Palin: Already Almost Forgotten

October 5th, 2011 at 10:51 pm David Frum | 306 Comments |

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“I will continue driving the discussion for freedom and free markets…”

- From Sarah Palin’s statement announcing her decision not to run for president.

Um, probably not. Sarah Palin’s political voice had dwindled well before she announced her decision not to run. Now it will sink altogether into inaudibility. She will be no kind of force in future national discussions. She will have no sway over party debates. She will retain some starpower for a little while longer. She may for another cycle or two be able to help certain candidates for certain political offices raise some money. Even that will fade within two more years or four. Her political career was brief, bizarre, and sordid. But now at least it is definitively finished.

Palin will never become a party elder stateswoman. Over the past three years, it became apparent to all but a handful of cultists that her only interests were money and celebrity. She had no concept of public service, and no capacity to serve even if she had wished to do so. Soon even those last cultists will quietly abandon the argument. We talk often these days about makers and takers. Sarah Palin was the ultimate taker. She abandoned her post as governor of Alaska to cash in on lectures and TV. She squeezed her supporters for political donations and spent the money on herself. To adapt an old phrase, she seen her opportunities and she took ‘em.

In the end, she exploited, abused, or embarrassed almost everyone who had believed in her. Most embarrassing of all: she was never even a very good con artist. Everything that was false and petty and unqualified in her was visible within the first minutes of encountering her. The people she fooled were people who passionately wished to be fooled. To that extent, what was important in her story was not the faults and failings of Sarah Palin. There have always been grifters in politics. What was important in her story was the revelation of conservatism’s lack of antibodies against somebody with the faults and failings of Sarah Palin. That’s the story that should trouble us still.

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  • kirk

    That’s what they all said about Estes Kefauver – how wrong they were.

  • merl

    What would really kill her political career would be to run and lose even bigger than last time, she’s canny enough to know that.

  • nuser

    Good Post Mr. Frum.
    When Mitt Romney was asked : “Do you think Sarah Palin qualifies to be President?” He answered :”Sure I do, sure I do.”

    • Watusie

      I had forgotten about that, but I just Googled it, and you are absolutely correct.

      But don’t worry – he’ll be changing his position any day now…

      • nuser

        But that is just the thing, he will now say she didn’t have a chance to prove his point, or his quote!

        • nuser

          Romney : “We will never know , will we ? , of course there is always 2016″. What a sing song

  • Fairy Hardcastle

    How can any of you commenters let the editor get a pass on this statement: “Everything that was false and petty and unqualified in her was visible within the first minutes of encountering her.” How many times did he “encounter her”? If that ever happened what exactly did she say or not say that gave him this impression. Astounding statement to make about anyone you don’t know. Or maybe the brave editor will reply and tell us exactly how he knows the Governor, what she said etc.

    • Watusie

      Umm…becasue you can interpret “encounter” as “seeing her speak on television” without committing a crime against the English language?

      On the other hand, referring to Palin as “the Governor” is surely a felony.

      Incidentally, libruls really did spot her as the disaster-in-waiting she was the moment she was announced. Within a day the DailyKos had the story about how, as mayor of Wasilla, she used taxpayers money to build a sport complex on land the city didn’t own, in the process leaving the city with huge debts.

      The also had the farcical birth story and the evidence of her palin’ around with secessionists within 48 hours.

      • Fairy Hardcastle

        I don’t encounter someone on the TV. I watch them. Encounter connotes a physical meeting. And when you want to make the serious statements that someone was false and petty, you better have something more than old washed up KOlberman shows to back it up. Don’t sacrifice yourself and be a weasel when I have laid the guantlet squarely at the editor’s feet.

        • Watusie

          So, you’ve never encountered a new idea, or encountered new information?

          Well, perhaps not…

        • Fairy Hardcastle

          Perfect. Perhaps your comment really tells it all about how some seem to think about Mrs. Palin. In short, sure that is an accepted metaphorical use of the word about an IDEA or INFORMATION but not about a PERSON. When I say I encountered Mrs. Smith or Mr. Brown and tell my friends it was plain as day (visibly to use the editor’s words) after a few minutes that they were petty individuals what exactly to you think? But hey, if Sarah Louise Heath Palin is simply an idea and not a real person, then that explains everything even the slimy made up attacks on her and the deranged dude who yelled at her daughter the other day and the father and son tag team in PA who were charged with planning assaults on her and her family. It explains alot and in fact in my view lays bare the root of unkindness, simply this: you think of another not as a fellow human being but as something less.

      • paul_gs

        Nonsense. And you link to the Daily Kos? LOL!

      • Chris Balsz

        “Incidentally, libruls really did spot her as the disaster-in-waiting she was the moment she was announced.”

        No, a Republican appeared and you attacked with blind partisan fury.

        “Within a day the DailyKos had the story about how, as mayor of Wasilla, she used taxpayers money to build a sport complex on land the city didn’t own, in the process leaving the city with huge debts.”

        Well I went to your link and it was very pithy. Said that a developer was out to buy the same land from a different office of the Nature Conservancy, and the developer “closed the deal”, and an appellate court gave the land to him, and the city had to pay through the nose.

        Were you not blindly attacking the Republican foe, you would realize that such a mistake as building a structure on the wrong land would require a systematic error by several dozen professionals for many months. And you might have been curious about how such a mistake could be made. And you might have realized that if an appellate court made the final decision, a federal trial court must have made an earlier ruling, and you might have been curious who won at that level. And you might have spent 5 minutes on Google tracking it down, and you might have run into this:

        Which is a resolution to take land in eminent domain, and gives a history of the conflict to that point on page 6. Where it says this developer was discussing a sale with the Nature Conservancy, and the City of Wasilla was discussing the sale with another branch of the Nature Conservancy. And apparently the Nature Conservancy isn’t the best organized real property owner in America, and as you might expect when two salesmen are separately trying to sell the same land to different people, a conflict arose as to who was rightfully going to get the land.

