Norwegian Bomber Strived to be a White Supremacist Martyr

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In the National Post, Jon Kay claims that Anders Behring Breivick, the 32-year-old Norwegian bomber, copied much of his manifesto from the provocative 1978 novel, The Turner Diaries, which was written by a white supremacist promoting the extermination of Jews and non-whites. Breivik’s approach is also described as resembling that of Islamic terrorists:

“To read The Turner Diaries is to understand that the worldly beliefs of right-wing terrorists such as Breivick are not nearly so different from Islamic terrorists as some might believe. Members of both groups imagine themselves to be “martyrs” fulfilling some ordained and holy purpose, for which civilization will one day thank them. (In his manifesto, Breivick repeatedly references his upcoming “martyrdom.”)

Both groups imagine they are propelling society toward some post-apocalyptic paradise, a New Jerusalem of the type described in the Book of Revelation. And both imagine that their evil crusades lend drama, dignity and cosmic meaning to their lives. “Whenever danger is especially imminent and we might be captured, we are to remove the [suicide] capsules from the pendants and carry them in our mouths,” Turner declares in his Diaries. “And if we are captured and can see no hope of immediate escape, we are to break the capsules with our teeth. Death will be painless and almost instantaneous. Now our lives truly belong only to the Order. Today I was, in a sense, born again. I know now that I will never again be able to look at the world or the people around me or my own life in quite the same way I did before.”

Kay suggests that Breivick took a disturbing indirect approach in Oslo by targeting white Norwegians who are tolerant of other cultures.

“Of course, Breivik didn’t kill Muslims: He killed random Oslo passers-by and government workers, and then teenagers and young adults at a political youth camp — his strategy being to slaughter those he imagined to be the enablers of his country’s multicultural policies. He has described these murders as a “gruesome but necessary” step toward preventing Europe’s enslavement by Muslims — and his massive manifesto seems to have been created to defend these indefensible actions.”

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  • TerryF98

    From this lunatics manifesto.

    “We, the European Revolutionary Conservatives know very well that it will take many years, even decades before we successfully manage to consolidate to a degree where we can seize political and military power in the first Western European country.

    In the US, the Tea party movement is one of the first physical, political manifestations which indicate that there is a great storm coming. The creation of similar conservative organizations, even the creation of revolutionary conservative movements … is about to materialize. The cultural Marxists are losing their momentum to our advantage.”

    He was a Teahadist.

    Carney you said this was also your philosophy!

    • Carney

      If he’s a Turner Diaries style neo Nazi, then we are not ideologically sympatico after all. I made that statement based on my understanding that, contrary to expectation given his extreme actions (a mass murdering terrorist atrocity) his beliefs were NOT of the neo Nazi variety but rather ordinary anti multiculturalist and anti mass immigration nationalist conservatism. It is precisely the incongruity between his relatively mainstream conservative, non extreme beliefs (if indeed that’s what he actually has) and his extreme actions that is so disturbing, and so greatly damaging.

      I’m sure you’ll jump on that with heavy handed scornful denials of any such incongruity, in your eagerness to demonize those on the right as ipso facto extremists and terrorists-in-waiting, and to equate conservatism with Nazi-ism (much as some hardline Tea Party types equate support for old age and widows pensions with Stalinism). Human nature makes the temptation to do that too strong, I know, and you more than most have shown zero ability to resist such temptations, zero inclination in the past to give any quarter or demonstrate any sympathy or understanding of those with opinions unlike your own, or concede that such can be legitimate.

  • Gramps

    Koch Brother’s money, goes around and comes back around…!

    Koch-Funded Tea Party Heavyweight Tim Phillips Spoke at Norweigan Killer’s Political Party Event ~~~

  • NRA Liberal

    Apparently he’s not too upset about the prospect of life in a Norwegian prison, which is nicer than some of our college dorms in the US.

  • Steve D

    “There is a great storm coming.”

    I think he’s got that part right.

  • right_on

    He was also an ardent Zionist.
    Rather an odd position to hold , if you are against immigration and multiculturalism as he was.