Obama to Meet with Boehner

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USA Today reports:

President Obama plans to sit down with congressional leaders — including Republican House Speaker-to-be John Boehner — two weeks from today, Nov. 18, the president said.

“This is going to be a meeting in which I want us to talk substantively about how we can move the American people’s agenda forward,” Obama said after meeting with his Cabinet. “It’s not just going to be a photo-op. Hopefully it may spill over into dinner.”

The “immediate focus” is the upcoming lame duck congressional session, Obama said, as well as the agenda when the new Congress elected this week takes office in January. When that happens, Boehner and the Republicans will run the U.S. House, while Democrats control the U.S. Senate, though with a smaller majority.

The meeting is set for Nov. 18 because Obama will be traveling in Asia next week.

One top item on the Nov. 18 agenda: George W. Bush-era tax cuts due to expire at the end of the year. Republicans want to extend all of them, while Obama wants to let them lapse for individuals making more than $200,000 annually, and for couples making more than $250,000.

“We have to act in order to assure that middle-class families don’t see a big tax spike because of how the Bush tax cuts have been structured,” Obama said, not commenting on what should be done with tax cuts for the wealthy.

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  • balconesfault

    Well, Boehner became Speaker by employing a “hell no” strategy that was based on the idea of no compromise.

    I’m not sure how Obama can work with that. The only way, it seems, would be to be able to persuade Boehner how Obama’s agenda is best for the country.

    Which seems a lot like trying to persuade a Red Sox Fan why he should root for the Yankees to win the World Series.

    Does anyone else see the irony of the GOP in 2010 electing a Speaker who co-authored a document back in 1994 that called for a 12-year term limit for Congressmen?

  • TerryF98

    Will Boehner be sober enough to talk coherently? Why does the GOP raise Alcoholics to high positions? Bush, Boehner.

    You have to hand it to Obama, he keeps trying this Bi Partisan tack with people who have zero interest in that very thing.

  • jg bennet

    Strange bedfellows are not so strange…

    In the early ’60s Barry Goldwater contacted Saul Alinsky and the two men had a meeting.

    “The conversation,” von Hoffman reports, “was about Goldwater’s opposition to pending civil rights legislation. Saul shared the conservative misgivings about the mischief such laws could cause if abused, but he told Goldwater that he should not morally and could not politically oppose the legislation unless he had a better idea himself.”

    There’s a lesson there for the Tea Partiers who have been studying Alinsky’s tactics, should they care to explore the rest of his legacy.

    If they’re serious about building a real alternative to the Bush/Obama megastate, as opposed to merely being used by the Republicans and discarded as soon as the GOP is in a position to relaunch the K Street Project, the activists need to build countervailing power of their own, rooted not merely in talk radio and the Internet but in the indigenous institutions that shape people’s everyday lives.

    In some areas — bank bailouts, eminent domain, the crackdown on civil liberties, America’s imperial foreign policy — they might even reach across the invisible lines that separate their favorite segments of civil society from the churches and councils that mobilize people on the grassroots left, to work together on issues of shared concern even when they aren’t about to back the same candidates.

    Sometimes it’s worthwhile to cross a boundary, even if there’s a risk that a stranger might hit you in the head with a rock.

    From here http://www.amconmag.com/blog/tools-for-radicals/

  • Xunzi Washington

    I’m sure at least about one thing, he’ll be in full Ooompaloompah mode, glowing his best shade of orange.

  • andydp

    Dear Mr Boehner: here’s part of a statement Sen Mc Connell made today. Nothing like “coordinating your attacks” to maximize your efforts. (Think you guys could use a phone ?)

    ” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says he’s not apologizing for saying his top priority is making President Obama a one-term president. He says that since the president has veto power, he has to go — if Republicans are to achieve their goals of repealing health care and shrinking the government. ”

    Lets just give President Obama a built in excuse and a “blame magnet” to use for the next two years. All he has to do is quote the above whenever legislation fails to pass: “blame the GOP for stopping this legislation designed to help small businesses/sick children/Medicare recipients”

  • tom7


    Video 1. “Elections 2010: Obama’s #1 secret

    Video 2. “Elections 2010: left -wing conspiracy”


  • tom7

    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, KGB. “CIA Millenium Hilton conspiracy”.

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    I name people who have to lose a lot – millions of dollars, power, influence, popularity. They will lie to you once you start investigation into their anti-American activity, except Bill Clinton, the weakest link, who knows what lying under oath means and how impeachment looks like. A good thing is – America is no more on their side.I understand that I violated Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982. There’s no other way to bring to justice Bill Clinton who initiated the left-wing conspiracy and Barack Obama who’s covering it up.
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    Thanks for the “change”.

    New York

  • balconesfault

    OK – I’m going out now and buying stock in Reynolds Aluminum.

  • chlai88

    Obama knows that the noise is not proportional to the realities. The left & right has been screaming at the top their lungs but, guess what, they & their pundits refuse to admit that it’s the middle who has spoken in this election. Either that or they’re clueless. That’s y Obama is still incredibly cordial to the GOP and he’s hoping that the GOP will realize that their control of the House carries with it a price to deliver something so as to justify their majority and maybe 2012. Obama is genuinely looking for cooperation & hoping that it’ll be reciprocated.

  • balconesfault

    Obama is genuinely looking for cooperation & hoping that it’ll be reciprocated.

    Yeah. It’s kind of cute at first, like a kid who misspells his first name. But after awhile you just start to wonder if he’s slow.

    The way the GOP has drawn the battle lines, this is like asking the Russian Czars to have worked out a bipartisan compromise with Lenin. There is one compromise that the GOP will accept, and that’s Obama to publicly declare that he has no right to do anything except promote and sign GOP crafted legislation for the next two years. And then to not run again in 2012.