        And Wasilla sued in federal court for summary judgment to get the sale.

        And a federal District judge granted them title in summary judgment.

        Apparently an appellate court decided that the city did not, in fact, get the land, so they wound up having taken it in eminent domain from the developer, and there was another dispute about when exactly Mr. Lundgren had the land taken from him. A real mess.

        But already, there’s enough to show that instead of a bumbling mistake by Caribou Barbie, the city had enough of a serious claim to title to win on summary judgment in federal court. And no, there’s probably no way for any mayor to avoid that kind of mess when a landowner is conducting simultaneous sales for the same property, one to the city and one to a private developer.

        But you had no such curiousity, because you got what you were after: criticism of a Republican.

    • Chris Balsz

      Because I recognize the hardening of an opinion into an axiom. From now on, ANYTHING Sarah Palin says, will be rejected as sordid and irrelevant by the people here, because “Sarah Palin is sordid and irrelevant”. She could come out for famine relief, and get booed. Look how they talk about Glenn Beck and Hezbollah, or gold.

      • Watusie

        Balsz, your ability to just be amazingly wrong about things never ceases to amaze me.

        Here is link to a piece in the NY Times, less than one month old, which discusses in detail the valid, meritorious points Palin made in a recent speech about our political gridlock.

        You see, Sarah Palin gets grief not because she is Sarah Palin, but because she is, 99% of the time, WRONG.

        The other 1% of the time, us libruls will be happy to say well-done.

      • Primrose

        Why don’t we wait until she actually does say something worthy of listening to and was rejecting before making her a victim. As for Mr. Beck, he really needed to listen to the story of the boy who cried wolf.

        • Chris Balsz

          I’m not calling her a victim. I’m calling out a bunch of kneejerk, closeminded partisans.

        • Fairy Hardcastle

          She’s given us more food for thought and more incisive criticism of The One than any of the current candidates.

    • Archivist

      David ‘encountered’ her on at least one occasion that I know of, when he attended her ‘paid appearance’ in Hamilton, Canada. It was a typical rambling and incoherent Palinspeak affair where she spoke at a ‘fundraiser’ for a Canadian (Socialist, according to Palin) for a hospital … don’t know how much $$ the event raised since it was quite controversial at the time.

      For a bit of a laugh, here is a post about it with a link to the transcript and background at the top of the webpage.

  • jjv

    Except of course by the commentators trying to drive web traffic! Palin and her Pac picked an awful lot of Senators last round. I bet she does it again. Similiarly on energy issues she remains a powerhouse if you will. There is nothing “sordid” or “false” about her (I concede some pettiness in criticism). She took a firehouse to the Augean stables of Alaska politics and energized the McCain campaign. One can argue she has not fulfilled her promise by buckling down on foreign policy issues or she should have stayed in Alaska and suffered the slings and arrows of daily filing of bogus complaints (which critics would use as evidence of her unfitness for anything). She won’t be President but the idea she wont’ be a force is whistling past the life yard.

    I will say it again. No cosseted female product of the East Coast Ivy league, absent family money or a famous husband, has had the impact for the good of her state and country as this denigrated self made woman has.

    I will also say this-on no issue from energy, to defense to entitlements where she differed from Obama has she not been right and he wrong. She also cleaned Biden’s clock in debate but we never hear from her detractors what a dolt he is.

    • Fairy Hardcastle

      Good points all. I’ve heard of Holocaust deniers, but never 2010 election deniers. And to think she will just evaporate off the stage strikes me as wishful thinking. But what is more curious to me is what exactly about her policies and positions doesn’t the editor like? What’s not to like about reining in Federal government? Or maybe the editor is simply so Canadian in his intellectual upbringing that he fails to see the baggage he brings to table. When you have someone like Colbert being touted on this website as a big endorser of the editor it tells the whole story: the joke’s on us conservatives to think that this editor has American conversative principles in his heart.

      • Watusie

        “What’s not too like about reining in Federal government?”

        As governor, Sarah Palin’s federal earmark requests were more per person than any other state.

    • Watusie

      “Palin and her Pac picked an awful lot of Senators last round.”

      There is a good play on words there, but I’m going to pass and go straight to the facts: Sharon Angle. Christine O’Donnell. Carly Fiorina. Tom Tancredo. Joe Miller – in Alaska, for crying out loud!

      In total, 60 picks, and only 33 of them won, which means she UNDERPERFORMED the Republican party as a whole.

      The rest of your comment is of a similar level of accuracy and insight, so I’m going to restrict myself to just one element: if she has had such a big “impact for the good of her state”, then why is she loathed in Alaska? Not sure what it is now, but back in April her negatives among voters in the state were in excess of 60%.

      • Fairy Hardcastle

        Not sure of your math (are you counting primaries too?), but your reasoning is incomplete. It also suggests that people like Castle would have been great for the GOP when in fact they were disguised liberals. Her help in getting the right people to the primary was invaluable as was her energizing the Tea Party. There is no doubt that she helped numerous candidates win where they otherwise would not have won.

        • Watusie

          Well then, if there is no doubt, you should have no problem identifying, by name, the races where her endorsement was the deciding factor.

        • Watusie

          It is spelled “Haley” and she was already in the lead when Palin endorsed her, as was Mary Fallin. I said show examples of races where her endorsement had an demonstrable impact, the ones you claimed were no-brainers. And, oh yeah – Chambliss was not up for reelection in the last round of elections, so she could not have endorsed him, could she?

        • Fairy Hardcastle

          Thanks for the spelling correction. Chambliss’s election was shortly after the candidate VP lost so presumably that should have been the weakest point in the former candidate VP’s endorsement life. Here is the report from the one site: “Less than a month after the 2008 presidential election, the former Republican vice presidential candidate threw her support behind Chambliss. Chambliss won his runoff election on Dec. 2, and said Palin “allowed us to peak.” That site lists 27 candidates endorsed by Palin.

