Palin: Celebrity But No Credibility

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If there’s any silver lining to the miserable beating that Republicans endured nationwide in the 2008 elections, no rx it’s that we were given an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and prepare for the next era of conservative leadership.  Among other things, sovaldi this requires developing a new crop of leaders for crafting a credible, conservative agenda around which a new Republican electoral coalition might coalesce.

Conservative journalists and pundits can play an important role in this process.  Yet a number of commentators have prematurely bet the mortgage money on Sarah Palin stock.  On Sunday, Commentary’s Jennifer Rubin unleashed an angry string of accusations against Palin’s critics – that they’re “unhinged”; repeat “familiar plotlines”; and greedily seek “the approving nods of cable-news-show bookers and magazine editors.”  Then Rubin offered this:

It matters not that [Palin] seized the floor in the health-care debate and has a million followers on Facebook who can read her views on energy policy and other issues without the media filter.

Since when does telling an outrageous lie – namely, that the Obama administration’s health care proposal would create “death panels” – constitute “seizing the floor”?” Since when do we measure the governing potential of a prospective presidential candidate by how many Facebook fans she has?  If I remember correctly, one of the best arguments against then-presidential candidate Barack Obama was that he was just a celebrity without “any accomplishment which would entitle him to such regard” (h/t, er, Jennifer Rubin on 7/31/08).

At this moment, Republicans should be in the sorting phase, examining the qualities and deficiencies of potential nominees.  And if a candidate’s best quality is her popularity on Facebook, then perhaps her critics are onto something.

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  • Churl

    Well, well. Another of Frum’s geniuses yapping at Palin.

    You don’t like her; I’ll take it as read. Forget her then.

    Now, Brains, here’s a challenge for you: who should conservatives support and what are their policy recommendations?

    Get with it, hotshot. Time’s a-wasting.

  • DFL

    David Frum has a good-looking wife. Why the fixation on Sarah Palin?

    Sarah Palin was a successful governor who quit office to make money. I don’t think she’s viable as a presidential candidate for that reason and that she seems not to have thought out the major issues of the day. Yet the Republicans have little out there, including the Bushes and John McCain. Romney is a dishonest chameleon and Huckabee’s not a whole lot better. Pawlenty is a bore. So why not Sarah Palin? She has charisma and reads a good speech. She’s conservative in an inchoate way. Might Sarah Palin get the nomination out of lack of a better alternative?

  • mymy

    I like Gov.Palin ,but think in 2012 America will be looking for someone with gravitas and experience.So I say Cheney in 12 bring back the Darth

  • teabag

    Cheney has even less credibility than Palin if that is possible, he is also more unpopular. If either ran its a super landslide for Obama.

  • Raider1

    Um…she WAS a governor of a state was she not?

  • Raider1

    trust me..we have one major terrorist attack on this country 9/11 or up and people will be begging for Darth Cheney.

  • teabag

    Obama has kept us safer for longer than Bush/Cheney did. They kept us safe for 9 months.

  • teabag

    Are you like Cheney wishing for this country to be attacked? Purely so you can do the “I told you so”?

  • teabag

    “Um…she WAS a governor of a state was she not?”

    No She is a quitter from a state! She ran away as fast as she could.

  • mymy

    I put out the Cheney in 12 just to see TEABAG reaction. I have a feeling after a couple more years of Pres.Obama the Darth won’t be looking so bad.

  • ottovbvs

    Churl // Nov 15, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    “Well, well. Another of Frum’s geniuses yapping at Palin.

    You don’t like her; I’ll take it as read. Forget her then.

    Now, Brains, here’s a challenge for you: who should conservatives support and what are their policy recommendations?

    Get with it, hotshot. Time’s a-wasting.”

    ……..Here’s your answer……apparently most conservatives love her:

    “Rasmussen – the polling outfit for the GOP base – finds that 59 percent of Republicans identify with Palin, while only 21 percent disagree. Time to purge that 21 percent, don’t you think?”

  • ottovbvs

    mymy // Nov 16, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    “I put out the Cheney in 12 just to see TEABAG reaction. I have a feeling after a couple more years of Pres.Obama the Darth won’t be looking so bad.”

