O’Donnell Walks, America Yawns

August 18th, 2011 at 10:43 am | 25 Comments |

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Former Senate candidate and sometime dabbler in witchcraft Christine O’Donnell walked off Piers Morgan’s show last night after a line of questioning that she didn’t like. Morgan’s questions–about gay rights–were perfectly reasonable and O’Donnell (as she often does) came off as unhinged and more than a little bit mean.

As a publicity stunt however, O’Donnell’s actions seemed to make a lot of sense: it landed her, the most covered Senate candidate of the 2010 election cycle, back into the headlines. Her bona fide fans (and those, like me, who slow down traffic by staring at accidents) should have lapped it up and bought thousands of copies of the book she was selling. So far, at least, it doesn’t seem to be working.

As of the morning of August 18, O’Donnell’s book doesn’t even rank in top 2,000 Amazon bestsellers. Even in the tiny category of State and Local Government (where most bestsellers are classics or textbooks) at least one textbook is outselling O’Donnell’s tome even though the textbook author is not a regular cable TV guest. Kindle sales–which one could expect to be even more responsive to immediate events–remain similarly sluggish.

Things could change. Maybe O’Donnell will end up becoming a best-selling author. Maybe Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart are selling her book in enormous quantities. The early returns, however, seem to indicate that America just doesn’t care about what Christine O’Donnell does.

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  • Oldskool

    The crazy part is that someone was standing by, ready to step in front of the camera. Paranoia may destroy ya.

  • YesWeDid

    “Homosexuals exist and many people think they have rights; I am so offended!” Interesting response…

  • talkradiosucks.com

    This is the new Sarah Palin era political reality… stooges who only want to talk about what they want to talk about, and consider any real questions to be “gotchas”.

  • Smargalicious

    Meh. A leftist Brit trying to make a name for himself by “Couric-ing” O’Donnell, so she does the right thing and leaves. She should have said “Eff you!!” before she left.

    • medinnus

      “Couric-ing” – Asking softball questions any moron could easily answer.

      Except Sarah Queen Esther Palin, attention whore and sell-out (at which she was much more successful than her “I quit – governing is HARD!” stint as governor).

      So yeah – he did “Couric” her. He asked softball questions she was unwilling to answer, as appearing as a brainless idiot in public is bad for sales.

      Poor Smeggy – the world is maturing, and all he can do is whine, fart, and suffer because he doesn’t get acceptance of his pathetic worldview of hatred and bigotry anymore.

      Pssst…. nigra lynching parties, witch burnings, and homosexual hate killings are so 1930′s.

      • Smargalicious

        meddy, you have already made vulgar, threatening statements condoning sexual violence.

        You are the face of the liberal Democrats.

  • Frumplestiltskin

    after how much time did she walk out? At the beginning, middle, or end? And what did Morgan do with the remaining time?
    I generally don’t watch Morgan but I saw parts the other day when he went after Penn of Penn and Teller over atheism. Penn handled it with aplomb and grace (not that I think that Morgan was being nasty, just pointed). I disagree with Penn but respected his willingness to accept whatever questions came his way.
    As to this dingbat, I think she is going to start to fade away soon enough.

    • DeathByIrony

      God, to disagree with people like Penn. That’s luxury right there.
      You can imagine nodding, perhaps surrendering a point or expressing mild disagreement. But in the end, it seems like Penn exists in the same world as us.
      But disagreeing with say, the Laffer Parabola crowd, the Climate Skeptic Crowd? You’re dealing with near-total epistemic closure.
      How do you present a point when the people who spend their whole lives learning about something are suspected to be amateurs in their own field?

  • Jim in DE

    Back when “South Park” was getting started, the show’s creators were amused by critics calling the show “nothing but amateurish drawings and jokes about flatulence.” Their response? To integrate into their TV series “The Terrance and Philip Show” — the new favorite television show of South Park’s main characters, which was, quite literally, nothing but stick figures passing gas on each other and laughing about it. Their response was, “You think our show is nothing but bad drawings and jokes about flatulence? No, no … this is nothing but bad drawings and jokes about flatulence!”

    Somewhere in rural Alaska (or suburban Phoenix), I imagine Sarah Palin cackling with glee, the actress that she pays to perform the continual performance art piece known as “Christine O’Donnell” having once again grabbed the media’s attention, and in her head, she’s yelling at her critics, “You think I’m an up-and-coming conservative politico with no knowledge of the facts, little practical experience, and nothing going for me but an addiction to victimization and a pretty face? …”

  • nwahs

    Well I’ll be the first to *not* give the benefit of the doubt to Tea Party types, but it is clear this story has two sides and only one is being presented. Morgan was anything but professional- adolescent comes to mind.

    • Smargalicious

      Of course. A slimy leftist journalist who wants the front news soundbite provokes God-fearing conservatives. Happens all the time now.

      • nwahs

        Whatever, but I think anyone reporting this needs to report the ENTIRE interview, including that portion CNN edited off the beginning of its clip.

        “MORGAN: I can’t help but notice you did the sign of the cross as you sat down there. Was it — is it because you’re nervous about the interview? Or –

        O’DONNELL: No, I did it off camera. I didn’t realize you were watching. I do that just because ever since my very first TV interview, I just pray. You know, and ask for God’s blessing on what I’m about to say.

        MORGAN: Well, I got relieved. I was expecting some kind of devil worshipping sign.

        Read more: http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2011/08/18/christine-odonnell-walks-cnns-piers-morgan-tonight#ixzz1VPZVeoR0

        Its evident, Morgan had chosen to do a snarky interview and O’Donnell was just a prop for that snarky interview. All that proves is CNN made a huge mistake. Snarky gets old quick.

        • Frumplestiltskin

          yes, but he was just as snarky to Penn an avowed atheist. But did Penn storm off when Morgan made his cracks? No, of course not, he laughed and played along while getting his own point through very well. So who is the clear winner? Penn or O’Donnell? Of course it was Penn.

          Hell, I saw Morgan do the same kind of interview with Donny and Marie and both of them did a fantastic job on the show, so you truly don’t get it. If you come prepared for the interview and are not hyperdefensive you can do very well on that show.

        • nwahs

          Yea, but why did CNN edit the interview? Why did they take out the part that set the tone?

  • Mitch Evans

    Man smarg is worst troll.

  • midcon

    Yeah, but he is our troll. No other trolls need apply and if Smarg threatens to leave, we will offer him a long term contract with a big signing bonus. Other forums would be lucky to have a troll even a tenth as offensive as Smarg is!

  • Diomedes

    “Yeah, but he is our troll. No other trolls need apply and if Smarg threatens to leave, we will offer him a long term contract with a big signing bonus”

    Smarg actually reminds me of ‘Snarf’ from the Thundercats. Annoying as hell but actually endearing in his own little way.

    Maybe we can persuade Smarg to footnote his posts with the phrase: ‘smarg smarg!’

  • ottovbvs

    Eli: agree with all your comments but not five minutes ago this woman was a Heroine of the Revolution to Republicans. The problem for you is that this crazy is where your party is at present. You’re confusing the symptom with the disease.

  • dubmod

    That she is even being discussed is an indication of how the media has destroyed any intelligent discussion of politics

  • gmckee1985

    I am a Conservative, but nominating Christine O’Donnell was so absurd. Mike Castle may be moderate, but at least he was electable..and mentally stable.