    • indy

      I imagine from your vantage Palin must appear to be a towering intellect.

  • Fairy Hardcastle

    The more I think about this post, the less I think of the editor. I had thought this was a more policy oriented intellectual forum, but this post goes quite beyond simply taking issue with the Governor’s policies and political principles. It even goes beyond criticism of campaign strategy. It is ad hominen attack job in the coarsest way that makes assertions about the lady’s intentions and heart.

    Let’s see editor if you are right and Mrs. Palin drops off the political stage forever. Let’s see. But even if she does, it would not justify the statements you made.

    • Lonewolf

      It is no sin to call a fool a fool, especially when they clearly delight in the attention they get by displaying foolishness.
      The woman has spent years flaunting a vast array of profound character flaws – wilful ignorance, intellectual laziness, narcissism, gullibility, duplicity, glibness, vindictiveness, parochialism, contempt for intelligence, insincerity, disloyalty, wooden-headedness, insensitivity, xenophobia, lack of commitment, poor judgement, et cetera – all the while claiming these attributes actually QUALIFIED her to lead the nation!
      Now that it is FINALLY clear to her The People do not feel the same way, Ms. Palin claims those selfsame fatal shortcomings entitle her to become a wartime consiglieri to the GOP. Face it; such stupidity and clouded perception richly DESERVES ad hominem attacks.
      Oh, and Sean Parnell is Governor. Ms. Palin is merely Ms. Palin.

      • Fairy Hardcastle

        The last McClatchy poll put her at 5 points behind The One. Many of your adjectives have the same problem but not quite as egregious as the editor’s. Some are simply opinions that you can have about pretty much anyone even your favorite person. Take Steve Jobs for instance. A great American true but lacking judgment. Why? According to wikipedia he denied fathering a child and said he was sterile. Your post is more a list of insults, the editor’s is a very specific statement about an encounter with the Governor. So now, you say she has wilful ignorance, how do you know what her will is or not? Xenophobia, that’s a new one. Certainly her speaking to crowds of thousands doesn’t suggest that so how do you know she has such a fear?

        • Lonewolf

          Xenophobia: “intense fear of people from other countries or cultures”. You can look up her tweets re the Muslim cultural centre that was to be rebuilt near the site of the Twin Towers, and how she called it a “provocation”. You can also look up her support for the crazy W’boro preacher and his Koran burning – just two examples. And she has had her made-up “facts” and misstatements publicly refuted countless times, by scholars, historians, journalists, interviewers and wiser politicians, to which her responses usually are “I know what I know”, or to ignore the corrector entirely. That’s wilful ignorance. And I can give you concrete historical examples of every one of the other flaws I’ve mentioned, and more besides. Yes, they’re my opinions, but I have ample substantiation to hold them. However, you haven’t addressed my basic point – her shortcomings of both intellect and character render her unqualified to advise pretty much ANYONE about pretty much ANYTHING, except perhaps how to leverage style over substance.

        • Fairy Hardcastle

          You are right I was confusing that with agoraphobia, but I think technically it is an “irrational” fear that is a phobia. So you think if someone wants to burn a book in this country you would not support their right to do that (in a safe place of course)? Seems that’s a pretty basic right. It says nothing about whether you have an irrational fear of a particular culture. In fact, she called that book burning an unnecessary provocation: “People have a constitutional right to burn a Koran if they want to, but doing so is insensitive and an unnecessary provocation – much like building a mosque at Ground Zero.” Regarding the mosque, I can see someone being disturbed that the connection was too close to the Blessed 19 and the blood they spilled that day, but again that does not mean irrational fear of anything. Your statement though suggests that anyone who criticizes another culture might be subject to be labeled a phobe of some sort. That’s just silly. I criticize the editor’s post here so does that make me a Frumphobe?

      • anniemargret

        She the Mini-Me Gov. For anyone to call her “The Governor” is to insult governors across America, because they are still doing the work they were voted to do, while she clapped her hands while Bristol was shaking her booty on national TV, and while she was ripping out the hearts of fish on her stupid self-absorbed reality shows.

        She’s a joke and a farce. She is not going to run because she would have her A– handed to her and her image would be destroyed once and for all. She wants more money. So she will still hang around the edges still lobbying insults at the President and the same dullards will buy her books.

        She’s the Female Messiah for some in this country. They would support her if she turns out to be a bigamist and beats her children. This is not ‘support,’ this is idolatry.

  • D Furlano

    Haven’t read all the posts but I thought I would share this gem.

  • Kevin B

    Ms. Palin is like The Silence*: Scary to look at and ponder what might have been, but easy to forget when she is not in view.

    *(It’s a reference to something. If you don’t already know about The Silence, it’s not important.)

  • Houndentenor

    Whenever I ask a conservative what they like about Palin the answer is always something along the lines of “liberals hate her so she must be doing something right”. That meant that once liberals lost interest, the right would too. And they mostly have. That will only get worse for her as we get closer to the election and there are actual candidates to discuss.

    • Diomedes

      “Whenever I ask a conservative what they like about Palin the answer is always something along the lines of “liberals hate her so she must be doing something right”.”

      That is part of it. The other reason is the incessant need for certain individuals to see someone with whom they can relate actually succeed at some form of higher office or achieve general success. It makes them feel better about themselves and gives them some false sense of hope that they as well can succeed.

      But its all a fantasy. The Joe the Plumber syndrome where people are concerned about high taxes on jobs or salaries they ‘think’ they will achieve in the future. The country has become so enamored with the quick and easy that they fail to realize that great success requires a tremendous amount of hard work, long hours and due diligence. (A few functioning brain cells helps too) But that’s not what most Americans want to hear. They want their wealth and success NOW.
      Also part of the reason why obesity is such an issue. Everyone knows what the answer to being fat is: eat less and exercise more. But that’s not the answer they want. They want a pill or some magic abdominizor from a 2 AM infomercial to do it for them.

