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Chris Christie’s speech last night has produced a schism on the airwaves. Whereas conservative talkers from Rush Limbaugh to Sean Hannity would previously fawn over Christie’s every YouTube moment, and Glenn Beck would even go so far as to label audio of the New Jersey Governor taking on opponents as “common sense porn,” now the discussion on the AM dial has suddenly become more subdued.

In a publicity blitz that would make any other GOP candidate feel lightheaded, Christie’s speech figured prominently on the shows of three major daytime talk show hosts – Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh. Ingraham even used clips of the speech to punctuate segments of her show as a sort of mocking rebuttal to other quotes by President Obama, and as of now, a clip of Christie sits on Ingraham’s site as “Video of the Day.”

But while all three praised the speech, not all of them did so unreservedly, or seemed excited by the prospect of Christie getting in the Presidential race. Glenn Beck, whose praise for the New Jersey Governor has often verged on fannish, said that even though he liked the speech, he was fine with Christie not getting in the race.

“If Chris Christie doesn’t feel called now, it means that there’s something else that he’s supposed to do. I don’t know what it is. And it might be something that none of us ever see. But it is important. We’ve all been sent with a task. We’re all supposed to do that task. I hope he’s living his life in such a way that he can hear it and be clear because many of us won’t be clear enough and we will miss our task. And somebody else will do it, but it was your job. It was your job,” Beck said.

But the most striking dissent came from Rush Limbaugh, who accused Christie of being a creation of the Republican establishment, designed to stop conservatives like Herman Cain, Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann from winning the election.

“You know what Reagan’s definition of ‘compromise’ was? ‘We win; they lose,’” Limbaugh thundered. “I just heard way too much talk of ‘bipartisanship’ and ‘compromise’ in Governor Christie’s speech last night to make me comfortable.  Obamacare, spending, debt, taxes, tell me where is the compromise with the Democrats on any of those?”

The reason for this split is clear: Ingraham and Beck like Christie because he says the right things. Limbaugh dislikes him because he keeps the wrong company. It is a classic conflict between ideas and identity politics.

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  • SteveT

    Good Lord. The filing deadlines can’t come fast enough IMO.

    • tom78212

      Correct. But by planning now, they’ll have time to find the Taft bathtub and have it installed.

  • balconesfault

    “You know what Reagan’s definition of ‘compromise’ was? ‘We win; they lose,’” Limbaugh thundered.

    Where the hell did that come from? Reagan was famous for his compromises with Tip O’Neill.

    Maybe Limbaugh is confusing Reagan with Grover Norquist?

    • Primrose

      I had the same question.

    • indy

      Don’t know where that came from either. What he said in his autobiography was:

      If you got seventy-five or eighty percent of what you were asking for, I say, you take it and fight for the rest later, and that’s what I told these radical conservatives who never got used to it.

  • wileedog

    “You know what Reagan’s definition of ‘compromise’ was? ‘We win; they lose,”

    Which is of course, complete bunk. Everything Reagan did was through compromising with a Democratic Congress.

  • Rob_654

    Does Rush and any of his kind really know what Reagan did during his 8 years?

    If Reagan was running today Rush and all the others would be attacking him for being an Establishment, California Moderate Republican who is nothing but a former actor…

    • armstp

      and criticize Reagan for being a former Democrat I am sure….

    • abc123

      Lets face it, Reagan is more myth than man now. He’s over-politicized in the worst ways as Republicans pander endlessly to people who choose not to use their own critical thought processes.

  • Oldskool

    Oh so now posts are deleted because someone has a problem with the term “fat ass”? You gotta be kidding.

    • Graychin

      You must have offended Smarg. :D

      I prefer the more clinical term “morbidly obese” to your term. It has an objective measurement, as well as a direct relation to Christie’s fitness to serve as president.

      • Oldskool

        I was referring to Limbaugh who has a book referring to him as a big fat idiot. Imagine the problem the forum zappers will have if Christie runs.

        • Graychin

          My mistake.

          Too many “morbidly obese” characters in this discussion. Hard to keep track! :D

  • Oldskool

    If “fat ass” is no longer allowed, how can we accurately describe tea party rallies?

    There are bonafied racists who post here which is fine if they’re polite?

    • Bunker555

      The politically correct name is paunchy Bubbas. Drugster Limbaugh is also acceptable.

