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November 8th, 2009 at 10:09 pm | 11 Comments |

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I’m willing to bet that you’ve missed it. But it’s a fact: the end of a decade is coming right up.

How will the 00s be remembered?

The 80s were the decade of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, John Paul II and Gordon Gecko.

The 90s? The Internet, the great stock boom, and capitalism at its zenith – plus zaftig lechery in the Oval Office.

But this past decade has been the least light-hearted since maybe the 1950s.

The decade began with the horrifying loss of life on 9/11. It ended with twin real estate and banking crashes.

In the middle years, the economy grew while the war in Iraq seemed lost. When the war turned, the economy tanked.

We opened with Pearl Harbor – and ended in the 1930s.

Last week, our nation’s most celebrated investor put his chips behind a railroad – a technology that preceded the Information Age by three generations of googlers.

Meanwhile, our commander in Afghanistan has put forward a plan for more troops on the ground. What about waging war without soldiers, you ask? That too went out with dreams of paperless offices and virtual commutes.

So here’s my nomination for the name to give the 2000s: the great leap backwards!

Sound like bad news?  Not at all.  After all, the future we saw in the 00s didn’t always work.

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  • BoolaBoola

    The ’00 decade will always be remembered as the decade in which the Republicans, having finally acquired true legislating power after four decades without it, took an historically successful economy and flushed it into a ditch.

    In other words, it will be remembered as the Decade of the Right Man.

  • sinz54

    So here’s my nomination for the name to give the 2000s: the great leap backwards!

    By 1992, with the collapse of the Soviet bloc, the worldwide adoption of market economies, and the triumph of U.S. forces in the Gulf War, America stood at the absolute pinnacle.

    That lasted 9 years.

    And it ended with a bang on 9-11.

    The economic difficulties actually had their roots in 9-11. To stave off a recession caused by Americans afraid to travel, the Fed lowered interest rates nearly to zero, and Bush and the Congress undertook stimulus packages and so on. This led to the housing bubble–and we all know how that turned out.

    “America at the pinnacle” became “America the vulnerable,” in about 16 years.

  • DFL

    The beginning of America’s long decline.

  • Raider1

    Hate to say it but I agree with DFL. The triumph of modern liberalism as realized in the election of left-wing Obama is the death knell of the US as a great power in all its forms.

  • ericna

    Personally I like “The naughties.”

  • sinz54

    How will the 00s be remembered?
    The 2000s: When America fell off the pinnacle.

  • andrewe

    Isn’t it a fact that the decade ends 12/31/2010? So we have a lot more time to decide. :)

    I’d also side with BoolaBoola’s assessment. It seems like a decade that saw the GOP weaken America at home and abroad.

  • JeninCT

    “Eric Naevdal // Nov 9, 2009 at 10:54 am Personally I like “The naughties.”

    Oooh that’s good!

  • teabag

    I hereby name it “Bush’s folly!”

  • mlanoue

    This past decade could properly be called the TwentiOs. There is a facebook fan page for the name, and a logo. (a cheerio) The naming convention will also work in previous and future centuries if you read the info on the page. Search on Facebook for TwentiOs.

  • mlanoue

    Here is the logo for TwentiOs page. Wasn’t sure if it would post.