      • Fairy Hardcastle

        Such wisdom. You truly are the psychotherapist of the nation. I daresay you would say the same of people’s reaction if Thomas Jefferson were to come back from the dead, embrace the Tea Party and tell everyone about the virtues of limited government and the dangers of large government.

        • Diomedes

          “I daresay you would say the same of people’s reaction if Thomas Jefferson were to come back from the dead, embrace the Tea Party and tell everyone about the virtues of limited government and the dangers of large government”

          While I can’t speak for how Thomas Jefferson would react to the world he sees today, I am somewhat doubtful that he would embrace a party that believes the country doesn’t need to meet its financial obligations, that embraces and cheers the potential death of an individual dying of disease without health care, that claps hysterically while potentially innocent individuals are sentenced to death, that boos service men or women putting their life on the line simply because of their sexual orientation or looks in awe at candidates like Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin as saviours of the Republic.

          Although I admit I would love to see what he would tell them about this thoughts on the separation of church and state or their literal interpretation of the bible.

        • Fairy Hardcastle

          It is hard to predict what a dead man would say, but my view is he would be aghast at the notion that the supreme court, called the least dangerous branch, has taken it upon itself to be the moral arbiter of the country and paved the way for the grotesquely fat Federal government we have. I think he would wonder what was left of this Federal Republic when he saw the tragedies of Obamacare and similar blatant power grabs. All suffer, including the truly ill, when accountability and local control are ceded to the national government.

        • Primrose

          I think we are safe in saying that Thomas Jefferson would run from any party that did not embrace science and the future. He was and took pride in being a forward thinker.

        • Fairy Hardcastle

          Last I looked the Tea Party does not have any rule not to allow scientists or engineers or lawyers or doctors or accountants or authors or businessmen or craftsmen or teachers or anyone in fact to demonstrate against the insanity that is Washington. Last I looked the Tea Party wants more than anything fiscal sanity not endless borrowing. Do you have some statement from a Tea Party rep that says science is bad or something?

  • ShtickPerry

    As opposed to Frum who’s a Colossus bestriding the world lately

  • paul_gs

    Congratulations Sarah. You’ve won again.

    “Already Almost Forgotten”

    But not quite. Nearly 200 posts already on this thread and going strong.

    Three years after the 2008 election and all of your haters have been shown to be pathological liars, creepy middle-aged stalkers posing as authors, or rabid progressives who shouldn’t be let out in public.

    All the best in the future Sarah. You deserve it.

    • Watusie

      The Undefeated!!!!

      • Fairy Hardcastle

        Hey, you can rent it now if you want. Why not check it out and try listening to something other than hatchet job journalist attacks on the Governor.

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  • vanderleun

    Pot/Kettle: One of the gems of the article, “There have always been grifters in politics.” Very true. Isn’t that so, Frum?

  • vanderleun

    I would venture to say that in the least powerful minute of her least powerful hour on her least powerful day from today until the last ding-dong of doom, Sarah Palin will have more political clout in her little finger than all of that garnered by Frum in his entire career from birth until death.

    And that’s the fact, Jack.

    • Watusie

      Wow, your first day here, and you are already scraping the barrel marked “bombastic impossible-to-prove future assertions”. Let me give you a tip: that rhetorical technique has been employed by many before you, and it fails every time. I think of it as “the WillyP” in memory of the poster who just a few months ago was prediction that Sarah Palin would sweep to victory with 40+ states in 2012. Oh how we laughed…

      • Chris Balsz

        Actually it’s already been demonstrated. Mr. Frum already launched his big national campaign to “restore” American politics, “No Labels”, eight months ago. I guess you forgot about it along with everybody else.

    • Lonewolf

      Yes, I agree. After all, it’s a lot easier to catch a big mess of flies than a single eagle. Sarah’s career as a pandering political pretender has certainly allowed her to ensnare many of the feebleminded. Frum’s career as a thinker, analyst and thoughtful commentator has allowed him to sway comparatively fewer people, because he speaks almost exclusively to those capable of critical thinking and rational analysis.

    • Fairy Hardcastle

      Nice to see another commonsense conservative person here. Welcome though you need to duck from all the liberal dung thrown about here.

      • TerryF98

        You are not a commonsense Conservative, you are a Homophobic bigot. Big difference.

        • Fairy Hardcastle

          The prior APA manual on disorders identified homosexuality as a mental disorder. Cowardice and depravity caused that organization to change its views. Last I looked homophobia was not an identified mental disorder, if it were you probably could not criticize anyone for having it because it is “just who they are.” As it is, the term is merely an aggressive scare tactic that means only this: the depraved and cowards don’t like being called depraved and cowards so they fight back with all sorts of nasty things, they push old women around, they infect eachother with horrendous diseases, they ruin their psyches, they wallow in the dark. We are not souls accidentally trapped in a body, we are man or woman and genders have meaning that run through our entire being. To ignore that or abuse it leads to sadness and forlorn people. No gay is the perfect 1984 euphemism because it really means sadness and emptiness. Turn to the light. There is an organization called Courage which helps homosexuals turn away from the sadness of their lives.

    • Primrose

      So what? This is a non point. It doesn’t change the truth.

  • rbottoms

    God I love the GOP.

    [blockquote]MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama’s strict new immigration law may be backfiring. Intended to force illegal workers out of jobs, it is also driving away many construction workers, roofers and field hands in the country legally who do backbreaking jobs that Americans generally won’t.

    One of the bill’s authors, Republican Sen. Scott Beason, said he expected short-term problems, but he has received “thank you” calls from two people who replaced illegal immigrants who fled their jobs. Beason predicts that trickle will become a rush.