  • Solo4114

    You know what Reagan did to beat the Communists? He flew to Russia and pummeled them with his bare hands! That mark on Gorbachev’s head? That’s a bruise that Reagan gave him that never healed! When he was governor of California, Reagan singlehandedly stopped the Watts riots and once lifted an entire building off of a pregnant woman in the wake of an earthquake! Reagan cured the common cold, but the LIBERALS stopped him from ever making it public!!

  • Saladdin

    Maybe Rush is PO’ed because Romney stated that the mandate is a Conservative idea that was pushed by the Heritage Foundation and Newt Gingrich on Hannity yesterday.

  • rbottoms

    Please nominate Boss Hogg, but keep a defibrillator handy he looks like he may need it.

  • mlindroo

    Christie’s unique strengths are supposed to be that he “is a strong leader”, “straight talker” who is willing to “tell uncomfortable truths” about Medicare and the need for draconian spending cuts without any tax hikes on the rich whatsoever. Well, hello? Doesn’t this description fit almost every alpha male conservative (and possibly two alpha females) currently running for president?

    Of course, the one very notable exception is Mitt Romney who seems to be a bit of a wimp, and a cerebral flip-flopping wonk a la Al Gore or John Kerry. Little wonder, then, that GOP elites are getting desperate.


    • Banty

      It’s this fascination with the Tough Guy. Tough Guy doing Tough Talk. Confusing style with substance.

      I’ve seen it in other areas as well as politics. If they’re bossy, they must be a leader. I call it the “Ogg gene”. Ogg kill mastadon. Ogg scare tribe on other side of hill. All hail Ogg.

  • TerryF98

    Don’t think Christie has “rushed” anywhere for a very long time. This lard ass needs some serious intervention before he dies from a coronary.

  • DifferentFrumer

    When Christie says he’s not running, I wonder if anyone beside me thinks he’s (and I’m speculating):

    A. …being honest with himself about not having the necessary experience. (I have a great deal of respect for that admission but I’d ask him what his weaknesses are and evaluate his answers)
    B. Doesn’t want to drag his family through the obvious slime/muck/hell he’d catch the moment he announced.
    C. He’s got dirt under his finger nails that someone is blackmailing him over and he doesn’t want that trouble.

    Huntsman seems the most intellectually honest of the whole bunch and Christie has more bright moments than the rest of that pack of fools combined.

  • Graychin

    Ingraham and Rush, Beck and Hannity? Are these the opinion leaders in your party?

    Come on – they’re entertainers! They are the Jon Stewarts and Steven Colberts of the right. At least Stewart and Colbert ADMIT that they are comedians.

    • Banty

      and they’re much better at it.

      Didn’t Fox some years back try their hand at a conservative comedy show? It fell really flat.

      • Graychin

        The failure of that show was easily predictable. Liberals know very well that conservatives have no sense of humor. “Conservative humor” is an oxymoron.

        However, conservatives don’t realize that they are humorless. Describing humor to them is like trying to explain sight to someone blind from birth.

      • ConnerMcMaub

        Fox’s show was “The 1/2 Hour News Hour”. Miller’s comedy has belly flopped because he is interested in making political points first, and getting laughs a distant second. Stewart makes political points a plenty, but he’d rather get a laugh even if he ends up making someone on “his side” look ridiculous. Should have seen him on Clinton back in the day.
        Not to go off on a tangent or anything.

  • Watusie

    Maybe he’ll roll for the nomination, but no way is he going to run for it.

    • rbottoms


    • Bunker555

      ^+! Watusie
      Simply brilliant.

    • tom78212

      Maybe if he lost 150-200 lbs, his voice would go down an octave (I mean we all know what’s being squeezed here) and that would make what he says more palatable .. i.e., the thunderous basso always overwhelms. Jus’ sayin’

  • rubbernecker

    Get out from that kitchen
    and rattle those pots and pans,
    Get out from that kitchen
    and rattle those pots and pans.
    Well, roll my breakfast,
    ’cause I’m a hungry man.

    I said Shake rattle and roll,
    I said Shake rattle and roll,
    I said Shake rattle and roll,
    I said Shake rattle and roll;

    Well you never do nothin’
    to save your doggone soul.

  • anniemargret

    Well, as a Democrat I find myself in an awkward position of feeling like I have to defend the man. Enough with all you posters here mocking his body weight!

    I don’t like his Republican views. I wouldn’t vote for him. But he’s not an ideologue, nor is he batty or insane as as so many others that the GOP has pushed into the limelight these past 5 years.

