O’Donnell: Still Making Trouble

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Christine O’Donnell, the failed Tea Party Senate candidate from Delaware, is back in the news with the release of her new book, Troublemaker: Let’s Do What It Takes to Make America Great Again.  The book frames O’Donnell as the prototypical conscientious patriot, holding true to her principles while battling the odds and the local Republican elite.

Problems with veracity troubled O’Donnell throughout her campaign, so it’s appropriate that they continue to plague her during the launch of her book.

One of the key stories in the book used to demonstrate the nefariousness of the local Republican political elite and its small-minded hatred of O’Donnell is a brief account of a 2008 visit by former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.

In her book, O’Donnell claims that the event was a Delaware Republican Party fundraising dinner, and that the State Party Chairman, Tom Ross, recognized every candidate in the room during his introductory remarks, with the sole exception of her.  At the time, O’Donnell was in the midst of her second United States Senate campaign.

O’Donnell’s said that after Ross’s tactless snub, Gov. Barbour “stood right up there and gave me my own little shout-out. He said he was grateful to see his old friend Christine O’Donnell in the audience, or words to that effect. He even took it a little further, saying that I’d done a great job back when I worked for him, that the party should be proud to have me as their candidate, and that he had no doubt I’d do a great job in Washington if I was elected.”

All in all, this is a thrilling tale of elitist perfidy being overcome in the end by the simple, pure, principled O’Donnell. There’s only one problem with this story: according to Maria Evans, a Delaware blogger and radio personality currently working on a book about O’Donnell, Troublemaker’s account is pure fiction.  Moreover, Evans’ claims to be in possession of an audio tape of the Barbour event that proves this.

According to Evans, Governor Barbour did visit Delaware in 2008, but the event was not a Delaware Republican Party function — instead, it was a fundraiser for Judge Bill Lee, the Republican candidate for governor.  Also, Tom Ross didn’t handle the introductions — Congressman Mike Castle did.  And Castle didn’t recognize any of the numerous Republican candidates or officers present in the room.

Finally, although Governor Barbour did mention O’Donnell, it was something a bit less then the ringing endorsement related in Troublemaker.

Evans maintains that on her recording of the event,  Barbour simply states:

“Christine O’Donnell worked with me at the Republican National Committee.”

Well…at least she had a real job once upon a time.

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  • Graychin

    The Rs seem likely to nominate a whole lot more Christine O’Donnells and Sharron Angles next year. Maybe even a Michele Bachmann.

    Good times!

    You DID vote for O’Donnell, didn’t you?

    • Smargalicious

      No worries.

      The real fringe candidate in 2008 was the half-term, half-Kenyan Marxist troglodyte we have in now. His record now speaks for itself: Obamanomics failure, massive debt, downgraded AAA rating, Obamacare/reparations agenda.

      Just sayin’.

      • dennis

        Do you actually pray to God with that foul mouth and wicked heart?

      • LFC

        “Just sayin’.” … over and over and over and over again. Your comments seem to be getting more overtly racist. What a pathetic and desperate attempt at schlock and awe.

        • Primrose

          But that is what trolls do LFC, they want to get a rise out of everybody so when they are ignored, they get more and more controversial. Also, I suspect it is the law of addiction, what at first was enough becomes simply what you need to feel OK and you need more for the hit. So it is with trolls.

          That or he has stopped taking his meds.

        • Smargalicious

          It is very hypocritical of you liberals on here on say anything foul you want against conservatives…”tea baggers…tea jihadists…blah blah blah” but when I give it back, you cackle like a bunch of chimps.

          Shoo, flies.

        • lilmanny

          I doubt very seriously that this guy believes much of what he posts, or much of anything for that matter. He’s like the 14 year old that bares the butterfly knife to impress, or rather scare, his classmates. At first it works, but after a while it reveals itself to be annoying and really, really needy. There appears to be some wit there, but it’s totally wasted in hot-miking the crowd here.

    • Graychin

      It’s best not to feed the troll.

  • Elvis Elvisberg

    Well, this is sorta something.

    Gotta admit, it seems a little mean to deprive politicians of their tall tales. This one is directly at Barbour’s expense, so I get correcting it, but… eh, doesn’t seem like too big a deal.