    “We have the best law in the country and I stand by what we’ve done,” Beason said.

    Some farmers disagreed.

    On Chandler Mountain in north Alabama, tomato farmer Lana Boatwright said only eight of the 48 Hispanic workers she needed for harvest showed up after the law took effect. Those who did were frightened.

    “My husband and I take them to the grocery store at night and shop for them because they are afraid they will be arrested,” she said.

    Farmer Chad Smith said his family farm stands to lose up to $150,000 because there are not enough workers to pick tomatoes spoiling in the fields.

    “We will be lucky to be in business next year,”

    • Watusie

      There could be a daily open thread on how much we love Republicans. From today’s TPM:

      Romney Slams Obama’s ‘Harvard Faculty Lounge’ Foreign Policy, But Has 14 Harvard-Connected Foreign Policy Advisers

      Despite repeatedly slamming President Obama for consulting with the “Harvard faculty lounge” on foreign policy, more than a third of Mitt Romney’s newly announced foreign policy team have either graduated from or held a position at the university.

      Romney himself holds business and law degrees from Harvard and has donated $50,000 to the university. Three of his children are also Harvard MBAs.

      • TerryF98

        My contribution. Republican says “Bring back “dwarf tossing”"

        A [Florida] state legislator has found yet another example of government regulation getting in the way of job creation.

        So Rep. Ritch Workman, R-Melbourne, filed a bill this week to bring back “dwarf tossing,” the barbaric and dangerous barroom spectacle that was imported from Australia and thrived briefly in Florida before it was outlawed in 1989.

        “I’m on a quest to seek and destroy unnecessary burdens on the freedom and liberties of people,” Workman said. “This is an example of Big Brother government.

        “All that it does is prevent some dwarfs from getting jobs they would be happy to get,” Workman said. “In this economy, or any economy, why would we want to prevent people from getting gainful employment.”

      • ottovbvs

        Romney’s a Harvard man and so are his kids (so is one of mine) … so was FDR, and Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Elitist trash.

  • TerryF98

    I forgot $ara what the eff was her second name months ago.

  • ottovbvs

    paul_gs // Oct 6, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    “Congratulations Sarah. You’ve won again.”

    paul_gs proves the complete accuracy of my previous comment about him being one of the rubes she’s busy fleecing. Go right ahead paul, send Palin dough…she loves it. So do I.

    • paul_gs

      Of course Sarah won.

      A small town Alaskan girl pulled herself up by the bootstraps and made something of herself. All the vicious efforts of the Democratic-media complex and their hired guns couldn’t bring her down.

      • anniemargret

        Dear Paul, you really got it bad for her, don’t you? She didn’t pull up by her bootstraps.

        In point of fact, she went to five different colleges to get a simple BA degree. FIVE! Now, I ask you…what parents would allow their daughter to drop out not once, not twice, but FIVE times because she ‘didn’t like the atmosphere?’

        Bootstraps? Ha! More likely this is a beauty queen who had people wrapped around her finger at an early age, parents who indulged her whims and a prima donna persona. She would be nowhere if she hadn’t been a pretty woman.

        That’s more than apparent.

      • nuser

        You are reminiscent of a guy stopped by a state trooper proclaiming: “You sir are drunk, get out of the car , and don’t cross the median.” Roight! The cop procedes to demolish the drunk’s car and proclaims; what do you think of that? Ha , ha the drunk replies , I stepped over the line , when you were not looking.

  • paul_gs

    I’d say Tina Fey’s career is fading faster then Sarah Palin’s.

  • anniemargret

    All fans here calling her “The Governor” need to give it up. She is the “Mini-Me Gov” from the State of Alaska.

    She didn’t finish the job because she was being hounded and she saw dollar signs heading her way. No professional of any integrity would leave a public office in which they were duly elected, to be a public servant, and then proceed to do reality shows where she propped up her kids and allowed her daughter to shake her booty on national TV.

    She is one very unserious person…she has proved this from her behavior, her cowardice leaving public office and then hiding out at Fox, her shooting from the hip all the way giving the impression she was going to run for Presidency.

    What a hoot. A bigger hoot is that anyone would support such a self-absorbed person.

  • anniemargret

    As far as she ‘won’ because there are over 200 posts about her – there should be 2000 posts about her, because she is a bobblehead who came close to the nuclear codes.

    And that’s a debate every American should be having.

  • Sonny119

    Would I say that Gov. Palin, has abandoned the American People, and America itself, in our Nation’s time of need, in our hour of desperation.. I would have to say Yes..
    But hey, it’s a free country, and she can choose how to serve, or not to serve.. But her base of support, is now all but disappeared, and her impact will be lessened on everything she says and does.. as far as the Patriotic American Constitutional Conservatives are concerned. She will never be a political force in American Politics, again, from this point onward.. Can you imagine what the country would be like, if Ronald Reagan never ran for President in 1980.. We would not have had the decades of Economic prosperity we had.. Let alone, America’s restoration of our Economic, Political, and Military pre-eminence in the world..

    So, this is what we now have.. And Mr. Herman Cain is now putting his inexperienced foot in his mouth, with statements he has just made, blaming the American People for not having a job, if they are not rich.. as the recession, due in large part to Obama, has caused millions of people to be out of work, due to no fault of their own..

    Unfortunately, Obama will eat him alive, politically, if he were to be the Republican Nominee.. and due to Gov. Palin’s final exit form the National political scene, this is what we are now faced with.. Romney, Perry, or Cain.. 2 Career Crony Capitalist Republican Party RINO’s, and an inexperienced, and politically unproven and untested, pizza man..

    That’s it..

    • anniemargret

      Herman Cain certainly did put his ‘inexperienced foot in his mouth.’ Heard him tonight ranting about people not working hard for success, blah, blah, blah.