    And I really don’t think it is necessary, nor refined, to disparage his weight. People that have eating disorders, whether they be obese, or emaciated (see any of those young girls that are anorexic?) have difficulties with food.

    Why does this society use harsh, ugly, insulting words for them-especially for the obese? Addictive problems are just that- addictive, be they alcohol, drugs (medications too), food or smoking, even exercise. I’ve met more than my share of exercise addicts and I find them extremely boring.

    Give it up already. If you don’t like him personally, or dislike his views, say it loud and say it clear. But leave the guy alone about his weight. He knows what his problems are, and so far, reaching the governorship he obviously can supercede his body problem.

    After all, joggers who are fit and firm can drop dead running too.

    Give the guy a break, alright? We all have weaknesses, and as a society we need to become less mean, less nasty, less cruel.

    • Bunker555

      Sorry for the jokes at Christie’s expanse

    • rbottoms

      Know what, I’m tired of playing nice guy while the GOP slits our throats. President Obama tried that for three years and all it got him is a big fat zero.

      I’ll mock Christie’s weight, his hair, and his choice of shoes if it means there’s one less Republican between our guy and re-election. He is an overweight, asthmatic, with a heart condition and if I put that a little indelicately tough nooggies.

      He is part of the team of Teahadist, religious fanatics, anti-science, know nothing, anti-woman, gay bashing clowns called the GOP. If calling him out for looking like Jackie Gleason is too cruel for him time to switch professions.

      • nwahs

        Character is how you behave when no one is looking. Its a lifetime in forming and an instant in sacrificing.

    • TerryF98

      Sorry, but if a man has such a lack of self control that he overeats and becomes morbidly obese it reflects on his suitability for high office.

      I would say the same about Clinton’s lack of self control in a sexual sense and Bush’s lack of awareness in how his war mongering effected others lives (or deaths).

      All not suitable for high office.

    • rubbernecker

      At the Reagan Presidential Library the other night Christie said:

      “Now, seven years later, President Obama prepares to divide our nation to achieve re-election. This is not a leadership style, this is a re-election strategy. Telling those who are scared and struggling that the only way their lives can get better is to diminish the success of others. Trying to cynically convince those who are suffering that the American economic pie is no longer a growing one that can provide more prosperity for all who work hard. Insisting that we must tax and take and demonize those who have already achieved the American Dream.”

      And we’re “unrefined.”

      • tom78212

        Apparently your dream is success at the expense of others. I’m just not quite ready for someone of Christie’s girth to climb on my back so he can have his dream.

    • Watusie

      Would you make a similar defense of an unreformed alcoholic being touted as presidential material? I think not – I think you’d say maybe, in the future, but not until he’s dealt with his mental issues.

      Every time I see a head-to-toe picture of Christie, I think “there is a guy whose got some issues”.

  • anniemargret

    OK, I hear ya. You got some good points. I guess I’m thinking not so much about Christie the man but just overweight people in general…and maybe I’m being too nice about him.

    But you’re all right; he is part and parcel of the whole idiocy of the GOP wing of wingnuts, so I amend my pleas…
    I’ll take my lumps now, I guess I deserved it!

    • rubbernecker

      Aw, annie, it’s just that you have a heart of gold!

      (Uh oh, I said the g word. Don’t get any ideas, FF editors.)

      • anniemargret

        Aw, maybe it’s not so much I have a heart of gold, but because I’m just a bleeding heart liberal.


    • rbottoms

      Nothing wrong with wanting to be Christain and charitable, there is something wrong in laying down for this party which on balance is homophobic, mean spirited, short sighted, and just plain dumb.

      Any party that could nominate Sarah Palin or make a racist like Trump their flavor of the week followed in turn a harpy like Bachmann and a Dumba** like Perry deserves every bit of derision and destain we can muster.

      The GOP has for 2012 shown that they don’t give a rat’s a** about competency to govern anymore. I may have despised G.H. Bush but there was no question he was at least competent to run the country when he won.

      Bachmann!? Cain!!! Perry? Diety on a pogo stick, we must look insane to the rest of the world if these are the choices of front runner.

    • sweatyb

      I don’t see why you need to take your lumps here. There’s no evidence that Christie would be unfit for the Presidency or incapable of performing his duties. In fact, considering how wan the last couple presidents became in their first term, it might be a good thing for the candidate to be overweight.