    ……..Sounds a great idea to me…….Cheney/ Palin or Palin/Cheney……….never know they could do better than Alf Landon

  • Churl

    otto, otto, dear otto. I asked the Frumco geniuses which candidates and policies to put forward, not Rasmussen.

  • Churl

    otto, thank you for your efforts, however.

  • teabag

    People are not as taken in as some people might think……….

    CNN latest poll

    - Only 28% think Palin is qualified to be president, the least percentage of any of the five potential presidential candidates included in the survey. Among those polled, 70% think Palin is not qualified to be president.

    - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was voted most qualified, with 67% saying she is qualified to be president.

    - Public opinion of VP Joe Biden’s presidential qualifications was almost evenly split – 50% think Biden is qualified to be president, 48% think he is not.

    - 47% think former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is qualified for the Oval Office, while 42% think he is not.

    - 43% think former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is qualified to be president, 47% disagree.

    Conducted Nov. 13-15, 2009, error margin 3 points.

  • MI-GOPer

    I wonder why it is that with each thread that either TeaBag –the Village Troll– or AutomaticBS– the Village Idiot– come online, they tend to play the same old, tired, Democrat troll games of flame, incite, anger and demean this site specifically designed for conservatives and GOPers to talk about a new direction forward for the Party?

    TeaBag and AutoBS, you are indeed the most pathetic lot of trolls floating out of the sewers of the far Left internet tunnel. Why don’t you take your spite and envy back to MoveOn or ACORN where your opinions are clearly more in tune with those types?

    As for Palin, it seems to me that Eric Trager needs to put a finer shave on that liberal Jewish pencil of his… Palin, to a lot of people inside the GOP and many outside the GOP who think themselves to be conservative, has credibility. To some of them, her life experiences give her far more gravitas than Obama the Messiah.

    To many, she isn’t the slick, politically manipulating, evasive liar that we’ve come to know as Obama the Messiah. It seems her greatest crime is that she isn’t a blue blood, she didn’t attend Harvard like Mr Trager, she’s a woman who isn’t pro-abortion –and that really angers the feminista Democrat elites and pro-abortion advocates like Mr Trager, and she doesn’t have much use for the main stream media who are still rooting for Obama the Messiah to be their messiah, too.

    In short, the biggest problem for Mr Trager is that former Gov Palin isn’t like him. Moreover, her supporters actually like her and defend her… and there sits Mr Trager with a website no one visits and with opinions few care to hear.

    Envy is still green, Mr Trager. Try learning about your target before you write… and stick to Middle East topics where your unflinching defense of Israeli atrocities is better suited.

    Palin isn’t “the leader of the GOP” as many of your ilk –and evidently

  • teabag


    You are still as funny as Saturday Night Live , if not funnier! Keep it up you parody you.

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  • Bugleboy

    It looks like Sarah Palin is going to run for the gold, not higher office. She has a large family and is the sole breadwinner. She can have fame and fortune. Why would she want to toil 24/7 for a lousy 400K as president, when she can make 10 times that with minimal effort. This woman is not crazy.

  • Independent

    i am definitely not a fan of sarah palin’s, but then i don’t think that joe biden is qualified for anything beyond perpetually selling himself and grabbing the stage whenever possible… which is why he was terrific as the senator for the near-tiniest state of delaware… he didn’t have to compete against much to get the lifetime job as senator. palin irritates the radical left and many democrats because she’s too common for them… they’d like to think of themselves as the champions of the working class and middle class families, but then she comes along and is a far better, far faster, far more credible champion of average, working class people and families and that’s killing the radical left and democrats who presumed they had a lock on that role in politics.

    i don’t see palin as a 2012 potential candidate. i see her making the transition to celebrity talk show host (maybe like dr laura with some warmth & compassion?) and making a bundle while helping struggling republicans and maybe some conservative democrat candidates make a run for office. i don’t doubt she would assist a “good” conservative & honest democrat run for office, if one could be found.

    i also agree with other commenters, mr teabag has become a tired, burdensome distraction to those who are serious about debating important issues. i usually try to ignore his antics, along with ottobvs, but it seems the troll has found a megaphone he can use and still remain under the bridge in the dark, dank corner of his political world. the saddest commentary is when we ask: what drives these trolls like teabag? sad, sad, sad for sure… a waste of a human life.