      A small minority of people in this country want handouts and do nothing. As always though, Republicans like to smear the poor and the working poor of America. Cain should be ashamed of himself, because somewhere in his rise to the top there was a moment of serendipity where his pluck met luck. There is always a moment where opportunity meets hard work.

      Bill Gates was one of those who admitted such in Malcolm Gladwell’s wise little book,
      “Outliers” – Herman Cain has been fortunate accumulating money and reaching success. And if he and other Republicans had any brains, and more compassionate heart, they would change their tune and not continue to insult millions who are doing their best in terrible circumstances.

      • Lonewolf

        “I don’t have the facts to prove this, but I believe….” that Herman Cain is just a whole bunch of little tiny fiddler crabs dressed up in a latex people suit, whose goal “is to distract people from the dismal failure of the President’s policies”…

      • Primrose

        I really like the phrase where his pluck met luck, anniemargret. And no surprise I agree with the sentiment.

  • nuser

    Do you wish to soothe your souls? Then listen to Paul Robeson singing Shenandoah or
    O’l man river. he was a bass- baritone singer , he was also a lawyer, football player, staunch
    American, and a Shakespearean actor. he was treated like sh@t and left for Russia. Oh what is the use?

  • NRA Liberal

    So much Teabonics gabble about how liberals were terrified of her, she was going to kick Obama’s ass in 2012 and take America back, blah blah.

  • paul_gs

    233 posts and counting. This Palin thread is the most active on the Frum Forum in over a month.

    • Primrose

      Because it is about alternate realities, not republican and democrat, but rational and emotive.
      Those who insist that she was qualified because she felt right are insisting that truth is unimportant.

      Those of us still fighting for the idea of a shared reality are deeply bothered by this insistence. She was not objectively qualified for the Presidency and has since turned out to be a grifter of the first order. But the emotives continue to insist this is all lies. She is as they feel her to be.

      Perhaps, we shouldn’t pay any attention to this, but we can’t help but feel that by letting that slide, we are letting our world lose its grip on reality completely.

  • lyhunt56

    Reading all of this rather late. It is interesting though, that no one is addressing Mr. Frum’s main point that the party needs to deal with being taken in by such a person (not sure what adjective(s) to use to describe her).
    In addition, I found it interesting that I did not hear/read much about her announcement today. Got very little attention (from my random perusing, anyway).
    Appropriately so, people were much more interested in eulogizing someone who actually did something with his life — Steve Jobs.

    Let me add — that there are actually a number of posts about the Republican Party — I missed them earlier, I think.

  • Headlines | The Daily Slog

    [...] Frum: Totally Forgotten Years Ago “Palin: Already Almost Forgotten”–headline,, Oct. 5 [...]

  • Fairy Hardcastle

    With the exceptions of Watusie’s laughable attempt to defend the editor and the “Archivist” who offered one example of when he thinks the editor saw Sarah Palin at some speech in Canada, the editor himself has not responded. Even that example says nothing about actually meeting the former Governor. I am inclined to conclude he has never met Sarah Palin which would mean his statement was unfounded at best and deceptive at worst.

  • Primrose

    Fairy Hardcastle, I looked up encounter and found a very long entry (see below) at no point does it require one to be physically there. In the case of people, there may be the assumption but it is not at all required.

    • Fairy Hardcastle

      I looked at the entry. I would probably defer to the OED here: over the Free Dictionary, but the definitions are consistent and convey in the first and primary sense of the word an actual face to face meeting. When you put that together with the statement that someone is “visibly” something “within minutes” of the encounter the import is clear. It in fact suggests that the one encountering, here the editor, said or did something to the one encountered, the Governor, to solicit a response upon which such a specific and damaging judgment was made.

      • Primrose

        Since I don’t have access to OED, obviously I didn’t use it, and can’t reference it. Since the OED is more of an encyclopedia of language than a dictionary, it is not necessary for speakers (or writers) to reference only it. And face to face personal meeting most definitely is not necessary, even so. I recently encountered bears on my lawn, I did not try to have face to face meeting.

        Nor is there anything in that line as written that conflicts anyway with your excessively limited definition. Plenty of decisions makers would have had to meet her face to face, and it is quite obvious when and how she talks what kind of person she is.

        • Fairy Hardcastle

          Ok. So next time some says “I encountered Primrose and within 5 minutes I could tell he was a petty and false person” don’t get upset that the person never met you, or never even saw you in a room. Just go about your life unknowingly “encountering” people who develop bad opinions about your heart and soul every few minutes. Look even your own example requires being in the physical presence of the bears!! Now the editor has not bothered to even suggest he was in the same room as Mrs. Palin yet he has quite clearly stated that upon encountering her within a few minutes he knew she was a petty and false person. As I said before, it is boils down to not thinking of Mrs. Palin as another fellow human being but an idea or caricature one bandies about in lefty circles.

        • Primrose

          But I am not a public person Fairy Hardcastle. I do not give interviews or campaign speeches. I do not run for so much as dog catcher. I do not join reality TV shows. People who do not know me, don’t know of my existence, generally speaking.

          You could say of course that you encountered Primrose on the FrumForum and then make assumptions (as many have, one tangential expat in particularly nasty way) but then you would have to back that assertion up.

          If your argument is that Mr. Frum is wrong and that Mrs. Palin is really a lovely person, OK, based on what? How do the bulk of her statements and actions contradict that other idea?

          I don’t think the word encounter suggests intimate knowledge in any event. It suggests some distance, and obscures , and thus is given less reliability than words like meet or know.

          As to to us all being human, I wish conservatives remembered that when they spoke of public figures who are liberal. There was no call to remember our shared humanity by the Swift Boat Committee, or those calling Mr. Obama the antichrist. There was no shared humanity when paralyzed veteran Max Cleland was compared to Osama bin Laden. And where is the shared sense of humanity for Mrs. Obama, a reluctant public figure, treated like dirt because she tells kids to exercise and eat their vegetables. Even though there is ample gossip that she is unhappy with her public role, compassion does not come into play.