      Christie’s weight would definitely be an issue in an election and rightfully so, but it’s not automatically disqualifying (nor is alcoholism or sex-addiction or religious-zealotry). His politics, his demeanor, his record as governor of New Jersey should take equal if not more emphasis.

      • anniemargret

        Look, my husband and I just had that discussion. He feels his weight would be impediment to being in a leadership role, especially president, because of such a high risk for death and/or disability.

        And we do all look carefully at the Prez’s overall health. I just feel that overweight people are particularly targeted, and yes, I think some of them are just not caring enough about their health, but there are those that truly have eating disorders.

        As far as I can see, Christie has done pretty well for himself, despite this issue. I can only speak for myself, but I could care less how a person looks… I am much more deeply concerned about their character, their integrity and their views on how solve our nation’s problems while fostering peace in this world.

        • Graychin

          I think your husband is exactly right. I don’t condone mocking Christie’s weight, but I also don’t believe that a man in such an extremely unhealthy state is likely to be physically able to serve effectively and energetically for a term as POTUS. He might not even survive the stresses.

          When Christie cleans up his act as Mike Huckabee did, then he deserves consideration. But not now.

          Republicans mock Obama for smoking, but that doesn’t make it OK for us to mock Christie for his food problem.

  • anniemargret

    …and proud of it! :-)

  • anniemargret

    and rbottoms…. I understand your frustration. I think Obama has put up with a lot more degrading comments than most, because there is still an element in this country that has a longer way to go to release themselves from bigotry and hate that degrades their souls.

    And why I’m not into chastising him overmuch the way some liberals have been doing so lately. He is not perfect, but then again I don’t expect perfection from the POTUS. He is, by force of nature, has a decent character and classy demeanor, has proved that he is quite capable of solving problems and doing his job, and not responding – in kind – to his abusers. By doing so, he wins. And in my book, he has always ‘won.’

  • anniemargret

    rbottoms…I would say the GOP has lost its soul, wouldn’t you agree? and what is important is that we don’t lose our national soul…because we have one. And I am going to continue to be part and parcel of the group that doesn’t pander to its worst common elements for votes.


  • valkayec

    After waking this morning, I tuned into Morning Joe. The first words I heard, hardly before my eyes were open, was Limbaugh disparaging Christie for not being conservative enough. Obviously, I thought, he wants Perry to be the GOP candidate and will shoot down any candidate to his audience of of oldsters of whom he personally disapproves. I couldn’t help but grin as I wondered who made him the kingmaker…and why for heaven’s sake? At that point, I changed the channel and went on to feed my cat.

  • ggore

    Rush would rather live under a dictatorship than a democracy or representative republic, plain and simple. As long as it is led by a conservative fascist and there is no opposition party, he would be fine with it. Sounds like Rush is far more indicative of the Anti-christ than any of the other so-called conservative candidates would have us believe.

  • ConnerMcMaub

    I voted against Christie once and will probably do so again. That said, the guy’s weight is irrelevant, there is plenty to disagree with him on and if you talk about his weight you ignore his charisma. Christie knows that compared to the other candidates and the house GOP he’s a moderate, possibly a RINO. He thinks the “Sharia law crap is crazy” and he said similar things about the so called “ground zero mosque”. He has stated he believes in anthropogenic global warming and also supports same sex civil unions. His position on immigrants is to the left of Perry. This is before we get into the fact Christie has gotten away with a lot statements contrary to provable facts because NJ has no media market of it’s own and if you don’t read newspapers you won’t know it. If he were to run, the Brett Shundler emails that backed up his version of the Race to the Top fiasco would come out as well as a few other things the national news media has never heard about.

    • rbottoms

      Yeah, yeah he’s freaking Mother Tereasa compared to Rick Perry.

      But he’s also a Republican.

      A vote for Christie is a vote for the Rick Santorum, anti-science, teahadist, gay bashing, protect the rich, anti-contraceptive, idiot party he belongs to.

      You get him, you get them.

      And ask Al Gore “he invented the Internet, yuck, yuck” how well that take the high road works.

      We’re fighting against a party where fully 30% of them think the President is from f*****g Kenya.

      There is no level of derision for any of them that’s too much.

  • Cinghiale

    Before he was NJ Gov, Christie was a lobbyist whose main client was the Securities Industry Association.

    On their behalf, Christie was looking for securities fraud exemptions.

    At that time, the Securities Industry Association was led by one Mr. Bernard Madoff.

    So, have fun with that one, Rush.

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