    Neato pseudonym you’ve got there, btw.

    We don’t need no no-account Eye-talian Papist writin’ ’bout our politics no-how! I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas.

    • Elvis Elvisberg

      Hmm, my “Rick Perry” tags for that last paragraph seem to have vanished…

  • Neon Vincent

    I was hoping this would be about the trouble her book is getting from Amazon customer reviews.


    In a nod to her statements condemning masturbation, there’s Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation and the Hello Kitty Vibrator Massager Masturbator—New From Japan. Her pro-abstinence stand is acknowledged with the special, unrated version of the hit movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin (although the haters should note that she’s actually 41). And in case she changes her mind about being a witch, there’s the indispensable volume Summoning Spirits for Money…Troublemaker has also been given such tags as “keeping America stupid,” “grafter,” “nut job,” and “witches.”

    Daily Beast has a screen capture of the suggested products and a link to a full list.

  • jakester

    These kind of books are written on an assembly line.

  • Stewardship

    Hannity had her on last night. First time I’ve tuned him in for months. Last time I’ll tune him in, ever.

  • TAZ

    Best of luck to her, I hope she makes hundreds from her sales.

    • Jim in DE

      Amen to that! The girl’s got a mortgage to pay, and her personal cash flow is hurtin’ what with this being a nonelection year and all!

    • Xclamation

      My church already bought 50 copies!

  • Oldskool

    Something about her reminds me of the people on Celebrity Rehab.

  • ottovbvs

    This is another attempt (Schaeffer has another one up on Palin) to remove the embarrassing relatives from the drawing room before the general election heats up. Happily the mad relations show no sign of cooperating in their eviction from the sofa so now it’s necessary to demonize the former Heroines of the real American common people like O’Donnell and Palin as crazy female divas.

  • sublime33

    When the far right Republican supporters get away from their Rainman like rationale of “Christine O’Donnell is a excellent candidate – all Republican candidates are excellent”, I will start voting for them on a national level. At least the Democrats knew that Cynthia McKinney was a nutter and they cut off support. There are at least 10 Republicans in McKinney territory headed by Joe Wilson, Joe Walsh, Louis Goehmert & Michelle Bachman.

  • midcon

    It must be something in the tea they are drinking but why is it that there are so few serious and sane potential Republican candidates? The Democrats are not without their own whack jobs but not to the extent that that the Republicans are growing them.

    I wonder the candidates are just symptomatic and the base is the etiology for the number of whacks that the Republicans have fielded? The Democrats will not win any awards but at least they don’t have to be be embarassed about being a Democrat like the Republicans do. Thank God I converted to independence!

    • Smargalicious

      Nonsense. The Dems elected their own half-term Senator whackjob with the help of the mainstream media, and look at the mess we’re in now!

      • porkupan

        look at the mess we’re in now


        It’s not “we”, it’s “I”. You are in the mess! And the mess is in your head. The more you post, the more it becomes evident that you are not just another “mad as hell” Tea Party nut, but you are also mentally ill (and probably should be institutionalized). Unless you are just a funny act. Please don’t stop posting! JimBob, Jeffry1/Brad, WillyP and others cannot always be counted upon for just-in-time entertainment.

        As far as the mess our country is in, it is mostly due to the right wing crazies who would flush their entire nation down the toilet only to spite their elected president who happens to have a somewhat different world view.

  • sublime33

    Hannity and Rush and Drudge must be using the phrase “half term” because Smarg is repeating it like a broken record. And last time I checked, Obama left office for a promotion, not quitting like St. Sarah of Wasilla. And it was 2/3 of a term for the mathematically challenged.

    • Smargalicious

      “St. Sarah of Wasilla”?? LOL, good one.


      That’s all one needs.

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  • abrady

    It is hard to understand how people can forget this is a technological world and various types of recording devices are usually around while you are “out in public”.

    Christine: Best be accurate when making claims or retelling stories.
    Michele: Watch those facial expressions, eating in public and impromptu dance moves.
    Rick: Be careful about rewriting history and your political past.
    Sarah: Do you know where your daughters are and what they are doing?

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