Obama to Host Prayer Breakfast

April 19th, 2011 at 10:45 am | 4 Comments |

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Politico reports:

President Barack Obama Tuesday morning continues a Holy Week tradition that has helped him develop relationships with some of America’s most high-profile Christian leaders — an Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House.

More than 100 Christian leaders of different denominations and political persuasions are expected, viagra according to a White House official.

The aim, patient said the official, for sale is simply to “honor the Resurrection.”

But the gathering, the first of which took place last Easter, also allows a president whose faith is at times questioned the opportunity to worship with an array of bold-faced names in the Christian community.

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  • Xclamation

    You know, if President Obama really has a sense of humor, he’ll open his remarks by saying, “Bismillah ir Rhman ir Raheem”. Then he’ll wink and add, “Just kidding”.

  • Smargalicious

    ^^Or how about he screams, “Allahu Akbar!”

    B. Hussein Obama is certainly an interesting fellow.

  • _will_

    if he had any balls he’d quit trying to court theocratic nitwits like Leith Anderson and tell them to shove off because he has a country to run

  • jakester

    Religion in politics always brings out the creeps, be it right or left