Palin Rides Motorcycle Through DC

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The New York Times reports

WASHINGTON — For sheer mastery of celebrity theater, illness Sarah Palin cannot be beat.

Ms. Palin, sickness the former governor of Alaska, nurse let the anticipation build for hours on Sunday in the Pentagon’s North Parking Lot, where thousands of bikers (and their rumbling Harleys) had gathered for the annual Rolling Thunder rally ahead of Memorial Day.

And then, suddenly, there she was: Ms. Palin, with her husband, Todd, and the rest of the family. Wearing matching black Harley-Davidson helmets, they rode motorcycles toward the front of the procession through a crush of cameramen, photographers, reporters and leather-clad bikers, all jostling for just a peek at the woman who might be president.

A traditional political appearance it was not. She did not make any public remarks or shake hands with dignitaries. There was no news release accompanying her visit. And after the short ride to the National Mall — she rode on the back of a volunteer’s bike — she sped off in a black sport utility vehicle to points unknown to anyone outside her small circle, even to the reporters covering her.

Ms. Palin’s visit here — to start her still-mysterious One Nation bus tour along the East Coast — provided no clarity about whether she will run for the Republican presidential nomination. But it did reinforce the idea that if she does, her campaign will not be conducted in the usual way.

Indeed, the appearance offered a study in contrasts between Ms. Palin and her would-be Republican rivals, who, as she rumbled through Washington clad in black leather, did the things that candidates for president usually do.

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  • busboy33

    “a traditional political appearance this was not”

    Funny . . . the organizers of Rolling Thunder were pretty pissed the Palin decided to turn a non-partisan tradition into a political photo-op without their consent . . . or even asking.

    Seemed like a pretty traditional media play to me. She didn’t even have a bike, for chrissakes! But hey, believe whatever you like (or whatever the PR flack says in the press release that you apparently think they never sent).

    • nhthinker

      Busboy33: “Funny . . . the organizers of Rolling Thunder were pretty pissed the Palin decided to turn a non-partisan tradition into a political photo-op without their consent . . . or even asking.”

      Liberals always seem to need to make stuff up… why is that?

      [b] “Rolling Thunder National President Gary Scheffmeyer says his organization isn’t endorsing or supporting Palin, but he was glad she was here because it showed she supported veterans, prisoners of war and those missing in action.

      “We’re happy to have her — and it brings a good deal of attention to what we stand for,” he said.” [/b]

      I won’t hold my breadth for a quote that indicates “pissed”- A total and compete fabrication in the minds of liberals whose president is at best lukewarm to RollingThunder.

      • politicalfan

        nhthinker- Anyone can ride that isn’t the point. They were put between a ‘rock and hard place,’ they are non-political for a reason. I agree with what they did under the circumstances.

        Had she went behind the riders without spelling it out on her political pac and made it issue. There would be zero issue. If it brings awareness in a positive light to their organization- that will be a good thing.

        If this was the President, I can’t stop to wonder if your reaction would be the same?

        • nhthinker


          Total crap. Ted Shpak is a liberal hack who stood behind Blumenthal for lying about his service “in” Vietnam. Ted helped MSNBC distort the story about Palin.
          He had a full 24 hours to find out that Palin was invited to ride along by a real chapter of Rolling Thunder. Instead he make it political.

          Ted’s no longer giving interviews on the subject and could possibly lose his position with Rolling Thunder based on his politicization of the issue.

          The actual President of Rolling Thunder expressed he was glad that Palin came and rode with them. Rolling Thunder does not endorse candidates – Palin wasn’t asking them to.
          Rolling Thunder welcomes celebrities of all stripes that believe in the issues of Rolling Thunder.

          Bush was the first President to start annually welcoming Rolling Thunder officially at the White House every year.

          In 2009, Rolling Thunder’s initial inquiries of a WH visit went unanswered. At the last minute, Obama agreed a have a few RT delegates at the WH but not the motorcycle caravan.

          Obama should have had someone at the WH, maybe Biden, welcome them this year.
          It seems RT is getting a relatively cold shoulder from this WH.

          Supporting POW/MIA issues of veterans is not a partisan statement. At least it shouldn’t be to someone who claims to be an independent voter.

          I suppose if Palin is going to attend a walk for cancer research that you would claim it should not be listed on her calendar of events as a public appearance.

        • politicalfan

  • abrady

    This will be the only way Sarah ever rides on the Streets of Washington DC with an entourage and security since she will never by President.

  • nuser

    I have thought for a long time that she would love to be picked for VIP once again. Of course that
    depends on “whatever VIP’s do”.

  • politicalfan


    Yes, there are Independents who agree with left and right policy.

    I am not a fan of political opportunism regardless affiliation. Ultimately, if people were happy that she showed up to bring attention to the cause, that is a good thing.

    Bringing cancer research into the equation is a bit much. I think that would personally be a wonderful thing nh but (a pink bus not so much). Selling the bus and donating it to the cause, now that would be impressive.

    • nhthinker

      Politicians walk in parades and in walk-a-thons all the time. Including Obama and Clinton in 2007 and 2008: It is no big deal.

      Your PDS is showing.

  • politicalfan

    nhthinker- If PDS is the same as your ODS, I get your point.

  • DirtyLibrul


    “Palin Rides On Back Of Motorcycle Through DC”