          They only remember it with people like Sarah Palin who looks like they think nice people look. And maybe in private she is, maybe she’s a great gal, but her public self is unqualified mean girl. Since she’s never expressed regret for that public self, I am not convinced she’s secretly wonderful.

        • Fairy Hardcastle

          From my standpoint, you should always treat your adversary as a fellow human being no matter what party you are in. That’s in part why the Hitler mustache or the Joker defacement is wrong no matter who the President is.

          The editor is not some unknown blogger or twitterer blasting away with incendiary remarks like you can find right now: “Hope she dies now” etc. The editor is apparently someone of standing within the political community having just been asked to be an election contributor for CNN. Mr. Frum therefore has a higher responsibility to get it right because, apparently, his statements are seen and repeated by a fair amount of people. My argument is about the evidence for his conclusion that Mrs. Palin is petty and false which he says is based on an encounter that lasted at least a few minutes. I asked for it, but only silence replies. Do you really think he will repeat such a statement while on CNN? Hey, anyone can say I think so and so is false and petty and that’s an opinion you can legitimately form by watching TV, but that’s not the image presented by this post which is of a real encounter.

        • Primrose

          But your assertion that the claims (of many who met her) are all wrong has no proof either. You say she’s human as if that alone answers questions of character. And by now we have plenty of tell-all memoirs, that indicate she was less than wonderful. You offer no reason not to believe them.

          Since Mr. Frum is, one presumes, is fairly well connected, it is not unreasonable to assume he’s not making a casual assumption, but is responding to a larger consensus of those who worked with her. The point of his phrase is that Mrs. Palin grifter quality was easy to spot, and yet still people let themselves be fooled, not that he spotted it after a brief encounter. The point seemed fairly obvious to me.

        • Fairy Hardcastle

          Having nothing other than the editor as evidence of the author of this post, and no other statements about how he met with friends or others who actually encountered the Governor and concluded that she was petty and false, the natural reading of this post is that the author himself met the Governor. I never made any assertion about the claims of people who actually met the Governor long enough to form a judgment about her integrity. I don’t know any personally. Do you? Or are you willing to trust people you don’t personally know regarding their judgments about another person you don’t know at all? The bottom line for me is that when it comes to certain opinions like she’s unqualified or her policies are wrong-headed sure you don’t need to meet the Governor, but you should listen to exactly what she said or read what she wrote, not what others says she said or wrote.

          At some point it became clear to me that truth was not always the goal when reporting about the Governor, e.g., how Eisenstadt punked MSNBC with the “Africa is a country” fabrication. So I decided that the new outrageous statement or scandal attributed to her or her family needed to have a star put next to it until verified. Now, with the editor seemingly on his own authority making a direct statement about the character of the Governor in the context of an encounter that lasted some minutes, I have to put a star next to that one and say: back it up buddy. Even now several days after this post, no statement from the editor.

        • Primrose

          First I disagree with your reading of the sentence. I think it presumes that the author knows people as well as persona knowledge.

          As to not simply listening to what others say, I don’t have to. Every campaign speech, every choice of inflection, every wink made it abundantly clear that her attitude towards others is not kind and wonderful, that she is self-centered. Her actions reveal that she is a very certain type of women that other women know really, really well, and not with pleasure.

          Now of course that is public persona. Perhaps she is quite different but she chose that public persona and has never veered from it, never expressed regret or tried to counter it with actual facts. She claims we all just were out to get her, not that her public persona veers from her private one but that we are trying to catch her out. She’s bears no responsibility.

          This is very different from saying you misunderstand me, I winked because I was really, really nervous or I didn’t answer the reading question because my favorite magazine is People and I thought it would make me sound dumb. She’s had plenty of opportunity to re-write the record. Sarah Palin seems to feel that people should assume she’s a nice, wonderful person because she’s that kind of person, not because she has any obligation to behave nice—which means it is very unlikely she is actually kind or thoughtful.

          Maybe before she entered public life she was a different person but she did enter it and she made certain choices, she must bear responsibility for those choices, character is not handed to you at birth. While we all have tendencies and preferences, character is something we are constantly creating.

          If you feel she’s passed these current tests, provide proof. In all these posts, you haven’t said anything to contradict Ms. Palin’s public persona.

        • Fairy Hardcastle

          Primrose, you keep trying to make my point much bigger than it is. To repeat: the editor described an encountered with Mrs. Palin which lasted at least a few minutes and during which he concluded she was “visibly” false, petty and unqualified. I asked the editor to describe the circumstances of that encounter. He has not responded. Despite Watusie’s and your attempt to defend the editor by talking about “virtual” encounters either on the TV or through speaking with people who actually did meet the Governor, that’s not what the post said and no clarification has been forthcoming from the editor. As I have learned in the context of evaluating assertions about the Governor you have to be specific and precise because that is where all the shit happens. Show me the “encounter” editor! Tell me who you relied upon to make that statement and what was the nature of their encounters with the Governor. His post was not some private letter to his inner circle of Palin bashers it was to the whole wide world web, and as such it comes with the presumption that the ordinary understanding of words applies.

          Have you heard of Journolist? Seems there was a concerted effort to tar and feather the Governor at some level.

          Having never met the Governor I cannot make a sound judgment about her integrity or what she really means when she winks. I can however agree with her views on the proper Constitutional limits of the Federal Government, with her views on sound fiscal policy and her views that traditional morality makes for a happy and free society.

        • paul_gs

          ‘Plenty of decisions makers would have had to meet her face to face, and it is quite obvious when and how she talks what kind of person she is.’

          Palin was a competent and savvy governor. Her support in Alaskan was strong with both Democrats and Republicans.

