchant

    What an idiotic article. There is nothing here requiring you to buy auto insurance, only guarantee (for the privilege of driving a motor vehicle) that you can cover injury to other people and damage to their property.

    Do you not know what a “certificate of self-insurance” is? It means you haven’t bought insurance, but you’ve proven you can cover the loss limits yourself. That’s not a mandate, fool.

    Moreover, the analogy with the Obamacare mandate doesn’t work. States require personal and property liability insurance to cover others’ losses that are your fault. They’re not forcing you to insure yourself (medical payments and collision).

    Pure stupidity. More Palin-bashing to drive up hit rate.

    • Antiobamunist

      Thank you. Isn’t common sense a wonderful thing? Do you know if Governor Palin thinks there are 57 States and it’s 2008? How about those Austrians speaking “Austrian”? Ever met a CorpsEman? Just askin. LOL

      • politicalfan


        I agree that she is probably a really nice lady and I actually agree with some policy issues. That being said, my ‘aunt’ is the sweetest woman that you’ll ever meet but I do not want her to run for President.

        • TerryF98

          She is not a “sweet” lady. Anyone who would take 8 shots to kill a moose for the cameras is not sweet. Anyone that incompetent with a rifle should not hunt. Anyone who allows hunting from a helicopter is not “sweet”. Anyone who tells lies in pursuit of political power is not “sweet”

          Anyone who holds a vendetta against other people and uses the power of the state against them is not “sweet”. I could go one all day with examples of this womans capacity to not be sweet but a picture tells a thousand words.

        • politicalfan


          “Anyone who tells lies in pursuit of political power is not sweet.”

          When a person engages in the art of discourse or the means to persuade an argument
          do they lie or bend the truth?

  • indy

    Where to begin. I’ve “donated” over $250,000 (and counting) during my working career to fund those two Ponzi Schemes.

    Oh, where to begin. I’ve “donated” much more than that and I’ll never see a dime. I’ve “donated” thousands to others in the form of state mandated auto insurance. I’ve “donated” thousands to others in the form bank mandated home insurance. I’ve “donated” hundreds of thousands to company mandated health insurance so the 5% of the people who seriously need it can suck it up (that would include people just like you, wouldn’t it?). I’ve “donated” hundreds of thousands in state property taxes for the zero kids I have that attend public schools (actually this one is easily in the millions). I’ve “donated” thousands to the county fire department I’ll never use. It’s so unfair. Everybody cry me a fucking river too.

  • pxgabriel

    you are all missing the big picture, I am going to yell this HER WHOLE FAMILY HAS GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH CARE BECAUSE TODD IS NATIVE AMERICAN.!!!

  • andydp

    I agree the car insurance example is lousy.

    The “oil revenue sharing” is a much better example of “do as I say, not as I do”. In case you miss the point: “Share the wealth” i.e. “socialism”.

    No one ever asks since she is married to a 1/16 Native American if she (or her family) have ever used the Indian Health Service. Or asks about her family’s use of the Canadian health service when she was younger. Or why she kept the $250 Mil when the “Bridge to Nowhere” became radioactive. Since she thinks Federal money is evil, why didn’t she send it back ?

  • Biped

    Over at The Dish, Andrew Sullivan quoted Palin’s remarks about Romney:

    “. . . there will be more the explanation coming from former governor Romney on his support for government mandates . . .

    Egads, her syntax gives her away. Why have we not noted this before? Sarah Palin is NOT a native English speaker, NOT American at all. She was OBVIOUSLY born in some foreign country – my guess is Russia. She may be a sleeper from Russia who came into the US over the land bridge. She has beguiled us with her sparkling eyes and big white teeth.

  • pxgabriel

    Free piper! Free piper!

  • Rob_654

    Alaska also takes money from private corporations and distributes money to its residents every year – talk about “Redistribution of Wealth!”.

  • Mitch Evans

    Antiobamunist – Good luck with those Ryan vouchers. No doubt they will cover premiums for 67 year old leukemia patient.

    *scoffs at lazy, stupid morons that did not buy (or had employers who did buy) health insurance for decades*

    *rants with unbridled fury at the idea that HCR would impose burden on those same lazy, stupid morons (and not responsible employees with insurance already) to get insurance rather than die expensively*

    *is Antiobamunist*

  • Jim_M

    Of the MANY things that I respect Ms. Palin for is her ability to twist the panties of the effeminate left. Especially Frum and his crumbs. Revealing that they’re nothing more but arrogant, sexist hypocrites.

  • sdspringy

    Zac, your an idiot to compare voluntary requirement to carry auto insurance to the mandatory requirement to carry health insurance.

    For your own sake please stop posting.

  • WaStateUrbanGOPer

    JIM: I’m not a leftist or “effiminate” (whatever you mean by that), and I despise the woman. If you think there aren’t any others like me, then you’re completely unmoored from reality.

  • John Frodo

    Read about a real maverick, freedom stands up in Canada.

    • Bunker555

      “Keep your chin up Canada Harper will pass like bad gas. His time as Prime Minister will be referred to in textbooks as the flatulent period.”