        • Primrose

          Based on what facts? By the time she quit, she was considerably less popular.

        • paul_gs

          Democrats manufactured a vicious smear campaign against her, that’s the only reason her support dropped. She was a good, competent governor.

        • Primrose

          I see. Well, in any event, then you admit that your first statement was untrue. She didn’t have tons of support.

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  • Fairy Hardcastle

    Now perhaps to end this post, I post in full Redstate’s Erickson’s comments. He makes at least pertinent points: (1) how Mrs. Palin energized him and others to keep up the attack on Democrats and help earn an historic House GOP victory and (2) how to really describe an “encounter” this one with Nichole Wallace:

    “At one point I very much wanted Palin to run. In fact, for the longest time I would have preferred to lose with Sarah Palin fighting for liberty than win with one of the candidates pushing a Republican brand of creeping socialism. But it became clear to me she was not running. And as it became clearer and my platform at RedState and elsewhere rose and I said this, more and more of her fans piled on.

    There is a lot of news out there tonight and suddenly the twitterverse and media have moved on. Nonetheless, I want to toss out a few thoughts on her.

    In 2008, many of us were unenthused by John McCain. We voted for him because of Sarah Palin. Here at RedState, after the campaign and the piling on of Palin by Nichole Wallace and others started, we formed Operation Leper. I went on Glenn Beck’s radio show and pledged to root out the McCain campaign leakers.

    At one point, an extremely prominent radio show host called me and asked me to take Steve Schmidt off the list because he was innocent of the infraction and was getting all sorts of heat. I took him off, but later put him back on when it became clear he was, along with Wallace, a source. I remember one night last year visiting with Nichole Wallace (who I’ve since gotten to know and realize she’s actually very nice) and someone who asked her why she’d left politics to become a writer. She looked over at me and said it was because of me. Well, really because of the loyalty of so many who thought Sarah Palin had been mistreated by the McCain campaign.

    Sarah Palin deserved better than what she got. She took a lot of bullets for Team McCain, and while we may be right or wrong, it seemed that long after McCain surrendered, Sarah Palin kept fighting.

    Her verbal positioning of death panels, who Obama palled around with, etc. really gave a lot of us lines to use and rally too as we opposed the administration.

    Back in 2010, my friend Nikki Haley called and told me Governor Palin was going to endorse her. She asked me to cover over and be on the steps of the South Carolina State Capitol with them. In the picture above, I’d just gotten a text from my mom that all her friends were calling her because I was on TV with someone who looked like Sarah Palin. Governor Palin replied, “Tell ‘em you’re with Tina Fey.”

    But for Sarah Palin, we might not have Governor Haley. We might not have Governor Perry either. Sarah Palin rallied conservatives in Texas for Rick Perry against the entire Republican establishment who’d lined up to oppose him. Her early support really helped him.

    Governor Palin became a champion of many who otherwise might not have gotten a voice. We did not always agree. But I never stopped liking her.

    I’m not sure what the good Lord has in mind for Sarah Palin and her family now, but I do wish them all the best. And I suspect we have not seen the last of Sarah Palin on the campaign trail, fighting . . . .”

    • indy_girl

      …… add more of her few remaining devotees’ $$$ to her personal bank account, aka SarahPAC.

    • Cinghiale

      “…really gave a lot of us lines to use and rally too as we opposed the administration.”

      A lot of lines. As opposed to a lot of policy ideas.

      This is what passes for candidacy qualification at Red State.

  • Is Sarah Palin’s political career over? (The Week) | Breaking News Today

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  • paul_gs

    Forgotten? 282 posts already. C’mon folks, help push it past 300.

  • Is Sarah Palin’s political career over? | All Latest News

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  • Churl

    “Palin: Already Almost Forgotten”

    Not yet by Frum & Chums, I see.

  • Kevin B

    I’m trying. This post has already drifted off the front page, but remains prominently featured on the banner for easy remembering. Take it off the banner and let the healing begin.

  • Is Sarah Palin’s political career over? | All News Update Dot Com

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  • bcrago77

    The irony is that FrumForum – the website of a has-been “conservative” who barely survives off the scraps of CNN and MSNBC by attacking actual conservatives – hit a record in hits and comments only by alleging Sarah Palin’s irrelevance.

    National Review was happy to see Frum go, The American Enterprise Institute forcibly booted Frum primarily for being boring, and FrumForum generally gets very, very few hits: (traffic rank 74,798.) The pathetic parasite Frum only gets hits (and a link from Memeorandum) when he feeds off the predominance of Sarah Palin.

  • Mark Whittington | Reports of Palin’s Political Demise Exaggerated | Palin4America

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  • paul_gs

    295 posts. Let’s work it people and get it over 300!

  • The end of Palin? » Filibuster Cartoons » Archive

    [...] had the guts to point this sort of stuff out, but as it stands, only fringe outcasts like David Frum seem to have the courage. This is, I think, Mrs. Palin’s single most destructive legacy. She undeniably lowered the [...]

  • mannie

    Oh, but the trouble she caused. Ms. Palin dragged that healthcare debate so far into the gutter that nobody will have the courage to address this most important of issues in a public forum for years to come.

  • sodakhic

    Mrs. Palin runs rings around you, Frum. You are a pathetic individual, even if you do have a family. I’d like to move in next door and find the real David Frum. What an amazing 5 years for Sarah Palin. Blasting the political establishment in Alaska, taking on big oil, then having the strength to take on the VP slot, with the loser McCain. All this while raising a family, with one special needs child. I say just these five years will go down in history as spectacular. She spoke to roughly 25,000 last week around the world. I’d say her future is pretty damned bright. You people forget this woman was brought up in 30 below weather, a frontierswoman, who could take her family over the Rocky Mountains in the dead of winter if she had to. Almost forgotten, that would be Frum.

  • Is Sarah Palin’s political career over? | Sarah Palin

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